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Top 21 Mobile App Development Trends to Watchout For in 2024!

Want to skyrocket your applications growth, one easy route is to understand & implement the latest mobile app development trends!

mobile app development trends

According to Statista, by the third quarter of 2022, there were 3.55 million Android and 1.6 million apps for iOs existing on different leading application stores. It is clear that the competition is growing, and to stand out, you will need a stronger plan.

If not anything, one of the best ways to stand out is to stay abreast with the latest mobile app development trends of 2023. Every app that made millions was a manifestation of one of these top mobile app development trends that made it disruptive. Also, the pioneers behind those applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. kept on reinventing themselves with relevant trends.

Therefore to get you a better idea about the latest new technology trends and make your app compelling enough to win the market, we have written this article…read ahead!

Top 21 Mobile App Development Trends to Watchout For in 2023!

Latest Mobile App Development Trends In 2023 to Stay Two Steps Ahead!

The future of the mobile app development industry is more advanced compared to the past few years. Now apps are not limited to basic functions like ordering food or writing reviews. 

Apps are also able to control your home appliances, monitor your health, or call emergency services for you in danger. These application development trends which we are going to discuss further are now what experts talk about. 

1. Gamification of Apps

The lines between an app and games are blurring thin with each passing year. In 2023, it's all about user experience and how much of an immersive experience one can provide. While writing this article, we came across “Allen Carr’s - Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. His campaigns include books, apps, and even games to help people quit smoke. In more contemporary terms, it is called the gamification of apps. It allows the user to go through an experience and reinforce learning while effectively increasing the productivity of the service or product provided by a mobile app developer. Some common apps that have adopted gamification to make a significant change in the experience are Todoist, EpicWin, Fitbit, Habitica, etc. It is truly the top mobile app development trend that can be followed easily in 2023.

2. Acquiring Real-time Data

Data is the new gold or say the most premium asset of today’s day and age. Multiple companies and even countries figure out trends & patterns in processing consumer or population data.  One needs to ask for permission, however, getting data from a consumer is the latest app development trends that are being used judiciously. It helps understand the user preferences and user behavior to serve better. In fact, there are applications that simply flourish on user data i.e Google Assistant and SIRI. These apps have become incredible because they have a large pool of data that they utilized to train their ML (machine learning) models. 

3. Metaverse-like Experience

Metaverse is rapidly picking the pace in the market and it is highly likely that it would end up transforming the way we interact with the digital world. It is where this 2023 top trends in mobile app development The initial foundation to explore this phenomenon has been laid out by “Meta” formerly known as “Facebook”. However, there has been a rapid expansion in the domain considering there are so many app developers who want to be a part of the ecosystem. Some famous examples of this application development trend are The Sandbox, Zepeto, Roblox, Mojipop, etc. Each of these applications is revolutionary in its own sense as they cater to the future. However, in 2023, the rise in the usage of metaverse apps for multiplayer gaming, fashion, educational apps, etc, and many other industries to come would catapult.

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4. Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning

trends in mobile app development

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning has been there for some time. Though, with every period, AI is getting smarter and smarter. A few years back AI was able to calculate equations and learn them. But now, AI can talk, hear, observe, and react by learning accordingly.

According to Statista, the AI industry is expected to reach 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. In 2018, the AI app market was worth around 4.6 billion U.S. dollars. In fact in a report by Expert Market Research, it is mentioned that the global AI market has reached $1.2 trillion in 2020.

Some AI-enabled features can make the following things possible through apps:

  • Smarter chatbots or virtual assistants for better customer service.
  • Personalized education learning through customized study or practice patterns.
  • Boost in the offline gaming industry by developing AI vs Player gaming apps like Chess, UNO, etc.

One of the best examples of AI's future and its application in services is Duplex AI by Google. Duplex Assistant can make calls on your behalf. The AI also makes the voice sound more humanely and conversations dynamic to mimic an actual human. It stands out and does not sound robotic like old fashioned digital voices.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) Integration With Apps

IoT is one of the latest trends in mobile app development that is becoming more popular day-by-day. It helps apps in connecting smartphones with modern home appliances. IoT is a network which enables seamless data transfer to build a control over targeted objectives. In other words, IoT mobile app trends makes controlling devices via wireless technology possible. 

How Can Iot Influence Mobile Application Technology Trends?

  • IoT will let users control their home appliances with their smartphones.
  • IoT enables setting up a centralized network for all devices.
  • IoT enhances security by allowing users to have remote control and access to security monitoring.

IoT or the Internet of things is truly the top application development trend that is going and growing strong over the year. However, the integration of mobile apps with devices is something fairly new for multiple vendors. It is quite indifferent how apps were made to cater to a particular IoT service. Right now, there are applications that can easily integrate with some IoT devices that are already available in the market. A great example of that would be Amazon Alexa, Google Mini, etc. Also, there is a lot more to come to this market.

