Best Freelancing Websites- Connecting Talent, Creating Opportunities

Fuel your success with the best freelancing websites available in 2023.
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June 27, 2023
Best Freelancing Websites

With the increasing popularity of the Internet and social media apps, freelance work has grown exponentially. Previously considered a mere side gig, freelance work has become a major source of income for many people. One of the rationales behind this global upsurge is the corresponding growth and sophistication of freelancing platforms.

Freelancers can fill up the missing needs of a business like design, copywriting, accounting, administrative work, and more. You can find talented workers from the best freelancing websites to maximize business efficiency.

Freelancing platforms are no longer a fad; it is now the main thing. If you are looking for skilled and professional workers to expand your business efficiency, check out our detailed analysis of the best freelancing websites available in the market today.

Connect, Create, and Collaborate with the Best Freelancing Websites in 2023!

Freelancing platforms are equally important for both workers and employers. More and more businesses are hopping on to the freelancing bandwagon as it is a more profitable and convenient option.

As of today, there are thousands of freelancing websites, and choosing the best one can be a tedious task. We have created an inclusive list of the best freelancing websites to simplify the job. All the platforms mentioned below deliver high-quality services at affordable prices. Let's head to our list now!



Upwork is considered one the best and the largest online marketplace for freelancers that connects professionals from different fields to businesses. You can find freelancers from different fields like graphic design, writing, web development, and more. 

Upwork is one of the best freelance websites that works equally well for both freelancers and business enterprises. The site can help professionals find projects, communicate and connect with clients, and get reasonable pay for their job. If you are looking for efficient freelancing websites to earn money, Upwork is the way to go.

Features of Upwork- A popular freelance marketplace

  • Charges no fee and subscriptions to join
  • Protects data and privacy for both businesses and freelancers
  • Find jobs easily through- Jobs Feed, Job Invites, and Project Catalog
  • Seek jobs related to multiple fields like Graphic design, Coding, SEO, Marketing, etc.
  • Allows businesses to view work samples and client reviews before hiring professionals
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Designhill is recognized as a leading creative marketplace globally. It is among the most popular and best freelance websites that are powered by a strong community of graphic designers and business owners. This freelancing platform offers a wide selection of design services like logo making, marketing and branding campaigns, and much more. 

With over 1,52,000 designers, Designhill makes it easy for business enterprises to post a job and hire a suitable professional for specific projects. Designhill’s competitive pricing, simple-to-use freelancing tools, and good reputation among customers make it one of the best freelancing sites available today.

Features of Designhill- A freelancing website for start-ups

  • An extremely simple and beginner-friendly platform for freelancers
  • Offers multiple subscription options with competitive prices for users
  • Allows businesses to create logos, hire professionals, and post freelance jobs
  • Multiple design resources, including competitions, design events, webinars, etc. 
  • Offers a wide range of design categories like advertising, illustration, websites, etc.
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Toptal is one of the best platforms for freelancers that acts as an intermediary between freelancing professionals and business enterprises. One of the main features that set Toptal apart from its competitors is its crop of prevetted freelancers who are registered through a screened database to ensure companies only hire talented and competent individuals. 

Similar to other freelancing sites, Toptal offers an exclusive network of top freelancers from different spheres like design, finance, product management, software development, and more. It is the best freelancing site for beginners and experienced professionals as it examines every job opportunity in prestigious companies and suggests a suitable role based on your skill set.

Features of Toptal- Top website to hire freelancers

  • Facilitates fast recruitment within 2-3 days
  • Offers high-paid and regular projects for freelancers
  • Offers regular examination to ensure that the best professionals are hired
  • Enables you to hire both remote and on-site professionals for the projects
  • Suggests professionals based on your requirements through effective AI technology
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LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is an online freelance recruitment platform for multiple services. Business owners and employers can use this site to search for professional providers and request proposals for work. Similar to other freelancing websites, LinkedIn ProFinder offers vetting and matching services to match clients with suitable professionals for the job. 

Being among the best freelancing websites, LinkedIn claims to offer suitable freelancing help within 24 hours. You can hire professionals from different freelance categories like designers, marketers, developers, and other services.

