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Most Useful Android Backup Apps for 2020 (Updated List)

Backup apps are extremely necessary and a convenient option that can make your data restoration brisk

Android Backup Apps

Why is data back up important?  Well, all data stored in your mobile phone is necessary, and backing everything up can make your task of restoring and retrieving them much easier. In the case of smartphones, your data needs to be backed up from time to time so that you don't lose your chief pieces of information like passwords.

Backup not only means that all your personal data can be restored, but it also means that you don't have to put yourself into the whole process of correcting your phone settings, reinstalling apps, and readjusting everything in your new smartphone.

Data backing up can be a fruitful deal for you and save lots of your time without losing any of your essential data and these apps make your new mobile phones a little familiar to you.

Your Android smartphone consists of contrasting data such as messages, photos, pdf files, video content, in-app purchases, and much more. Due to this, you can require to incorporate different types of Android mobile apps to allow your smartphones to exhibit better functionalities than ever before. 

But you don’t need to worry, we have created a list of the best Android backup apps to reduce your efforts in researching the top backup applications that are available at the Google Play Store. Let’s have a closer look at them. 

Best Android Backup Apps for 2020

Here's a list of top Android backup and restore software that can come in handy to save your data and media information quickly with just a single click:

Best Android Backup Apps for Photos: 

1. Google Photos

One of the best Photo Backup App Android currently available is Google Photos, a photo-sharing and storage service that is built by Google itself. This application offers users unlimited free storage for their photos and videos as well. 

Other than the impressive amount of storage that Google Photos provides, there is also an option for smart searches along with some basic editing features. But if you are a Pixel smartphone user, then there's an additional feature where the user gets access to unlimited cloud storage for original resolution photos and videos.

Android Backup Apps

Key features of Google Photos A Best App For Android: 

  • Bring your pictures to life with animations and more;
  • Smart automatic albums to trap your best shot;
  • Free unlimited and High-Quality storage;

Download Google Photos for Android

2. G Cloud Backup

Clicking photos is a way of capturing moments, and that's why pictures are something that needs to be backed up at all costs. G Cloud Backup app is a solution when it comes to backing pictures up and is Best Photo Backup For Android

This Android backup app completely protects your photos and videos in a secured cloud location. The UI of the app is very simple to use and easily moves to new devices with all your data intact in one place.

best Android backup apps

Features of G Cloud Cloud Backup app for Android:

  • Automatically backup camera, WhatsApp images, etc
  • Protect your app with a passcode;
  • Earn free space ranging from 1GB to 10 GB.

Download the best Android phone backup for Android

Best Android Backup App for Root Users

3. Titanium Backup

This Android App Data Backup has been in the news since the initial days of the Android operating system, making it one of the widely known Android backup apps. The Titanium Backup app is exclusively for the Android root users as it supports all the versions of Android OS. It comes in two variants, i.e., free and premium versions, but the best part is that both versions are free of ads.

The free version allows users to backup and also restore their apps along with the apps' data whereas the premium version offers some extra features like automatic backup, batch restoration, app freezer, and many more. Titanium Backup is a reliable app that is also used by many Android app developers.

Android Backup Apps for Photos

Key features of Titanium Backup App Data Android:

  • CVS Export any mail, doc or app;
  • Dalvik cache cleaner for smooth functioning;
  • TB Web Server to download/ upload your backups.

Download the best Android Backup and Restore for Android

4. Migrate

This custom ROM migration tool can be your companion at the time of backup as it provides various types of backup options to protect your data completely and save it forever so that you never lose any of your important information.

Grant root access in your phone and sit back while seeing everything getting restored seamlessly on your phone. With this Android app backup, you are not missing out on any of your data.

best Android phone backup for Android

Key features of Migrate the best backup for Android:

  • Restore ROM in a unique way;
  • Restoration process through TWRP recovery;
  • Custom ROM with Magisk.

Download this free Android backup for Android

Best Android Backup App for SMS

5. Super Backup

If you are looking for a free backup app that is fast and easy to use then the Super Backup and Restore app might be an excellent match for your requirements making it the best Android SMS backup app.

This application allows users to back up their call history, messages, bookmarks, and contacts along with their other apps. Like Titanium Backup, Super Backup is also available in two versions, i.e., free and paid, the only difference between these two versions is the display of unwanted ads.

