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Most Popular Categories And Types Of Apps [2021]

We have explained the major types of app category with examples.

Types of app categories

Today, in this world of smart devices, we have made APPS as an integral part of our living being. It doesn't matter if it is a mobile app or a web application or even an iPad app. And our dependence on these apps has now reached up to that extent where we are constantly connected to these applications in one way or another.

So, if these apps are playing such a prominent role, then it's only fair to get a much closer look in this advanced technology sector. Two of the leading app stores that are leading the market by consistently enhancing themselves in terms of performance and capabilities. 

Let's start by breaking it down with the types of applications:

Types of Applications

There are three major types of apps, which are Native applications, Hybrid applications, and Web applications. 

1. Native Apps

The native app can be described as a software program that is specifically build to be used on a particular device or platform due to which a native application can use the software and hardware which is specific to a device. 

native Apps

You can even know the in-depth reasons what separates the Native from Hybrid ahead. Below are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of the Native Applications:

Pros of Native Apps

  • Native applications also offer the feature of Push Notifications
  • These types of apps are speedy and have reasonable, responsive software performance rate.
  • A native application offers a wide range of functionalities as it also uses the capabilities of its underlying device. 
  • This app among other types of apps provides a better UI that syncs well with the UX of the operating system.
  • They also have the facility of quality assurance via the ratings in all the app stores.

Cons of Native Apps

  • It takes a lot of time to update each feature for separate platforms.
  • These types of apps have multiple code bases because each device has its version of the app.
  • May consist of additional costs for hiring developers to develop and maintain the code base for every platform as well as handle maintenance of the app.

2. Hybrid Apps

The hybrid applications are the ones that are developed using multi-platform web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. These hybrid multi-platform apps are relatively easy to build as they are web applications that are disguised in a native wrapper consisting of Native UI components. 

Hybrid apps

What makes these hybrid types of apps so exciting is the fact that they consist of both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the native and web apps. 

Pros of Hybrid Apps

  • The content of a hybrid application can become portable with the help of a native harness for running it.
  • Here, the developers and programmers have to choose between the options of packaging locally or through a server which also offers the accessibility facility online and also offline. 
  • The hybrid type browsers do not have the known 'Mobile Web' look as they also include the native hardware features in them as well.
  • They can be easily distributed to the app stores because software like React and Iconic offers frameworks which can be used to make a webpage scenario like in the native type. 

Cons of Hybrid Apps

  • Hybrid apps may be denied the submission in the app stores if the app store's team can recognize it as not truly native.
  • Because of the lack of pure Android and iOS UI assets in it, the performance may be affected, and after a significant amount of time, it may not even resemble a mobile website. 
  • Because the hybrid type is comparatively new in the mobile and web app development industry, a lot of support for troubleshooting is not established yet. 
  • Whenever a new iOS version is launched in the market, the hybrid developers have to rely on the 3rd party vendors before they can even initiate the development process for the new OS version. 
  • As a majority of hybrid applications are written in the HTML5 language, they have to depend on the system's browser a native wrapper for running them which could even lead to a security hazard.

3. Web Apps

The web application one of the main types of apps which has a mandatory requirement of device memory. These are the software apps that showcase similar behavior to native apps. 

They are usually written in CSS, HTML5 or JavaScript and need a web browser to run. In many cases, this type also redirects a user to an URL and offer the option to 'Install' by merely marking their web page as a bookmark on the web browser. 

web apps

Because all the user's data is saved on the server, the user can access their information via the internet. But in the case of a poor internet connection, the user experience is not so smooth and pleasant. 

Pros of Web Apps

  • They can be manipulated very easily to make them compatible with older mobile devices.
  • There is no need for the users to go to the app store for downloading purpose or even for updating the app on their devices. 
  • In comparison, these applications are easy to maintain because they have a joint code base for multiple platforms across various devices. 
  • There is no need to submit the web app on any of the app stores for approval which means it can be released directly without any app store guidelines. 

Cons of Web Apps

  • To provide support for multiple web browsers, the process may end up getting over budget because it also included the cost of development as well as maintenance. 
  • The scope is limited in terms of accessing a mobile device's different features. 
  • The end-users might find it hard to discover these types of apps as they cannot be searched in Google Play Store or any other store.
  • The biggest concern that arises here is related to the security of the user's information and the safety of the device. 