Features of LinkedIn ProFinder- An efficient freelancing website

  • Enables you to find jobs and projects easily and quickly
  • Offers a free trial and a subscription plan with a sizeable price tag
  • Allows you to filter and select professionals as per your requirements
  • A collaborative platform for many employers, job seekers, and freelancers
  • Allows businesses to review the credibility of freelancers before hiring them
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We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a freelancing website for anyone who is looking for a remote job or is seeking a qualified remote employee. It is the largest remote work community in the world. It offers a collaborative platform for the largest remote work community across the globe. 

It is ranked among the best platforms for freelancers and employers as it allows businesses to advertise remote vacancies and connect with suitable professionals from across the world. With over a decade of recruitment experience in the remote segment, this freelancing website has successfully created a niche job board dedicated primarily to remote working opportunities.

Features of We Work Remotely- One of the top freelancing sites

  • Screened employee database to help you find the best fit
  • Allows you to share job posts on social media for increased reach
  • Offers manual candidate screening services, unlike other freelancing sites
  • Distributes job posts to Google for Jobs, SitePoint, and over 20 more sites
  • Offers many educational resources like a newsletter, podcasts, market trends, etc.
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Behance offers the largest platform and network for artists to showcase their creative masterpieces. This freelancing website lets you connect with new people who can be potential leads for your business and jobs. It is one of the best platforms for freelancers, developed by Adobe to help creators stand out.

Apart from being among the best freelancing websites, it offers a social networking platform for designers to connect and collaborate. Creative artists can display their projects on the platform including photographs, game designs, graphic designs, etc. From creating a creative portfolio to searching for a suitable job role in your field, Behnace can do it all.

Features of Behnace- Among the top freelancing websites for beginners

  • Networking platform to find inspiration for your creative pursuits
  • Offers a collaborative platform to connect with like-minded people
  • Enables you to craft an artistic portfolio with all your recent projects
  • It is available for Android and iOS, unlike many other freelancing sites
  • Displays full-time and freelance job openings for photographers, graphic designers, etc.
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SimplyHired is a freelancing website that functions as a job advertising and hiring platform that has helped many businesses to recruit qualified professionals for the job. It gathers job postings from affiliated and credible sites and shares them on the platform to help job-seeking individuals in finding a suitable position. 

It is among the most popular free freelance work sites that help businesses to reach millions of qualified professionals. With its advanced features like applicant tracking, resume searches, e-mail alerts, and more, SimplyHired is one of the best platforms for freelancers, job seekers, and employers.

Features of SimplyHired- One of the top freelancing websites for employers

  • Each job listing gets posted to multiple dashboards
  • Completely free of any charges or fees while posting jobs
  • Assists with effective resources for crafting unique job descriptions
  • Collects data from third-party sites and shares them for maximum reach
  • Useful in application tracking, candidate management, interview scheduling, etc.
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Dribble is a unique freelancing website that acts as a social networking and self-promotion platform for digital designers and professionals. It is one of the largest freelancing platforms that allows designers to share all their work online. 

Anyone from any part of the world can log in to Dribbble to either share their work or explore the work of other users. You can filter your search based on themes, artists, particular projects, and more. Besides exploring new work and users, designers can also find full-time work through Dribble. With multiple works like web design, illustrations, typography, and everything in between, Dribble is definitely one of the best freelance websites for beginners.

Features of Dribbble- Among the best freelancer platforms for Designers

  • Features an extensive database of qualified candidates
  • Allows businesses to advertise their brand and services
  • Offers relevant filters and hiring tools to select the best candidates
  • Provides educationals resources like tutorials, design tips, and more
  • Enables employers to post both job vacancies and freelance projects
Visit Dribbble


Fiverr is the largest marketplace and a freelancing website that assists companies to find skilled individuals to meet their business needs. You can find small, remote projects referred as ‘gigs’ through this freelancing website. 

There is a huge selection of services that you can sell through Fiverr, like Voiceover, Proofreading, Writing and Translation, Digital Marketing, and more. It is among the best freelancing sites for beginners as it does not demand prior technical experience. Fiverr helps businesses to complete the hiring process smoothly and on a case-by-case basis.

Features of Fiverr- The best freelancing website for small businesses

  • Decluttered website which is simple to navigate
  • Offers professional services at affordable prices
  • Round-the-clock, responsive support team to help users
  • Access to a global network and over 300 different services
  • Ensures that a talented and well-qualified freelancer is hired
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PeoplePerHour is a trusted freelancing website that offers a flexible marketplace for hiring freelancers and remote workers. It allows businesses to connect with over 2 million freelancers worldwide. Employers can access multiple freelancer profiles and portfolios without any restrictions. 