With Super Backup, users can even schedule automatic backups to be uploaded to their Gmail and Google Drive accounts. The interface of this app is simple and easy to operate with customizable themes and to eliminate the pop-up advertisements you can upgrade the app for $1.99.

 Android Backup App

Key features of Super Backup an SMS backup and restore App:

  • Schedule Automatic Backups;
  • One-Tap Share APK Files;
  • Batch App Restore through SD card.

Super Backup one of the Android backup apps for Android

6. SMS Backup & Restore

Restore every essential SMS with this one of the best backup Android apps. Not only this you can also backup your MMS messages and call logs. The app only supports advanced messaging with Google messages at the moment.

The app requests for accessing your messages, social information, network view, and communication. SMS Backup & Restore app gives you the autonomy to restore all your messages or selected messages.

Android App Data Backup

Key features of SMS Backup & Restore app backup Android:

  • Backup messages in XML format;
  • Choose recurring time to backup;
  • Convert your XML format in different formats.

Download  Best SMS Backup App for Android

Best Android Backup App for Unrooted Users

7. Helium

Helium app sync is the best way to backup Android devices which does not require root, therefore, non-rooted users can try their hands on this application.

The Helium app enables users to backup data from their contacts, messages, call logs and various other apps. This app stands out from the crowd for another reason which is that it also allows you to back up from a PC.

There are two versions available for users, one is free, and the other is the premium app version for a price of $4.99. There are just a couple of differences between these two variants such as Android to Android sync, no ad displays, cloud backups and restoring, etc.

best Android Backup and Restore

Key features of Helium one of the best backup apps for Android:

  • Android to Android sync
  • Cloud backup and restore
  • Backup and restore from PC

Download this app to backup Android phone for Android

8. Buggy Backup Pro

With the advanced application manager, the app ensures that all your information is backed up instantly. Backup the entire Android phone and share it through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, IR, etc.

One of the best backup and restore app for Android has customizable settings to control the app as per your wish and make conversations from system to users and vice versa. Save your time and efforts while cleaning your private data and cache from time to time.

 best backup for Android:

Key features of Buggy Backup Pro app backup Android:

  • 5 color themes to choose from;
  • Search through apps and backups;
  • Install, backup, restore batches anytime.

Download  Best Android Backup App for Android

Best Android Backup App for Contacts

9. Contacts+

Also featured in Best Dialer Apps

The primary reason we use smartphones is to contact other people through the means of messages and calls, so it's crucial to find a proper app that specializes in this task.

The Contacts+ is an allrounder app that is known as one of the leading phone book and dialer apps that also comes with other features like contact backup, spam block, and caller ID, etc.

This Android backup app offers the user many options under one roof, and the app development team of Contacts+ has also been awarded as the title of 'Top Developer' on Google Play Store. This app acts as a replacement for the address book to organize the users' contacts while integrating with the social media accounts as well.

 best backup for Android:

Key features of Contacts+ best contact backup app:

  • Smart contacts search through dialer;
  • Merge Duplicate Contacts easily;
  • Get reminders for everything important.

Download Contacts+ app for Android

10.  Contact Backup

Backing up contact was never easier before, with Contact Backup, you can send all or selective contacts to another Android device without internet. Within a fraction of a second backup/ restore or transfer your contacts from both Android and iPhone.

Being one of the best offline apps that can be used at any point in time, Contact Backup doesn’t have to be synced every time and allows you to send information about your contacts as text by mail or dropbox.

the Android backup apps

Key features of the best Contact Backup app for Android:

  •  Restore contact information with images;
  • Search through your list of contact;
  • Add contact through QR code.

Download Contact Backup App for Android

To Summarize

Your data is in abundance and requires backup from time to time. Backing up is necessary because a lot of your important documentation and material can be at risk if not supported. 

There are certain features in Android smartphones that may require different types of backup options in order to revive information. And to address those issues, we compiled some of the best backup Android apps for the year 2020 that can forbid you from wasting time and energy while storing all your specifics in their designated space. 

Get access to the latest and trending news straight from the Mobile App Industry and read our well-comprehended app reviews to know about leading mobile applications making life facile.

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