Top Instagram Photos And Videos Downloading Apps [202
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Top Instagram Photos And Videos Downloading Apps [2020]

Like that funny cat video on Instagram? How do you download it, though? There’s a way!

Top Instagram Photos And Videos Downloading Apps [2020]

Instagram is the most favored photo-sharing website, which lets you explore photos and videos from people all around the world. According to a report by Statista, the total monthly active users stood at a whopping 1 billion, up from 800 million in September 2017.

There are many instances when you might stumble upon pictures and videos which you wish to save on your device or desktop. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t allow downloading of media files from its platform. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on your favorite Instagram pictures or videos.

Third-party Instagram photo and video downloader apps can easily serve your downloading purposes. Here is a list of the best apps to save Instagram photos and videos for iOS, Android, and the web. Take a look.

Top Apps To Download Instagram Photos and Videos In 2020

If you are still juggling with the question “how to download photos from Instagram;” we got your back. Check out some of the best Instagram videos and photo downloader apps.

Instagram Photo Downloader App - For iOS

1. Repost For Instagram - Repostly

Repostly is an excellent Instagram photo and video downloader app that allows you to repost any Instagram photo on your account. The app has a user-friendly interface that enables the user to navigate in the app with the absolute breeze.

For reposting the photos, you don't have to log in to Instagram, simply copy the URL and paste it into the app and you are good to repost the picture or video on your account.

Repost For Instagram

Notable features of this Instagram Video downloader app are:

  • Repost unlimited photos;
  • Repost unlimited videos;
  • No in-app purchase required to buy coins for reposting;
  • The app uses the Instagram public API and depends on the Instagram servers.

Download this Instagram pic download app from the App Store 

2. Instant Save For Instagram

As the name of the app to save pictures from Instagram suggests, you can directly save pictures and videos from Instagram to your phone gallery. You just need to copy the image or video URL and paste it into this app to download the same.

Furthermore, the also adds the content credit to image or video; therefore, it doesn’t violate the copyright of the owner. The only downside of this app is that it sometimes tends to slow down smartphones. 

Instant Save For Instagram

Download this best Instagram downloader from the App Store

Video Download App - For Android

1. FastSave For Instagram

FastSave is one of the best apps for saving photos from Instagram. It lets users save Instagram photos on their device and can be viewed while being offline. You can even repost the pictures that you have saved and that too without any watermark.

Interestingly, there is no bar on the number of downloads that one can make. It gives you the freedom to download unlimited photos from Instagram.

FastSave For Instagram

Notable features of FastSave are:

  • View quick saved stories in a bar at the top of the main screen;
  • Get details of users by long press on the saved photo;
  • Fast download speed;
  • Repost, Share and Delete photos from the FastSave App;
  • Hide your saved photos Instant save to a secret locker.

Download this Instagram picture downloader app Google Play Store

2. Saver Reposter For Instagram

Saver Reposter For Instagram app allows users to copy text, save images & videos, and copy hashtags from Instagram posts. After that, you can share the saved pictures and videos right from the app itself.

Saver Reposter For Instagram

Notable features of the Saver Reposter are:

  • Move between the Saver and the app in one click;
  • Copy the post's description as well;
  • Copy only hashtags from posts description or copy description without hashtags;
  • Support background downloading.

Download this Instagram picture downloader app from the Google Play Store

3. IV Saver Photo Video Download For Instagram & IGTV

The IV Saver app offers automatic downloading for pictures and videos from Instagram. You need to click on "Copy Share URL," and the picture or video will be downloaded automatically. 
With this IG video downloader app, you can even download all the public media, profile ID, name, captions, and tags in one go by clicking on "Copy Share URL."

IV Saver Photo Video Download For Instagram & IGTV

Notable features of IV Saver are:

  • No login required;
  • Save pictures and videos;
  • Download details like profile name and profile picture;
  • Save a complete post.

Download this app to save Instagram photos from the Google Play Store

4. Video Downloader - for Instagram Repost App

It’s again a top Instagram photo downloader app to download Instagram’s content or IGTV content on your device, as it allows the user to repost videos and images from platforms like Instagram and Vine. With this app, you can copy tags from Instagram and Vine.

On top of that, this download from the Instagram app is free to use and can get your work done in a single click.

Video Downloader - for Instagram Repost App

Notable features of Instagram video downloader are:

  • Download videos and videos;
  • Save videos and pictures in your gallery;
  • Can copy tags;
  • IGTV downloader;
  • You can share your videos and photos.

Download this app to save Instagram photos from the Google Play Store

5. Repost For Instagram – Regrann

Regrann is another app that saves videos from Instagram and allows the user to repost Instagram photos and videos without on their account and that too without adding watermarks. The downloaded photos and videos that can be reposted right from Instagram itself.

All you have to do is to select “Copy share URL,” and you will be able to get the desired image or video. For more features like scheduled posts, you can go for the Regrann Pro app that will allow you to schedule posts as per your convenience.

Video Downloader - for Instagram Repost App

The notable features of Regrann are:

  • No in-app purchases;
  • Immediately download photos and videos;
  • Repost pictures/videos quickly without leaving the app;
  • Enable or disable watermarks as per your needs;
  • Lets you add signatures.

Download this app to save Instagram photos from the Google Play Store

6. Quick Save

Like all other Instagram pictures and videos downloading apps, Quick Save does the same thing. After downloading the content, you can repost or even share it with your friends.

This is one of the best apps to download Instagram photos that comes with an in-built feature that lets you edit images and videos with a number of filters and editing tools. To add more fun, the user can go for grid styling and phot-splits.

Quick Save

Notable features of Quick Save are:

  • Choose the "Copy Share URL” and download;
  • Splendid UI design;
  • Quickly download the pictures and videos;
  • Availability of editing tools.

Download this Instagram video download app from the Google Play Store

7. InstaGet

The InstaGet app helps users save pictures and videos that are available on Instagram, so you do not need to reload your Instagram account every time you want to view them.

The Instagram image and video downloader app is a must-have tool for anyone who wishes to instantly get their favorite pictures.

InstaGet app

Notable features of InstaGet are:

  • You can download pictures and videos;
  • Can repost and share;
  • Copy tags from Instagram;
  • Save videos and photos from Instagram in your gallery.

Download this Instagram video download app from the Google Play Store

Instagram Photo Downloader App - For Web

1. DownloadGram

It is not always that we want to download pictures and videos on our devices also; Instagram is available on the desktop too. Therefore, to cater to the user over the web, there is an app called “DownloadGram” that lets you download Instagram photos and videos. Once you enter the URL, DownloadGram creates an MP4 download link and the targeted file will land directly in your gallery; thanks to this best Instagram photo downloader.

Check out another excellent Instagram video download app.

MAD Recommendation: Our Favorite Instagram Photos & Videos Download App

Let’s start by getting a quick overview of the list of the best photo and video downloading apps for Instagram:


What Is The Best Instagram Photo & Video For Android?

  • Save Reposter For Instagram

What Is The Best Instagram Photo & Video For iOS?

  • Save Pro For Instagram

What Is The Best Instagram Photo & Video For Web?

  • DownloadGram

These were the leading mobile applications for downloading photos as well as videos from Instagram. Apart from this, you can also directly check out the detailed reviews of such apps on MobileAppDaily to get a better understanding of the applications and their working. 

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