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With emerging technology, we have advanced ways to communicate and manage businesses. Mobile commerce is one of the methods that has been increasing the selling of content on the web market. I know, you must be thinking why? The answer is, nowadays mobile phones aren’t treated as only a hand accessory. Instead, smartphones, as well as tablets, have become an indispensable item in our day-to-day routine. Especially, for those who are capable of solving anything via mobile devices.

Importance of Mobile Apps for E-Commerce

Are you thinking that how all this is related to your business? The usage of mobile devices for Internet shopping has now become a common activity. Considering this scenario, you should prepare your business to operate with the best e-commerce mobile apps. By doing so, you can offer users exactly what they want without losing the fierce competition. The benefits of mobile e-commerce technology are diverse. Mobile apps offer a variety of information instantly along with entertainment. Advancement in online sales is an additional benefit that comes along.

Moreover, an entrepreneur, with the help of mobile apps, can create unique relationships with the clients. Mobile phones help a campaign to reach directly to users and thus create that unique relation. Mobile apps usually offer a wonderful experience to shop the things online. Users just need to browse through the product, see other similar options and checkout finally to get the product at the doorstep. Therefore, it becomes possible to improve the conversion (sales) in favor of the organization just with a mobile application.

Precisely, any discovery of a new option to purchase or build a relationship with the virtual business is an essential change for organizations. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to comprehend the potential of mobile apps’ features for users. As per a report, it is estimated that the number of mobile phone users is expected to cross five billion by 2019 worldwide.

Consider These Facts to Know Mobile Apps’ Popularity

It has been found that almost 40% of online business exchanges currently have numerous devices. Likewise, 30% of all e-commerce conversions in the US currently happen on mobile, more specifically on smartphones. The information additionally demonstrates that there's a risk for retailers who have abandoned or are moving in the opposite direction from an application-driven mobile technique.

Boost Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

The best-performing retailers saw 44% of e-commerce transactions on mobile phones through mobile apps. This data indicates that the opportunity for businesses having mobile apps is huge. However, organizations need to make sure that users don’t have to face obstructions, such as extended forms, payment obstacles, and too many clicks to perform any specific task. Their apps should be as smooth as possible.

While the dominant part of e-commerce occurred on a single device (either mobile phone or PC), 37% of e-commerce businesses required not less than two devices. In fact, sometimes 3.

Boost Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

How to Boost Revenue in Mobile Commerce Apps

Optimize For E-Commerce Platform for Mobile Apps

Boost Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

The issue with user experience is the top factor for the discrepancy between mobile sales and mobile e-commerce traffic. Developing a mobile-optimized website is, hence, a crucial action towards enhancing mobile conversion rates. A well-developed e-commerce site prioritizes the mobile experience with its responsive design and other strategies. In fact, mobile apps also play a major role here.

According to Google, approximately 70% of the mobile shoppers decide to left their first choice if the pages of an e-commerce site take too much time to open on their systems. This emphasized the importance of page speed.

Similar research from Google indicates that 40% of mobile users leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

The annoyance of mobile phone users’ implies that most of them leave a website before they get a chance to browse the available products. Other than that, pop-ups with other invasive elements are the top factors that result in mobile users to abandon a site. They are usually not able to skip such windows. These pop-ups create distractions for shoppers from their planned goals. Once such distractions are eliminated, the retailers can easily make evident enhancements in their e-commerce mobile apps store on mobile.

Distribute Significant Content Only

Mobile e-commerce business retailers must figure out how to limit the amount of content they are going to present in front of the users. Such a strategy offers simplification, and they also need to make sure that their customers can effortlessly understand the information they view on their mobile apps, websites or any other platform.

Website specialists should utilize site analytics, in order to locate the most captivating components of their websites and utilize that information to organize their presentation. The efficient placement of page components, for example, product reviews and images, can speed the decision-making procedures of mobile phone users who are in a hurry.

While planning for the mobile phone or mobile app user experience, retailers must incorporate a reasonable and visible "CTA (Call to Action)" button. Likewise, to limit abandonment, each page ought to have a simple message to read along with vast interactive components. For example, sliders and buttons on your mobile apps should be smooth so that clients can access them with their thumbs. This effortlessness and convenience will enable customers to rapidly discover and purchase what they require before they leave.

Give Users a Cross-Device Experience

Boost Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

Research demonstrates that a developing number of web clients or mobile apps start a session on one device and complete it on another. A user may, for instance, start shopping early in the day on his or her mobile phone and afterward complete it later at night on his or her work area. Considering this, websites, as well as mobile apps based business retailers must offer clients the opportunity to change devices without losing their information or data.

Option to store shopping carts and wish lists are the best way to assure users that they can simply pick up from where they had left without losing any data. A few retailers have increased conversion rates by forwarding links to the shopping carts and user sessions to the users by email. Such a strategy helps mobile apps or other customers to remember pending transactions while enabling them to effortlessly change the devices.

Basic and Quick Mobile Checkout Process

Mobile or mobile app users require information rapidly when they shop so that they can look at the cost while perusing physical stores. Additionally, they quite often wind up in areas, for example, transports, lunchrooms or restaurants, where numerous individuals and things vying for their attention.

