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App iOS 13 Rush here to know everything about iOS 13 beta release and its remarkable features.

Apple’s next-gen iOS is there with all the awe-inspiring features and updates. It seems that Apple has achieved the next big milestone in this world of technological advancement. 

The news spread in early June during WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2019. The conference was all about making the developers' community aware of all the latest updates being made in the Apple new iOS. 

iOS 13 is ready to fundamentally transform the way people utilize their iPhones. Apple has made it clear that these new updates are going to facilitate iPhone users’ in efficient ways. It has been made available for the iOS 13 beta version and the final update will most probably be launched in the iPhones by September. 

iPhone users who want to enjoy this update right now can install it through beta else can wait till the final release. 

A Brief About iOS 13 Update 

During the presentation, Apple has introduced several major featured like Dark Mode and Reminders. On the other hand, there were other releases also that effectively presented different minor changes that might not seem big to you but definitely bring newness the way you use your iPhone. 

Hold your heart as we’re going to unfold the all-new bold look, major updates and striking features that iPhone users can use to leverage their smartphone's potential. The updates are not only about making the users’ life easier with interesting and all new iOS features but also guarantee to improve device functionality and also make it delightful to use. 

iOS 13: Release Date And Info About Beta Schedule

  • June 3: First look at WWDC 2019 and iOs beta 1
  • June 17: iOS 13 beta 2 launched for developers
  • June 24: iOS 13 public beta release date for adventurous testing professionals
  • Early September 2019: iOS 13 (final dev beta) Golden Master release 
  • Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 ready to launch with new 2019 iPhones.

What’s New in iOS 13? 

iOS 13 is the biggest update of the current era and unsurprisingly, it has become a hot topic among developers’ community and iPhone users. We have made an in-depth study about the release and come up with a detailed guide to explain everything about this biggest update. 

Let’s take a look at each feature update:

iOS 13 Performance Improvement Features

Like the previous iOS 12 version, iOS 13 also introduced some of the performance-enhancing features that make it easier for iPhone users to operate the devices much faster and with convenience. 

1. Face ID Feature 

For iPhone devices that use Face ID feature, the new iOS provides 30% faster Face unlocks. It would be a great feature for those who rely on this feature to get faster phone access. 

2. Dark Mode 

By observing the latest iOS updates, iOS 13 seems largely like iOS 12. There’s a big change that iOS 13 brought is the all-new dramatic Dark Mode option which lets iPhone users enjoy this mode of layout for a beautiful change. 

Dark mode transforms the entire look of the phone by darkening everything from wallpapers to all built-in apps. This new iOS update is introduced with the dark mode optimized wallpapers that change automatically when the users switch from light to dark or dark to light mode. 

You can turn the dark mode on through your settings and also schedule the dark mode when you want to get it on your phone. You can choose a customized schedule or can set it as sunset/sunrise as per your local time zone. 

 iOS Dark Mode Feature

3. Sign In With Apple 

Another new iOS 13 feature which is completely focused on the privacy and security of the accounts iPhone users. It follows the same standards that have been tremendously using by Google, Facebook and Twitter platforms. 

When you choose Sign-in with Apple, you’ll be allowed to use your existing accounts to sign-in to other apps. But, like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, iPhone users won’t have a track on you and your profile. 

 iOS 13 Privacy Feature

iOS 13 Fascinating Features 


It’s not the feature rather it’s an app that has been updated for the latest iOS version by combining the previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friends feature. This single app will give you the advantages of both and let you track your device and friends locations at the same time. 

This feature has an exceptional option which lets you find the device location even if it doesn’t have connected with an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. 

 iOS 13 Find My Feature


Photos feature has also been updated with this new update and decided iPhone users with a well-sorted photo gallery. Here, users will find their best snaps to the front and center which gratify them and let them relive those moments again at a glance. The option also gives you the facility to arrange and view the photos by selecting the day, month and year. 

iOS 13 Reminder App

iOS 13 made it the best feature updates by integrating it with image editing and video editing tools and functions. Users can use it to add filters in their images. 


You can now adjust the position and intensity of the picture. The app works by sharpening the eyes, enhancing the effect to smooth skin and brighten the facial features. It all will become possible when users will bring the object closer to the camera. 

4. MAPS 

Maps app seems to get even better in this latest iOS update than the previous iOS 12 version. The updated app has brought the location tracking facility for the roads, parks, beaches, buildings and many more. The app is initially good enough to track locations across the United States. Apple is planning to extend the location search for various other countries by the end of 2020. 

Here’s Look Around which is an updated version of Google’s Street View which you can use to frequently search the locations you don’t have an idea about.

Collections and Favorites are there that can be used to bookmark the places you like the most. You can also manage a gallery for such stuff. It’s too easy to deal with it as tapping to any stuff will redirect you to the exact location. 