It is among the most popular platforms for freelancers that connects small businesses and job-seekers and gives them a collaborative platform for buying and selling services to each other. Companies can hire freelancers from diverse disciplines, including design, copywriting, and development.

Features of PeoplePerHour- A freelancing site for small businesses

  • Easy and extremely effective project posting tool
  • Freelancers are registered after a screening process
  • Offers free access to freelancer profiles and portfolios
  • Allows you to find relevant matches and qualified freelancers
  • Allows employers and freelancers to connect through video calls


Guru is a freelancing website that offers relevant tools and multiple safety nets for hiring freelancers for a particular job or project. It provides a simple platform for businesses to hire qualified professionals for commissioned work. 

It is among the best freelance websites that host professional freelancers and groups offering the best in class services in 9 different categories. Freelancers can submit proposals for projects that are interested in, and employers can connect with experts and professionals for their jobs. Employers can filter their search based on location, skills, prior experience, and more. Guru is one of the top freelancing sites that has secured a good reputation and is trusted by many users.

Features of Guru- One of the best platforms for freelancers

  • Allows employers to post unlimited jobs for free
  • Choose from a pool of 2 million competent freelancers
  • Offers 24/7 responsive and efficient customer service
  • Offers affordable plans as compared to other freelancing websites
  • Provides a user-friendly platform with freelancer management tools
Visit Guru

Freelancer is a collaborative platform that allows employers and freelancers to connect and collaborate on a particular project. Employers can find competent candidates in multiple fields like data entry, design, science, software development, and more. 

As a freelancer, you can choose the size of the project that you wish to place the bid on and can also decide on hourly and fixed-priced jobs. is one of the best freelancing websites; with its simple interface and effective tools, this site can benefit both employers and freelancers.

Features of Freelancer- A freelancing website to hire professionals

  • Freelancers registered on the site can fix their own hours
  • Offers access to qualified and skilled freelancers ideal for the job
  • Freelancers excel in a wide range of services- marketing, writing, development, etc.
  • Hosts freelancer contests to help employers choose from a huge pool of candidates
  • Offers freelancing services at lower prices as compared to other freelancing platforms


Wellfound is one of the top freelancing sites for startups and remote workers. Business enterprises can source qualified freelancers by posting about a job opening on the platform. Employers can, through a database of over 8 million profiles, select the most suitable one out of the lot. 

It is one of the best platforms for freelancers to secure a job in top startup and tech companies. You can simply apply for any role of your preference with a few clicks. One of the features that set Wellfound apart from other freelancing websites is that it eliminates the requirement of a third-party recruiter and connects the job seeker directly to the start-up founder.

Features of Wellfound- One of the best freelancing sites for startups

  • Provides a built-in applicant tracking system(ATS)
  • Supports unlimited free and paid global job posting plans
  • Sends inbound applications by active job seekers to recruiters 
  • Offers a pool of 8 million competent candidates from across the globe
  • Allows global tech startups and recruiters to post remote job vacancies
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TaskRabbit is a freelancing website that matches freelance workers with local demands and requirements, allowing consumers to simplify everyday tasks. It is an odd-job service that connects users, called Taskers, to paying gigs. 

Contrary to some of the best freelance websites, TaskRabbit offers jobs with higher earning potential, including moving and cleaning, handyman-type tasks, and other similar jobs that demand intense manual labor. In addition to searching for Taskers, you can also view hourly rates, read customer reviews, and book services online. 

Features of TaskRabbit- Best freelancing site for local contractors

  • Offers a secured payment option within the portal
  • Manages cash flow and payments between both parties
  • Acts as an efficient aggregator between consumers and Taskers
  • Provides a great opportunity for local contractors to earn money
  • Freelancers are given the right to accept or decline the task requests
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Jooble is a freelancing website that functions as a job-searching platform for millions of people across different countries. It is a global employment platform that displays all the job vacancies and requirements in one place. Similar to other platforms for freelancers, Jooble collects job posting from multiple sites and displays them in one place, making it easier for candidates to find new opportunities. 

Jooble has successfully managed to gain the trust of many consumers with its unique features like post analytics, e-mail alerts, sponsored job posts, and more. It is surely among the best platforms for freelancers that assist them in landing their desired job quickly and easily.

