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Best Screenshot Apps For Android - No Root Required

Many of the screenshot apps also allows screen recording.

Best Screenshot Apps For Android

The screen capture is the most common thing that every mobile user do. It may be a screenshot of a chat of your loved ones or it can a picture that you may stumble upon on some website or some social media channels; screen capture is a way of capturing a static screen.

There are Android screenshot apps that can help you in taking screenshots. Most importantly, Android screenshot apps are preferred over the default way of taking a screenshot because screenshot apps offer other options also like editing.

Normally, for editing screenshot, the user has to download any photo editing app from the Play Store or transfer the screenshot to the computer and edit it with software like Photoshop or Illustrator. But with a screen capture app, the editing can be done on the go.

Best Screenshot Apps for Android 2020

If you are stuck with questions like “how to take a screenshot on android,” “how to do a screenshot on Android,” or “how do you screenshot on an android,” we have got your back.

Here we have compiled a list of best screenshot apps for Android. Try any one of these free screen capture apps and feel the difference.

1. Screenshot Touch

Screenshot Touch is the best screenshot app for Android and has also been recommended by various industry experts in the past as well. The screenshot app not only captures screenshots but can also record videocast of the screen to mp4 with options.

If you are juggling with the question “how to edit a screenshot on Android,” this snapshot tool is for you. Screenshot Touch app comes packed with many tools with which the user can edit the screenshots and make all other desired changes.

The screenshot app for Android does contain ads, but with in-app purchasing, the ads can be removed and can also uncover other features like multiple saving folders, data restore functionality, and more.

screenshot apps

Notable features of the android phone screenshot, Screenshot Touch app:

  • Can choose the capture options from the directory, optional subfolders, file format, and more
  • Persistent notification (optional)
  • Multiple saving folders
  • Records the screen

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

2. Screen Master: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup

Screen Master is an easy-to-use screenshot & photo editing app that allows a screen capture by touching the floating button or shaking the Android device. Unlike many other free screenshot apps, it doesn’t require the device to root.

For editing purposes, Screen Master includes features like crop, text addition, pixelated image, draw arrows, and more. Right after capturing the screenshot, the changes can be done quickly.

To compete with its rivals, this screenshot app for Android is offered for free and that too without any in-app purchase. The screenshots are saved in high-quality and for wider use, the free screenshot capture app supports PNG format.

screenshot apps

Notable features of screen capture app, Screen Master app:

  • One-click to take a screenshot
  • For a full-page screenshot, share the URL to Screen Master
  • Support long screen capture
  • Image pixelation
  • Emoji stickers

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

3. Super Screenshot: Best Screen Shot App

This screenshot tool is not just for capturing the screen, but also pop up many features after a screen capture like color or text addition, image blur, image resize, crop, and more. For much ease, the user can also capture the screen by enabling the gesture controls.

Right after the screenshot is edited, the free screen capture app comes up with sharing options, by which, the user can share the image on multiple platforms. The Screenshot app for Android is free to use, but it does contain in-app ads.

screen capture app

Notable features of the best screenshot app, Super Screenshot app:

  • Easy to edit the screenshots
  • Built-in sharing
  • Screenshots can be browsed and copied via PC
  • Supports gesture support

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

4. Touchshot (Screenshot)

Touchshot is another excellent Screenshot app for Android that is ranked among the best screenshot tools. This android screenshot app doesn’t require the user to press any button, and for screen capture, just a touch on the screen is needed.

Also, the app work on all the Android devices, whether they are rooted or not. The screenshot app is just not limited to screen capture, but can also record videos. In the case of the blue light filter app, the capture may not be possible.

screen capture app

Notable features of Touchshot app:

  • Screen capture and image quality settings
  • Camera preview capture function
  • Screen record and quality settings
  • Image edit, share

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

5. Screenit - Screenshot App

Screenit, a screenshot tool is a fantastic app to take screenshots on the Android device and edit them right away. Like other screen snapshot apps, it also features photo editing options like fast crop, color effects, frames, lighting, stickers, overlays, and more. To stay in trend, the Screenshot app for Android also offers an option to create Memes.

The edited screenshots can then be saved and shared on other different platforms. Then there come the various customizable options, which can be enabled in the settings screen.

Screenit app is free to use for the first 48 hours and after that, the user is required to make a one time purchase, but even after that, the ads will be there in the screenshot app.

screen capture app

Notable features of the android screen capture app, Screenit app:

  • Supports material design
  • Automatic crop
  • Free selection mode
  • Floating icon for taking screenshots
  • Easy editing and lots of editing options

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

6. Screener - Better Screenshots

Screener is the right tool to lit the device with smartly designed screenshots, as it is one of the best screen capture app Android. Yes, this screenshot app not only takes screenshots, but also add frames, captivating backgrounds, and other effects in the captured image.

