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Best Instagram Video And Photo Downloader App In 2018

Don't hold yourself back, get hold of your favorite photos and videos on Instagram with the best Instagram video downloader apps. Instagram Video And Photo Downloader App In 2018

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. According to a report by Statista, the total Instagram users stood at 800 million monthly active users by September 2017, up from 600 million in December 2016. Instagram is most favored photo-sharing website and also let you explore photos and videos from the people all around the world.

There are many instances when you might stumble upon pictures and videos which you wish to save on your device or desktop. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t allow downloading of media files from its platform. But don’t worry, there are third-party Instagram video downloader apps that will serve your downloading purpose. The list of best apps for photo and video download is compiled in the list. Below mentioned Instagram video downloader apps are for iOS, Android, and web. Pick one for yourself.

Note: All the Instagram video downloader apps mentioned in this article are free to use but as the law goes, you can’t save the photos and repost without the permission of the respective owners. Also, if you wish to repost some media file from your account, you need the permission first. Therefore, it’s always better to avoid any legal tangle. Happy sharing.

1. Repost For Instagram - Repostly (iOS)

Repostly is a simple app, that allows you to repost any Instagram photo. You don't have to log in to Instagram to repost photos, just copy the URL from Instagram and paste it in the app and that's it, your favorite picture or video is available for the repost.


Notable features of Repostly are:

  • Repost unlimited photos

  • Repost unlimited videos

  • No in-app purchase required to buy coins for reposting

Repostly uses the Instagram public API and depends on the Instagram servers.

Download on App Store

2. FastSave (Android)

FastSave is one of the best apps for saving photos from Instagram. The app will help you to save Instagram photos to your device for free and forever. Also, you can quickly view Instagram photos offline by downloading them. After saving you can even repost them. It is different from other photo download apps for Instagram.


Notable features of FastSave are:

  • Save Multiple photos

  • View quick saved stories in a bar at top of the main screen

  • Get details of users by long press on the saved photo

  • Fast downloading speed

  • Beautiful Dashboard to manage quick saved photos

  • Amazing photo views with Slideshows and more

  • Repost, Share, Delete photos from FastSave App

  • Hide your saved photos Instant save to secret locker

Download on Google Play Store

3. Saver Reposter (Android)

Saver will help you to copy text, hashtags, save images & videos from Instagram posts to your phone or tablet, so you can share them back on other apps or just keeping them on your device, all in one app. The app is very easy to use.

saver reposter

Notable features of Saver Reposter are:

  • You can view the downloaded media in your phone gallery

  • You can go to Saver in one click and go back to the app in another one click

  • The first app to give you the ability to copy the post's description

  • The first app to give you the possibility to copy only hashtags from posts description or copy description without hashtags

  • Downloading can be processed in the background

Download on Google Play Store

4. IV Saver Photo Video Download Repost for Instagram (Android)

IV Saver is a tool which allows automatic download Picture and Videos from Instagram. Just click on "Copy Share Url" and full post will be stored permanently on your phone. The app offers easy to save/download pictures, videos, and profile pictures to your gallery from Instagram. Furthermore, it allows you to save/download all public media, captions, tags, profile Id, and name by just clicking on "Copy Share URL."

saver photo

Notable features of IV Saver are:

  • No login required (Single and Multiple)

  • Save pictures

  • Save videos

  • Get profile details (Profile Name, Profile Picture)

  • Get post's full caption with image or video

  • Save complete post

Download on Google Play Store

5. Instagram Video Downloader App (Android)

Instagram video downloader enables you to repost videos and images from Instagram and Vine. The app can copy tags from Instagram and Vine easily.

instagram video downloader

Notable features of Instagram video downloader are:

  • Download videos or repost

  • Download pictures or repost

  • Save videos and pictures in your gallery

  • Instagram video downloader also let you copy tags

  • Share your favorite videos and pictures with others

Download on Google Play Store

6. Repost for Instagram – Regrann (Android)

Regrann lets you repost Instagram photos and videos without adding watermarks. The app also lets you save photos to your phone. You can repost those photos right from Instagram without leaving the app.

regrann android

Notable features of Regrann are:

  • No In-App Purchases

  • Immediately download photos and videos

  • Repost pictures/videos quickly without leaving the App

  • Enable or Disable Watermarks as per your need

  • Add signatures automatically to your captions

  • No login required

Download on Google Play Store

7. DownloadGram (web)

It is not always that we want to download pictures and videos on our devices also. Instagram is available on the desktop too. Therefore, to cater to the user over the web, there is This app lets you download Instagram photos and videos. Once you enter the URL, DownloadGram creates an MP4 download.


There are numerous mobile applications available in the market today, and we will help you to stand out because you truly deserve it.

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