Best 5 Bitcoin Mobile Apps for - Android & iOS
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Impressive Bitcoin Mobile Apps for iOS & Android Users

Round Up of the Trending Bitcoin - Apps & Wallets for Android and iOS Device

Impressive Bitcoin Mobile Apps for iOS & Android Users

Bitcoins apps are the latest addiction in the virtual online cryptocurrency system. Being a payment system accepted worldwide, bitcoins have made a name of their own.

The price is bitcoin is increasing every single day and it is probably the best news about the virtual cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s price has recently skyrocketed in the international market and there seem no signs of its downturn in the upcoming months.

As the price of this cryptocurrency is escalating like never before, the research team at MobileAppDaily decided to take a sneak peek into the development of bitcoins. The write-up will also give you information on the Bitcoin apps for Android and iOS OS.

Bitcoin Mobile Apps for iOS & Android 

Let us invite you to this informative journey of providing even the basic information on the bitcoin mobile apps available for the users today:

1. ShapeShift

ShapeShift is basically a digital vending cryptocurrency machine neither a wallet nor a trading platform. Users can make use of this free application as an exchange machine for getting litecoin or Ethereum’s ether token.


This bitcoin mobile app supports different kinds of cryptocurrencies in order to make trading easy for users. For the users, interested in trading in bitcoin, it is advisable to get the whole information from the desktop app first and then trade through the mobile app.

The app is available both for iOS & Android

2. Jaxx Blockchain Wallet

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet is one of the most user-friendly bitcoin mobile wallets for trading in cryptocurrency. The wallet is a convenient way for small business owners to trade through cryptocurrency.

Jaxx Blockchain

Users can trade in different kind of currencies and that is another benefit of using Jaxx Blockchain Wallet. The app doesn’t ask for the user’s personal information, making it one of the best bitcoin apps for the users.  

The app is available both for iOS & Android

3. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of those apps that features the latest bitcoin price along with related news on digital currency, bitcoin calculator as well as price alert notification on the bitcoin price.


Other exceptional app features include real-time bitcoin price index, latest mining information on bitcoin, push notification on price alerts and all that a new bitcoin user would require knowing all about this virtual cryptocurrency.

The app is available for iOS & Android

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is the top-rated bitcoin wallet application. The wallet feature helps users to either send and request bitcoin, either, and litecoin immediately by name, email, or through digital currency address.


Users instantly get the notification on the price change in bitcoin through notifications and alerts. As one of the most popular bitcoin wallet app, Coinbase has gained much popularity among other applications.

The app is available for iOS & Android

5. Airbitz

Airbitz is one of the most secure bitcoin apps that allow users to have their own private bitcoin keys to managing banking transactions. The app gives users the freedom of controlling their fund by providing controlled access to them.


Airbitz functionality has some of the most important features that include login with touchID, multi-device synchronization, multi-flat currency support, decentralized service and much more.

The app is available for iOS & Android

The Closing Note

Despite growing adoption, Bitcoin is still highly concentrated. The cryptocurrency has generated a lot of buzz in recent months, giving users a valuable reason to invest in the same. And the apps mentioned above are sure to make it easy for the users to get into the world of bitcoin trading.

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