Mobile App Types Comparison

Here are some of the common factors, now let's see how all of these different types of apps perform when compared to one another:

1. Performance

  • Native: In native, the structure, content and other visual elements are stored in the device memory, so it is ready for instant usage.
  • Hybrid: For a hybrid, the content is only saved in a wrapper which is used when data is loaded from the server.
  • Web: Here the performance is entirely linked with the state of the network connection and also on the web browser. 

2. Cost of Development

  • Native: For native, if the app is built for multiple platforms then the development cost is usually higher than the web and hybrids ones.
  • Hybrid: Usually, the cost is low for the hybrid, but for development purpose, some high-end tools may be needed. 
  • Web: The cost of development for web costs the lowest because it only requires a single code base. 

3. Portability of Code

  • Native - In native, the user is not allowed to use a standard code for more than one platform. 
  • Hybrid - In the case of the hybrid, the codebase and its tools can be easily ported to other major platforms. 
  • Web - The only case here is the web browser and its performance.

4. Recommended For

  • Native: Native is an excellent choice for the ones that are to be developed for a single platform and that have an extensive list of requirements. 
  • Hybrid: Recommended for the ones that need to be distributed on multiple platforms and which are specially developed for performing well in app stores. 
  • Web: The web is the best option for those who have limited funds for this purpose and do not want to be featured on the app stores. 

5. Features of Device

  • Native: The native platform code has comprehensive access to every device APIs.
  • Hybrid: There are low-level features like an accelerometer and many more which can be used by the hybrid ones. 
  • Web: Only a limited number of APIs can be used by the web, for example, the geolocation feature. 

So, these were the most popular types of apps hope you are keeping up with us because now it’s time to talk about the most popular categories of mobile apps. 

App Graph

Categories of Apps

Currently, there are 24 different categories of apps in Apple's App store and 33 categories of apps in Google's Play store. But if we look at the recent report that has been released by Statistica, there are just seven categories of apps that made it above 3%, which are:

1. Games

The category of gaming applications is the most popular category with a whopping 24.43% share in the app stores. It isn't exactly a big surprise because a majority of the audience is now into gaming more than ever; this includes both and girls. 

Many experts have even stated that the average time spent on gaming activities have doubled in the past year or two. The gaming evolution is not focused on any one type of genre; the user now has a variety of games to choose from racing to the cooking games. That's the main reason why people of all age are attracted to the gaming types of apps nowadays. 

Example: Asphalt 8: Airborne and Circle Affinity are two of the best iPhone gaming apps. 

2. Business

These business applications are also known as the productivity applications that have become a necessity for today's generation because these productivity apps are the ones that can efficiently perform complex tasks effectively for the user. 

Tasks like sending emails, buying a product from an online store, or even paying your essential bills, all you need to do is name it, and it will be done with the apps that fall in the business category. 

Example: Evernote and Expensify are the top mobile apps used by Millennial CEOs.

3. Education

The educational applications fall in third place as a popular category of apps; this is because in the past five years the scope of online education has evolved a lot. The reason that the share of this category holds is just 8.82% is that many of these types of apps provide education up to some extent to its users, but still they are not included in the respective app categories.

With these education apps, the possibilities for students are now endless as they can now get access to a vast knowledge by sitting in the comfort of their home. Another thing that is impressive about this category in that it also features educational apps for kids as well. 

Examples: Disney Control Central and Pixie are the best education apps for kids.

4. Lifestyle

I was in the impression that the Lifestyle category will be ranking in the top three popular app categories and I am pretty sure many other people also think the same. As lifestyle is known to be the most extensive category in both of the app stores by covering almost every human interest and other activities. 

The applications based on the personal lifestyle of the user like helping them in losing weight or assisting a user with a virtual fitting room are some concepts that are seen in this category. 

Example: SleepBot and GoalsonTrack are great mobile apps to monitor your lifestyle.

5. Entertainment

Now, comes the category which is the most interesting that is the category of entertainment applications. Activities like live streaming, online chatting, watching videos online, social media platforms, looking up for events are the ones that come under the entertainment category. 

These types of apps were created for the sole purpose of providing entertainment to its users and for also earning revenue from it. 

Example: YouTube and Titans of Space are two of the best VR apps for entertainment

The above mentioned are the top five app categories that are at present the most popular app categories on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

That’s it for this article and if your thirst for gaining more information regarding the most popular mobile and web apps is still present then go ahead and check out our ‘News’ section.

Don’t you ever feel like knowing which mobile app is trending or what application category is the most popular one in app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store? Well, this article is here to provide you with the right information and that too with examples of top app categories. For more information on the app category or particular mobile, we suggest checking out our app review section.
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