Features of Jooble- One of the best freelancer platforms

  • Connects job-seekers and employers from over 50 countries
  • Sends automatic job alerts via e-mail to the selected candidates
  • Supports integration with several other applicant tracking systems
  • Effective tools to help managers regulate and control the flow of candidates
  • Supports multilingual functionalities and is available in 25 different languages
Visit Jooble


SolidGigs is a freelancing website designed to help remote workers to find suitable jobs quickly and without much effort. This platform simplifies the job for you by completing all the research work and finding an ideal job based on your skill set. It is specifically designed to help freelancers secure high-paying jobs without having to invest much of their time.

It is a top freelancing site that suggests only quality jobs, saving you the time and effort of sifting through a number of sketchy job opportunities to find the best one. All that you need to do is enter the information about the niche and your preferences and leave the rest on SolidGigs.

Features of SolidGigs- A freelancing website with the best jobs

  • Sends e-mail alerts with direct links to apply for the job
  • Facilitates platform-free growth without any limitations
  • Suggest only high-quality and filter jobs as per your suggestions
  • Connects freelancers with new clients and employers across the globe
  • Offers all services at extremely affordable rates as compared to other freelancing sites
Visit SolidGigs


Flexjobs is among the top freelancing platforms that offer a legit way for freelancers to land their preferred jobs. This platform is best known for providing the most competitive, legitimate, and flexible jobs without putting in much effort and time. 

Contrary to the best freelance websites available today, Flexjobs offers real-person reviews for each job posting to ensure that it is secured and legit. It lets you find both remote and full-time jobs without any hassle. Flexjobs is one of the top work-from-home job apps. Whether you are looking for a hybrid, work-from-home or remote job, Flexjobs can help you get it all.

Features of Flexjobs- The best freelancer platform

  • Enables access to expert career coaching and resume reviews
  • High-quality job suggestions vetted by a team of experts
  • Offers an inexpensive alternative to some of the best freelancing websites
  • Access to exclusive information about the employer, work culture, and more
  • Offers educational resources like webinars, skills improvement courses, etc.
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YunoJuno is a freelancer marketplace that is suitable for creatives and tech professionals based in the UK. It is one of the best freelance websites that offer an all-inclusive platform to find, engage, manage, and hire freelancers. Employers can easily search for an ideal candidate out of the lot with a strong community of over 70,000 freelancers registered on the site. 

Unlike traditional freelancing sites, YunoJuno does not charge anything for posting job openings or conducting candidate research. This freelancing website thereby offers the most convenient way to find suitable freelancers and ensure efficient project management.

Features of YunoJuno- Among the best freelance websites for free

  • A large pool of over 50,000 candidates to choose from
  • Enables employers to post project briefs for freelancers to apply
  • Access to real-time data and reports measuring project performance
  • Features the best management tools, payroll features, timesheets, etc. 
  • Offers educational resources and guides for both employers and freelancers
Visit YunoJuno

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is considered one of the best freelance websites for developers, creative professionals, and designers. It is a pay-for-service job board that provides an integrated platform for employers and employees to meet and establish effective employment solutions. 

Authentic Jobs can help you in finding freelance, contractual, or full-time job opportunities. It benefits employers by offering them a way to reach out to a large potential employee pool. As for freelancers, Authentic Jobs lists job positions with both large and small companies.

Features of Authentic Jobs- Freelancing platform for legit job opportunities

  • Offers a choice of multiple paid subscription plans
  • Special discount offers for NGOs and educational institutions
  • Ideal for finding internships, contract-based, and remote jobs
  • Best-suited for professional developers, designers, and creative artists
  • Access to monitoring dashboard to review applications, edit job posts, and more
Visit Authentic Jobs


ServiceScape is a freelancing website that connects freelancers in writing, translation, graphic designing, and editing with individuals or companies who demand their assistance. This platform aims to provide to-rated talent on demand for different services and business requirements.

Unlike the best freelancing websites, the services of this platform are not only restricted to business enterprises. Rather, it can be used by anyone, from a student to a business owner. SeviceScape offers complete freedom to freelancers to decide their pay, working hours, and tasks.

Features of ServiceScape- An inclusive freelancing site for everyone

  • Extremely simple and easy to navigate
  • Suitable for larger companies to outsource secondary tasks
  • Equipped with a live chat feature to facilitate better communication
  • Access to detailed freelancer’s profile with samples, pricing, graphs, etc.
  • Offers flexible solutions for freelancers to find the job and manage their tasks
Visit ServiceScape
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What Do Freelance Platforms Do?

