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Top 10 Call Blocking Apps For Avoiding Unwanted Calls

Make sure, you really want to answer that call? 10 Call Blocking Apps For Avoiding Unwanted Calls

The smartphone is one of the coolest inventions so far that not only establishes an effective communication channel but also serves multiple benefits. It will take you no time to connect with anyone across the globe using a smartphone, you just need to dial the person's number. However, this accessibility sometimes becomes annoying when unwelcomed people keep calling on your phone repeatedly. In these situations, you can use a call blocking app that stops these unwanted callers from calling you to save your valuable time.

In addition to the call blocking, these apps also serve additional features like caller identity and other information. If you are among those smartphone users who are having a hard time in avoiding these spam calls, then you can opt for any of these below-mentioned 10 apps.

1. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer

The app functions just like its name, it helps the users in deciding whether to pick up the call or let it ring. Should I Answer also enables the users to block any particular number or contact form the phone. It divides the number into various categories to let the user know about the incoming calls. Among all the call blocking apps this one has the simplest user interface, the app contains billions of numbers in a database to help the users. Should I Answer is available on Google Play Store for Android Users only.

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2. Call Controls

Call Controls is another great option for the users who are experiencing a lot of spam calls in a day and tired of hanging them up. It also shows the caller identity to look up the details along with the call blocking ability. Call Controls also allows the users to block SMS from a particular number. Along with this the app also gathers the scam reports from the users against the numbers and warns them about those spam numbers. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Download for Android & Download for iPhone

3. Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call Blocker

This is the best choice for the users looking for call blocking app with a small memory storage need. The lightweight blocking app does the work efficiently and only serves the basic function of blocking calls and messages from the blocked numbers. Due to small size, it takes very small space on the phone and works faster than its competitors. Safest Call Blocker is the perfect option for the users who just want to keep away the unwanted calls from themselves.

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4. Truecaller

Truecaller is the most popular choice among all the blocking apps, it is used by millions of users across the globe. Truecaller not only blocks the calls that you didn't want to entertain but also provides substantial information about the incoming calls. Truecaller shows the details like name, residential location, and professional community of the number holder. Truecaller works efficiently in delivering the details about a number holder, you can also search a number in the search tab. Truecaller is available for both iOS and Android users.

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5. Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus

This is another choice you have in case you don't like any of the above-mentioned options. Blacklist app is simple to use and easy to handle and it does the job very well in blocking the calls and messages. Blacklist app is very simple to use as it comprises an intuitive user interface.The apps contain four different modes for blocking the numbers that users can activate anytime. This includes Blacklist, All except contacts, All except whitelist, All numbers or Disable option. The app can be downloaded on Android smartphones anytime.

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6. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker is another app that enables the call and message blocking on your smartphone. The best part of this app is that it covers some additional functionality along with the blocking. The app allows the users to backup or restore the data from the SD card, users can also back up their data from their Dropbox account. The app is available in the Google App Store.

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7. Mr. Number

Mr. Number

This app is the smartest call blocking app among all the available choices. The app comes for free and lets users look up the 20 numbers for free and after that, the user needs to pay for the service. Mr. number automatically blocks the spam calls without blacklisting them and looks up the users call log to detect and block 20 spam calls. You can download Mr. number app from here which is available only for the Android smartphones.

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8. Master Call Blocker

Install Master Call Blocker and forget about the spam call & call-stalkers, the app will deal with them for you. Master Call Blocker is among the few call blocking apps that come with 100 percent ad free interface. The app allows the users to block calls to avoid unnecessary interruptions like outbound calls from banks. Master Call Blocker offers various call blocking features that include blocking an individual number, numbers from the Block list, unknown callers, custom phone numbers, and any particular phone contact.

9. Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker

Call Blocker Free is full-featured app that is available for free without any annoying ads. You can access all the features of the app without any subscription or extra charge, just download it and start using. The app offers all the basic functions for blocking calls and messages. While blocking a call you can choose options like silent the call, answer hangup, hangup or Airplane mode in Call Blocker Free.

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10. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

The popular antivirus, Avast also offers the call and SMS blocking service in its mobile app. You can access the feature in your Avast antivirus mobile app, the app offers some extra features under its premium membership. But, the free version offers call and message blocking service and it will be enough for you. You can put the desired numbers in the app’s block list option to avoid a call from certain numbers. This option is ideal for the users who are already using the Avast antivirus on their phone. Avast antivirus app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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