6. Wearable Devices Integration With Apps

application development trends

Not to offend but wearing a regular watch has become so old-school. There is no doubt that people still love those old watches but wearable tech such as smartwatches is taking it to another level. It can detect a pulse, measure the number of steps, monitor heart rate, and a lot more. Not just watches but there are other devices as well such as smart jewelry, hearing aid, smart clothing, etc. This is the reason wearable devices are seeing a huge boost in the market. The global wearable technology market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6% from 2023 to 2030.

Now, with this growth, these wearable devices are becoming a part of everyday lives. Hence, wearable devices have an important role in the latest mobile app trends to play.

Wearable devices are a part of everyday life in following ways:

  • Significantly, these devices will be used as health monitors or fitness trackers.
  • To minimize the usage for smartphones for simple tasks like music, camera, watch, calendar, etc.
  • Responding to messages on different platforms such as Whatsapp or emails faster.
  • Tracking the real-time location.
  • Data translation for behavioral changes.

7. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The collaboration of AR and VR tech enables human perception to interact with simulated reality. It is because of this functionality, it is being adapted in the gaming industry, education industry, reality shows, etc. 

A study by Statista shows that the revenue generated by the AR and VR market is estimated to reach $31.12 billion in 2023. Also, the AR segment serves the largest segment with $11.58 billion in 2023.

Main contribution in developing AR or VR apps is being done by tech giants like Google or Apple. In the latest, Google is working on their AR version of Google Maps which will be more fancier and easier compared to the traditional one. 

How will AR and VR influence mobile app future trends?

  • Gaming Industry is already seeing a boost in AR or VR popularity. Games like Pokemon Go are good examples.
  • AR and VR are being used in the fashion industry as well. It is enabling users to try outfits or spectacles on their digital replica with the help of AR.
  • Learning sector is using VR for various specializations like Medical, engineering, or aviation.

8. Rise in Mobile Payment Solutions

mobile app development technologies

Gone are the days when we stood in the line of ATMs to take out cash. Digital payments are already a mainstream phenomenon. However, if not done yet it is essential to integrate these mobile app development trends, as fast as possible. Mobile Payment solutions are growing globally because it gives users freedom from carrying cash. Now, while digital payment is becoming a trend, more and more apps are trying to provide this service to their users. 

A report by Globe News Wire suggests revenue generated by Global Digital Payments to be $228.37 billion by 2028. In fact, the valuation is expected to surpass $15.17 trillion by 2027, with a CAGR of 12%.

Why is Payment Solutions mobile app trends boosting?

  • Well, for security reasons, it does not require the hassle of carrying plastic money or cash everywhere. 
  • Moreover, in case the phone is lost or stolen, it is easy to block unauthorized payments.
  • No contact payment is also a perk.

9. Increasing Popularity of On- Demand Apps

On-Demand apps are impacting future mobile app industry trends in a significant way. Now when almost everyone has smartphones, traditional ways of shopping are getting out of fashion. Most people want to use their app and get their preferences delivered.

Here are some stats from July, 2022:

  • Streaming app by Tencent made around $61.5 million.
  • HBO made close to $51.7 million.
  • Netflix in-app purchase reached around $20.5 million.

Moreover, it includes industries like online marketplaces, grocery stores, transportation, and other services. Some of the best examples of On-demand apps are Netflix, Uber, Amazon, etc.

10. Boost in the Usage of Chatbots

mobile app industry trends

Usage of chatbots will increase in new apps to make customer service more convenient. Modern  customers are busier or less patient and they look for quick solutions. These chatbots or virtual assistants will bring quick customer solutions in mobile app industry trends. 

How are Chatbots impacting mobile app future trends?

  • The revenue generated by chatbots in the year 2023 closes to $137.6 million.
  • Using chatbots for business can save you up to 2.5 billion hours considering a representative handles up to 17 interactions on average per day.
  • Facebook uses over 3 million chatbots for its messenger service.
  • Chatbots led to an increase of 30% in order tracking when used in ecommerce stores.

Latest mobile app development trends are adopting chatbots as it will keep customers engaged and provide them quick solutions. Moreover, it will also shorten the burden of investing more money in hiring customer service staff.

11. Progressive Web Apps 

In the app development landscape, PWAs have played an important role. The reality of development from scratch gives a lot more ways to PWAs considering these can be easily used on browsers. What is the bigger advantage here? The capability to showcase all the important features of the app without any compatibility issues. Adding to it creating a PWA can be cheaper to build in comparison. This is the reason, this is another top app development trends to flourish in 2023.

12. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) integration

AMP is a significant    part of new trends in mobile app development as it reduces the page loading speed. AMP helps developers in building apps with faster loading time, lower bounce rates, and high performance.

AMP improves the speed of a page by keeping JavaScript under the hood. However, it doesn’t let performance of the app get reduced. AMP also blocks third party java scripts and only allows GPU based animations included in the page.