The purpose and utility of freelance platforms go way beyond geographical boundaries. A freelancing service can be available by any kind of business, working from any part of the world. Outsourcing labor and intensive tasks can help businesses to focus on core activities. Let’s understand the purpose of the talent marketplaces available today:

1. Shortlist Candidates

Businesses can shortlist ideal employees out of a talented pool of freelancers registered on these platforms. You can review the skills and experience of each candidate and can decide on a good fit for your company. 

2. Assess work time

Some of the best platforms for freelancers offer a work diary that can help businesses to record and track their day-to-day activities. Apart from this, many platforms also offer a mobile application to track work time and results.

3. Collaborative Platform

Freelancing websites are best known for offering an inclusive platform for both employers and job seekers. It offers a way for businesses and freelancers to come together and collaborate to achieve desired results. Workroom and chat tools offered by freelancing sites can simplify client communication as well.

4. Quality Check

Businesses can review the sample works of their potential employees through freelancing sites. This ensures that only highly qualified candidates are hired for the job. Along with this, businesses have the freedom to roll out payment only when they are completely satisfied with the work.

5. Review Freelancers

Platforms for freelancers also have an option for employers to rate and review candidates. Businesses can mark their top-ranked freelancers or can warn others of problematic freelancers.

Why Should You Use a Freelance Platform?

Now that we know the best freelancing platform available, one must wonder about the need of using one. We have listed some advantages of using freelancing websites, check them out

 1. Accessible Talent

Contrary to permanent employment, freelance services are not limited to a particular area. Anyone, from any part of the world, can access these services through a freelancing website. By posting a detailed description of the job, businesses can attract a large pool of qualified candidates from across the globe easily.

2. Reduces Cost

Hiring full-time workers demands more budget than outsourcing the same task. Full-time employees demand perks, fixed salaries, insurance, and more. All of this demands more budget and is thus expensive. Freelancers, on the contrary, can get the same work done at a fraction of the cost.

3. On-Demand Recruitment

Freelancing sites allow you to hire candidates as and when required. Flexible hiring allows businesses to terminate the contract easily after the work is done. Along with this, you can also terminate the contract of a freelancer if you are not satisfied with their work.

4. Offers Work-life Balance

Freelance workers who are working from home can save a lot of their time and energy. They can spend this time doing additional work to earn money or to increase their educational qualification and skills.

5. Effective Merit-based System

Freelance platforms have a defined process for ensuring that the candidates are paid as per the quality of their work. This will ensure that the freelancer is getting the due amount for the services and the business is well-satisfied with the end results. 

How Do Freelance Platforms Work?

Freelancing platforms allow businesses and service providers from all over the world to connect and work together to achieve a specific goal. These platforms offer exceptional and hassle-free services for the money that they charge. The working of freelancing platforms is explained below:

1. Large Pool of Talent

Freelancing sites offer the best talent and qualified individuals from across the globe, at your disposal. You can screen through the multiple options available and can choose an ideal candidate as per your business requirements

2. Recruitment Platform

After shortlisting the candidates as per the field and skill set, you can start with different screening rounds to make the final decision. You can either conduct an interview round, take an aptitude test, or can go for both. Some platforms also allow you to directly connect to the HRs.

3. Time Tracker

Some of the best freelancing sites are equipped with a workspace that can help businesses to track and monitor the freelancer’s performance and trajectory. You can also monitor the work done in real time through some freelancing platforms.

4. Secured Payments

Freelancing platforms are mostly equipped with in-built payment gateways to ensure safe and secure transactions. Charges for using the payment option usually apply to businesses.

Final Verdict!

We have rounded up the best freelancing websites that are sure to benefit both businesses and freelancers. These sites can significantly transform the ways in which people work and collaborate in the digital age. 

Through an interactive dashboard, freelancing sites empower contract workers and artists to showcase their skills and get paid for the same. Similarly, these enable businesses to find a suitable candidate out of multiple options available. Businesses can easily scale their operation without signing long, binding contracts. 

With exceptional flexibility and great income opportunities, the gig economy is sure to rise. If you are striving to make a career as a freelancer in this digital age, you must try the above-mentioned sites to achieve sure-shot results. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will help in the substantial growth of your app and business. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for the latest updates and insightful information.

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