Knowing the situation of mobile app users, retailers must discover approaches to improve their payment processes and payment checkouts, shopping, etc. As a result, each page ought to incorporate data that is crucial to change. Creating pages that are engaged and straightforward, make shopping less demanding and speedier.

Some online retailers offer visitor checkout processes that enable individuals to purchase items without enlisting as a website user. Thus, single-click buying options for returning clients evacuate a significant part of the agony related to mobile app’s shopping.

Organizations that choose to hold the registration forms should take extreme measures to ensure that the forms contain important fields. Utilizing mainstream payment platforms or apps, for example, Apple Pay and PayPal can additionally disentangle the installment procedure and improve the conversion rates through mobile apps or websites. As per, Apple pay has effectively doubled mobile sales for some e-commerce business websites.

Use Online Portals for the Promotion

With the blast in the social network channels, it turns into a potential place for mobile application proprietors to acquaint their items with the entire world. It is viewed as a helpful step to your business as you can pull in the attention of an immense number of clients within a very short timeframe.

You have to see profoundly how to make the best out of these channels as they are extremely valuable to advance your e-commerce mobile apps or platforms. With a high caliber and instructive posts, you can drive high activity to your e-commerce platforms. In addition, you can even utilize numerous sorts of apparatuses to recognize the most favorable time to present your content, in order to get high user engagement.

Be the Member of Subscription Services

Subscription services are becoming the trend contrary to outright purchases. For example, clients tend to pay $25 for the utilization in one month instead of $30 for the entire package. After a timeframe, the subscription will result in a greater number of sales as compared to the outright purchase.

Plus, provided that you offer refreshed news and incentive support to your users, they will visit your mobile application consistently. Ultimately, you would be able to earn money through a huge use of your mobile apps for e-commerce.

Be Enlightening and Sufficiently Expressive

If you can give essential data to your target audience through your apps, only then they can find out more about you in a better way. By offering users what they need, it is possible for them to check specific highlights of the application effortlessly. When you change a site into a mobile app, the items' information would also show up as on the website.

Furthermore, the target on advancing from the smallest things. For example, language to furnish clients with effortlessness when surfing your application. Utilize the bullet points in the description to let the clients effectively keep a track of your items.

Get Best Out of Email Marketing

Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

Amongst all, one of the most valuable tips for the mobile e-commerce app advertisers to expand the conversion rate is to use email marketing. This is additionally an effective channel, in order to bring products closer to the mobile phone or app users. Yes, email marketing is receiving a lot of interest from the users. You simply need to gather the email contact of your target audiences, then devote a couple of minutes to make an alluring email format and disperse them. Within one second a huge number of individuals can get your content over the globe and may download your mobile application.

Give Notifications to the Users Consistently

 Conversion In Mobile Apps

One of the best approaches to have clients drawn into your mobile applications is sending a notification message frequently to mobile users. This customized in-app message is greatly a viable method to keep up the association between your mobile applications and your clients. It will give your app a personal appeal or touch while giving the users a feeling that their input is very essential.

There are numerous methods for your business to apply the in-app message. Also, to pay heed even to the minute things. For example, "thank you" message, alongside push notice about fresh arrivals or discounts. The mobile users will definitely get captivated by your application and purchase your items.

Some Guidelines Before Giving Notifications:

Inquire to your users whether she/he wishes to get those notifications and, if so what sort of notifications they would like to see.? This is a piece of personalization that exhibits your concern for every user. It can diminish the uninstalls of your mobile apps. These two are the general guidelines you need to follow before sending the notifications:

  • Forward notifications according to time zones and geography. Moreover, also take care of user interaction practices, as well as chosen settings on your website or mobile apps.
  • It is important to know your clients. There is a possibility that the user base may change after some time. Utilizing analytics to build up a clearer persona with respect to mobile application utilization (when, where, for what reason) will make your notification less invasive.

Make it Simple to Fill Out the Forms

Forms are often tough to fill out, specifically when you have to fill it on a mobile phone using a mobile app. Therefore, creating long forms can make most of the users walk away from signing in because no one has enough time to do these formalities. In fact, users opt for mobile apps just because they are simple to use. Therefore, in order to increase the conversion rate, you have to simplify the process of form filling for mobile apps or websites.

Don’t get bothered with captchas or drop-down menus within the forms since all they do is to waste users’ time. You may also wish to consider collaborating social media so that people can use their Twitter or Facebook account, in order to log in to fill out some sections of the form such as email address, name, or phone number.

Final Thoughts

The conversion rate you can get with mobile apps can be almost double of what you are getting from desktops and tablets. However, some limiting factors inhibit the complete potential of these mobile apps. That doesn't mean there is no hope! Just by improving your e-commerce platforms, it is possible to take your business to the next level.

With smart planning, rectifying issues related to your website, and making it smooth for mobile users you can figure out how mobile apps can reshape the e-commerce industry. In addition, anticipating when and how your customers use their mobile apps or phones to shop is another key to raising the conversion rates. In case you are still not sure on how to leverage mobile apps to increase conversions, you can contact some of the best ecommerce development companies around the globe. These companies will help you make your app more responsive and intuitive for users.

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