13. Boost in Cloud Based Mobile Apps

latest trends in mobile app development

Cloud based mobile app technology trends are boosting as it enables apps to sync on multiple devices. Moreover, it also enables apps in to access resources faster to download and display them on mobile pages. It’s cost efficient too as it doesn’t require physical hard drives to store the server data.

Some other benefits cloud based mobile apps come with are:

  • Enhanced storage capacity of app data.
  • Possible collaboration with multiple devices and apps is enabled through Cloud Storage.
  • Expenditures on equipment are reduced in comparison to cloud storage.
  • Remote usage.

14. Beacon Technology is the future of mobile app development

Beacon technology is getting popularized among mobile app technology trends. The technology enables connecting users with services or retailers through their location. The technology is being used by sectors like Hotels, healthcare, retailers, etc.

For example, if a hotel has beacon technology installed, users crossing near the hotel will get notifications of offers and discounts live in the hotel. Beacon technology also uses IoT to communicate with users devices.

Where can Beacon mobile application technology trends help?

  • Healthcare Sector
  • Hotel and Restaurants
  • Retail Sector
  • Emergency services

15. Impact of 5G Wireless Technology on mobile app development technologies

mobile app future trends

5G technology will enable apps in using more resources with faster speed. Developers will be able to add more features in the app without worrying about slow network limitations. 

It is expected that 5G technology will be 100 times faster than the 4G. Companies like Samsung had already started including their technology in smartphones. Soon, the 5G will take over the network web in the market.

5G technology will open new opportunities for following application types:

  • Multiplayer high graphic mobile gaming
  • Stunning looking applications and user interface
  • More AR based applications
  • Data security and faster updates

16. Cross-platform App Support

Now, when the hardware power of devices is increasing, cross-platform is getting popular as well. Users are looking for games or applications that can be used on multiple devices without loss of any data.

Developing a cross-platform has its own perks. cross-platform apps are single code based, that makes them cheaper. Comparatively, cross-platform apps are easier to develop as they are based on a single codebase. You can consult mobile app development companies in UK to get your app developed with ease.

17. Advantages of Blockchain in Mobile Apps

app development trends

Blockchain is a security network of apps generally used in banking, financial, and cryptocurrency sectors. Blockchain is already being used to protect cryptocurrency data from getting tracked. Moreover, in the future, it is expected that Blockchain will have more applications.

Since the day cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin became popular, data pirates have also increased in numbers. However, Bitcoin technology is being useful as a firewall between the data and data pirates. It might be beneficial for you to know more about Blockchain and use it in your favor while developing the app.

Expected Blockchain applications:

  • Asset Tokenization
  • BAAS (Blockchain-as-a-Service)
  • Crypto Trading and mining
  • Virtual gaming and betting

18. Mobile E-Commerce Network

Mobile commerce is nothing different than normal e-commerce. The only difference is that mobile commerce is based on applications. This app trend has been dominating for the last few years and even in 2023, and has turned somewhat into a mainstream way of making purchase.

Mobile E-commerce network is a chain of multiple apps being used by large and small scale businesses. The apps are used for multiple activities like to sell products, to advertise them, to provide coupons, etc. Shopify estimates that 8% of the sales in the retail industry will come from mobile.

19. Predictive Analysis To Personalize Apps

top mobile app development trends

Predictive analysis is a concept where apps track usage behavior of the users and offer them personal recommendations. It is done through data mining, Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics, and data based forecasts.

The purpose is to guess and provide users what they might look for in the future. It is basically being used by famous companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, Google, etc.

20. Instant Apps to work as samples

Instant Apps is a concept which was launched a few years back. However, the popularity of this trend can be seen as boosting. This technology helps developers in building instant apps which can be accessed by users without installing them in smartphones. 

The purpose of instant apps is to provide a kind of sample to users to increase their trust. It helps developers in avoiding low reviews or ratings in case users are not satisfied with the full version of the app. Moreover, instant apps are also helpful in convincing if it can offer a good experience to the user.

21. Low-Code Apps

future of mobile app development

Creating an app has always been a complex task. However, a recent new technology trend enables businesses to create simple apps using low-code. These low-code apps provide a platform to create apps using drag and drop of the UI interface. These are becoming popular with passing considering businesses doesn’t need to spend massive amounts of money on creating their first app.

Here are some stats and insights related to low-code apps for you to look at:

  • A report by TechRepublic suggests that 75% of shops will transition to a low-code platform.
  • Low-code and no-code have a high adoption rate considering it doesn’t require prior coding experience.
  • As per Alpha Software by 2024, 65% of app development will be done using low-code platforms.

The mobile app development statistics are constantly changing due to incoming new apps. Though developing apps with the latest mobile app development trends for devices will be a little more complicated as it's a new technology. However, once the technology gets popular, demand for these apps catapults.

Need help with turning these trends into reality, checkout our list of best mobile application development companies. Considering them to plan and develop your app can put you in an advantageous position.

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