This screenshot application for Android is easy to use and lets the user make all the changes in the Android device itself. Other changes that you can add to the captured screenshots are the reflection, shadow, image blur, color definitions, and more.

screen shot app

Notable features of the android screen capture app Screener app:

  • SmartWatch frames
  • Material Design
  • Glare and shadow effects
  • Custom background colors and wallpapers
  • Live rendering

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

7. Screen Crop - Quick Settings Tile

Screen Crop is a mix of screenshot and screen recording app. The user can capture a screen in no time and then can directly share the image on other messaging platforms from the app itself.

To enable it, quick settings tile needs to be placed in the tray and on tapping it, swipe across to select the area to be captured. The selected area can be altered by using the four handles displayed on the screen.

screen shot app

Notable features of the screen shot app, Screen Crop app:

  • Quick settings tile
  • Screen Crop icon for easy access
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Screen Recording

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

8. Screenshot - Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber is a free screen tool to capture screen and share screenshots on the go. After downloading the app, the user needs to open it and an icon will appear on the phone’s screen. Whenever there is a need of a screenshot, tap on the icon.

The screenshot app for Android will also come in handy for people who are generally occupied and can’t use phones with both hands all the time.

After the screenshot is captured, the user can immediately save the screenshot or share it on platforms like messaging apps, emails, clouds, or photo editing apps.

screen capture apps

Notable features of Screenshot - Screen Grabber app:

  • One tap screen capture
  • Noi In-app purchases
  • Can share the screen record through other apps
  • Moveable ”capture screen” icon

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

9. Screenshot Crop & Share

This screenshot app for Android is a multifunctional and powerful tool, specially tailored to cater to people who don’t wish to juggle on multiple applications for taking a screen capture and then for editing.

Screenshot Crop & Share comes packed with helpful tools like direct sharing, deleting, editing, taking scrolling screenshots, and more.

screen capture apps

Notable features of the best screen capture app Screenshot Crop & Share app:

  • Partial screenshots
  • Cut status bar and the navigation bar
  • Copy text from screenshots to your clipboard with Text Recognition
  • Floating Bubble to create screenshots everywhere, even in fullscreen apps
  • Custom Quick-Settings Tiles to faster create screenshots

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

10. Screenshot Capture Recorder

The last app in our list of the best screenshot app for Android is Screenshot Capture Recorder. The free screen capture tool is similar to all the other apps listed over here, as it offers a simple and easy way to capture, edit and share screenshots.

The screenshot app also offers the screen recording functionality for Android devices, but it only supports those Android devices running Android 5.0 or above.

screenshot easy app

Notable features of the best screen capture app, Screenshot Capture Recorder app:

  • Overlay button For easy access
  • Device shake functionality to take a screenshot
  • Also supports buttons combo to take a screenshot
  • Captures scrollable web pages

Download this best Screenshot app from Google Play Store

Other Ways Through Which Screenshots Can Be Taken On An Android Device

1. By Using The Volume and Power Button Simultaneously

In most of the Android devices, the easiest way of capturing a screen is to press the Volume Down (up or down) and Power button at the same time, hold it for a second and you will have your screenshot saved in your photo gallery.

Why is it good to capture the screen using the buttons on the device:

  • It’s fast and easy.
  • No additional apps to open to take a screenshot. 

Why a screenshot taken by using the buttons on the device won’t be enough:

  • Lacks image editing tools.
  • Sometimes pressing buttons can be a task, as it needs to press two buttons at a time. 

2. Through Personal Assistant App

It may be new for many people, as screenshots are less captured by the use of personal assistant apps like Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby. Follow these steps to take a screenshot using Google Assistant:

  • Enable the Assistant is enabled
  • Hold the home button, enter the setup menu
  • Train the Assistant to recognize the voice
  • Say “Ok, Google,” or long-press the home button
  • Say “Take a screenshot"

android screenshot app

3. OEM Solutions

OEM customization is not much preferred by the industry experts, still, there are some easy tricks that can be played with and one such trick allows screen capture. For example, OnePlus and MIUI devices allow a three-finger swipe to take a screenshot.

In the new Samsung devices, the user has to swipe the palm across the screen to take a screenshot. So, in all the modern devices, there is a separate option for taking screenshots.

4. Thanks To Android 9 Pie

With OEM making it to the race, Android is leaving no stone unturned to catch up with them. In the latest OS version, 9 pie, Android has added native screen capturing as part of the power menu.

On pressing the power button for long, there is a screenshot option along with shutting down and restarting. And for capturing a screenshot, the user needs to tap on the option and the screen will be captured in no time.

android screenshot app

Although some smartphone manufacturers like Samsung Galaxy Note series include similar functionality in their OEM customized software.

For more information on the latest apps, stay tuned with MobileAppDaily and get the app reviews done by them and see the difference in the number of related leads.

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