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Top 5 Must-Have Messaging Apps For Android and iOS [2021]

Exchange your thoughts via text, images, gifs, videos, and filtered snaps effectively with these globally popular instant messaging apps.

Messaging Apps For Android and iOS

Some say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – but that’s really a bunch of baloney. 

The closer together or the more connected we are is what makes our relationships stronger and our hearts grow fonder for one another. As you probably have noticed– free messaging apps on our smartphones are revolutionizing the way we bond with our social circles by making it easier than ever to stay in touch with each other. 

Getting the most usable, popular and fun messaging and video chat apps in today’s crowded app stores are no picnic in the park though. So, here are the most popular and best-chatting apps that let the Android and iOS users an exceptional experience to connect with each other in easy and most effective ways. 

1. WhatsApp

Since 2009, WhatsApp has more than 500 million users worldwide. And the popularity of this useful and secure free texting app keeps growing day-by-day. It’s no surprise that over 15 billion messages go through WhatsApp’s network every day.  

WhatsApp, one of the best messaging apps, seamlessly functions and easily integrates with your phone numbers to identify you on its exclusive network. It then creates a WhatsApp contact list and gives you a full list of whoever is signed up with WhatsApp – all your friends, family, and acquaintances. 

It’s not just texting as it is not only an SMS over your mobile phone but also a process that iterates through the internet connection on your smartphone. With this encrypted messaging app, you can freely text worldwide and besides texts, users can easily send audio, videos, gifs, emoji, files and images with ease. 

WhatsApp messaging app

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the next big and best instant messaging apps that ranks to no.2 in the list of top must-have message app for 2019. This product was first launched as a video-conferencing application with limited integration to its other social network and Google+. 

Over the last few years, Voice and Google Talk apps have been combined with Google Hangouts, which now work as its specific best texting app. This reliable and straightforward app works successfully with smartphones and can effortlessly switch between a text-mode to high-resolution video-chatting. 

Google Hangouts is a no-frills way to communicate face to face and especially great for business use. Google Hangouts is becoming increasingly popular among students, startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike.

 Google Hangouts

3. SAY

SAY is the quintessential video chat app of 2019. This falls under the category of top chat apps that are fast and becoming a rage across America. As more and more folks want a unique and fun way to converse with each other, SAY, a new chat app, inspires close friends, dear relatives, and family members to reach out to one another with video messages. 

This super safe and best instant messaging app is ideal for families to keep in touch and stay close while locking out those you may be Facebook friends with – but not actually be real close friends.

SAY is one of the top messaging apps which is abundantly different because of its game-changing video chat features that offer users the facility of having genuine conversations.  

Use SAY’s Video Chat Games & Laugh Together like Never Before

  • Memory Cloud 
  • Check-in 
  • Track Attack 
  • Book of Me 
  • And many more...

Getting popular as one of the best chatting apps, SAY is a great concept that helps us to engage more openly with those people we love like siblings, best friends, grandparents, parents, cousins, uncles, and aunts.

There’s simply nothing like everyone playing a trivia game and feeling like you’re right there laughing together and really bonding with new memories – while actually being 1000 miles away from each other.

best instant messaging app

4. Facebook Messenger

This is specifically developed as a free messenger app that was designed with a simple texting tool for its users to send messages to people available on the FB network. Having said that, with the rise in popularity of this amazing online messaging tool, Facebook opted to launch the Messenger as a standalone best messenger app on play store. And it works pretty well – especially for connecting to FB friends in particular. 

Messenger has become one of the popular chat apps that can easily be used to chat with Facebook friends and integrates quite well with the mobile and web app versions of this mammoth social networking website. It’s a great way to connect with people whom you haven’t seen in a while and maybe lost their phone number. 

Facebook Messenger- best messaging app

5. Snapchat

Among the most popular text messaging apps, Snapchat has gained a prominent position in the list of top messaging apps for 2019. This app is a great tool for establishing conversations with friends via sending instant snaps. 

The fun part with this best messaging app is that you can click snaps using clip arts and different other photo filter options. Just click a photo, add a caption and send it to your friends to carry out a fun conversation. Try this ultimate chat app to add a new experience in your day-to-day online chatting. 

Ending Note:

The trend of traditional messaging has gone and this has become possible due to the evolution of good chat apps. Whether you want to chat via text, images, gifs, and videos, these apps serve all the chatting purposes in easy and exceptional ways. 

You can’t afford to miss these most popular chatting apps as these make your online chatting an ultimate experience. So, choose the best one to get delighted with well-connected messaging. 

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