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Xamarin Vs React Native: The Comparison of The Best Two Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks

Main objective behind mobile development frameworks is to simplify the process.

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We reside in a world where thousands of apps are developed every single day by using a variety of cross-platform frameworks which includes React Native and Xamarin. Owing to their performance and the functionality, some of them make their way to the app stores while others fail to do the same. The year 2017 was stellar if we talk about the number of apps that were produced in any defined year. And most of these applications were developed using the two most influential cross-platform mobile app development frameworks.
A number of companies have also joined the foray of developing React Native apps and now the number of these apps has been soaring in the current year as well. There are billions of smartphone owners and users across the globe and here is an insight into the stats that we jotted down while researching the same.

  • If we talk about the last year’s stats i.e. 2017, the number of apps for the Android users was 2.8 million.
  • This count was closely followed by Apple’s App Store with 2.02 million apps.

In such an overwhelming heap of applications, it is really tough for the app developers to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That makes it one of the most essential tasks for the developers from all around the world to include the elements that would help them bring the best features out of their respective apps. And the most prominent way of making the app phenomenal is to use right kind of tool.

For instance, iOS applications have always used Objective-C and Swift programming language whereas, for Android the programming language is Java. And, if we talk about the trend in the modern app development domain, it is shifting greatly with the introduction of new and innovative tools.

Now that we are talking about the tools or the programming languages that are available for the app developers, we could easily fail to count all of them. So, instead of focusing on everything, this article will majorly focus on the widely-known cross-platform app development frameworks i.e. Xamarin and React Native. I will represent a fair comparison titled Xamarin Vs React Native showing you the main point of differences between the two frameworks.

Below are some crucial factors on whose basis we will proceed to compare react native and xamarin frameworks:

Here we go!

Compilation of Both of the Languages: Xamarin Vs React Native

Xamarin Vs React Native

React Native

React Native uses JavaScript coding but on an internal level, the framework uses same fundamental UI blocks as any other Android or iOS applications. JavaScriptCore can also be used on Android platform but it prevents the JIT (Just in Time) compilation that is being used on Android.


Talking about Xamarin, this cross-platform framework uses C# along with using JIT compilation and AOT (ahead of time) compilation. Owing to the fact that iOS prevents the JIT compilation, Xamarin AOT is used to compile the application. Android platform takes JIT as the default compilation but it can also be configured to Ahead of Time compilation.

This fair comparison makes us declare Xamarin framework as the ultimate winner in the race between Xamarin and React Native.

Now that we have talked about the compilation, let’s have a closer look at both of these mobile development frameworks. But first, let’s talk about React Native framework and then we will move to the Xamarin.

Use of React Native

Now let’s talk about the uses of React Native framework, as it works on the modern one-way data flow. This app development framework is productive in a marginal way. Recently, some changes have been brought to the framework, particularly in the JS development ecosystem. And thus if you are someone who loves Java then you are sure to love this too.

Xamarin Vs React Native

Use of Xamarin

Xamarin also provides great offerings for the application developers and programmers who work on ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, or other MVC platforms. This language works exceptionally well on the prescribed platforms and thus a number of developers like to work with this particular framework the most. Another additional offering for the developers is that the Xamarin framework offers functionality to integrate well within the MVVM a.k.a. ‘Model–View–Viewmodel’ framework style.


Owing to the functionality factor that both of these frameworks offer, this has to be a tie between the two frameworks.

Now let’s talk about the development platform that Xamarin and React Native uses:

React Native Development Environment

The best thing about the components of React Native is that they offer Integrated Development Environment which is also known as IDE to the developers. The developers can then also use Expo to debug and develop a React Native application. Hot loading is another great feature that developers can use while working with this development framework.

Xamarin Development Environment

Xamarin is powerful in this context because here the developers can write their code for an iPhone app even on Windows and then compile the same for Mac. And that makes it the best choice for the app developers. However, programmers/developers would need a platform that they would utilize for the built. And this process is actually quite powerful for that.
Depending upon the functionality, we declare Xamarin as the winner here.

Our next take is community assistance. Let’s talk about that:

React Native Community Assistance

A fair comparison of React Native with other frameworks shows it is relatively young and needs to go long way before making its position prominent in the industry. However, the community support of developers is there for the language but is not as extensive as the support available for other programming languages.

Xamarin Community Assistance

If we talk about the support, this language has got a great support from the community forums. Moreover, there are additional sources like Stack Overflow that offers huge support to Xamarin. While working with the programming language a developer can find great information from the different sources.  

Owing to the functionality Xamarin is declared the winner.

Additional points on React Native and Xamarin

  • React native has inbuilt components that are available through its excellent documentation.
  • Xamarin has components that split between the NuGet and component store.

The Upshot

The need for this comparison between two of the most known cross-platform app development frameworks was apparent. This is because people are now in the favor of creating both Android and iOS apps for their business instead of developing their app on a single platform. This is the part where the cross-platform app development frameworks come into the picture. 

The race of comparison between Xamarin and React Native ends here and we leave it up to you to decide the winner yourself. Both of these frameworks i.e. Xamarin Vs React Native are exceptionally well when we talk about the features and the functionality they have. Take a look on the React Native and Xamarin performance here and decide the winner yourself.

We really hope that with the help of this article, we were able to clear up some of your doubts regarding the development of cross-platform mobile apps. To read more interesting articles on technologies related to app development companies, subscribe to MobileAppDaily. 

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