This time iPhone Reminder app has come with a complete overhaul to make it easy for users to seamlessly keep a track of the activities. The app is designed with a cool look with 4 major sections including Today, Scheduled, All, Flagged. 

With iOS 13, users can organize their reminders into lists using customized colors and icons. The best part is, you can make the reminders more sorted by creating another nested reminder under the main one. 

 iOS 13 Reminder App


Messaging would be more fun with the new iOS update. Users will find it interesting to message someone as the app has been updated with better Memoji and Animoji integration. 

You can add the new Memoji and Animoji to the contacts and see how the contacts list looks in this way. Users will definitely be going to like this feature as it adds the fun part in instant messaging. 

Left (New Memoji Options) Right (New Emoji Options)


Now, label your contact list with relationship tags. This amazing new update makes it easier to manage the contact list by separating the contacts with family and friends tags. An added advantage is that Siri will also be able to recognize these contacts and respond accordingly when you ask to call any contact form the given label. 

Users can use Memoji to make their contact list more visualize and unique from others. 


Notes are the important stuff you want on your fingertips. Here’s the new update for the Notes app which lets users view all their notes copies attached with the thumbnails. There are a few new tools and options that help them manage their folders and subfolders. The app has also come up with a new option to share the entire folder that users can further restrict with a view-only mode validation. 

9. MAIL 

iPhone mail app has been updated completely and ready to facilitate users with so many email improvements. You must have heard the block option that can be used to block the particular contact from your contact list. 

With the Apple new iOS 13, users will have the liberty to block email senders they don’t want to get emails from. Also, the feature also lets you route all the emails from that sender and move them into the trash automatically. 

Further, noisy email threads can be muted with a new mute option in iOS 13 that silence all the notifications. The best thing is that you will get timely notifications for replies, move messages to junk, mark messages to read or unread, etc. 

 iOS 13 with updated Safari



Safari in the iPhone 13 has come up with an exceptional update. The web browser starts with an updated page that features users’ favorite websites, most recently visited websites and frequently visited websites.

The update is all about making your browsing experience far sorted and managed so that you don’t have to go deep into getting the websites you’ve based on your browsing history, relevant web links sent to you and other Siri suggested content. 

See in image what else you’ll get with new iOS 13 Safari:

Summary Option (left) Search Option (Right)

11. FILES 

For iPhone and iPod users, iOS 13 proved to be a great update as they can take advantage of new capabilities including accessing files stored in SD Card, USB Drive, Hard Drive, SSD, and SMB files. Further, there’s a downloads folder too where users can easily manage their web downloads and attachments through Mail and Safari. 

Zip and unzip options are also there with the new file update. iOS 13 is available with local storage functionality which lets iPhone users store files on their device only. 


Home app for iPhone devices hasn’t changed but yes, iOS 13 introduced new control options for the users who use smart home products. There are different controls available in iOS 13 that may vary from device to device and lets the users provide the option to check and use basic functions in easy ways. 

For example, there are Homekit lights arrangement options for iPhone users which is available with brightness controls front and center like before. What’s new in it is the color patterns that change when users select a particular theme. The best part is that users need not select the light colors by tapping them, these will automatically appear at the bottom. 


The health app has come up with several new features in the next iOS update version 13. Unlike the previous iOS version, it doesn’t get integrated with several tabs rather streamlines available information with two new tabs i.e., Summary & Search. 

With the Summary option, users will be able to get information about medical records, movement data, heart rate, sleep information, and many more. The entire data can be achieved using smart iOS products like smart Apple watch and sleep tracker. 

The role of the Search tab in the iOS 13 health app is the best as users can have a variety of variables in a single tap. Further, users can directly use the search feature to find something specific they are looking for. 

iOS 13 With New Shortcuts 

iOS 13 Additional Major Features 

Apart from the aforementioned ones, iOS 13 also holds a bundle of other major features that are going to facilitate iPhone users in exceptional ways. Discover, what are the additional new features iOS 13 has introduced for iPhone users. 

1. SIRI - In updated iOS 13, users will find the new voice of Siri which claims to be more natural than the previous one. An added advantage is that Siri will now be able to recognize and respond to longer phrases. 

2. TEXT EDITING - The latest iOS update brought various text editing features for iPad and iPhone users. Users can now conveniently go through the long documents as they will find a scroll bar that they can use to quickly scroll upwards and downwards. 

3. QUICKPATH KEYBOARD - This is actually an amazing feature Apple new iOS which allows users to swipe their finger from one letter to the other without even removing the finger from the device display. The feature is activated on by default and can be disabled if users don’t find it convenient using it for long. 

4. SHORTCUTS - Shortcuts app was primarily introduced for iOS 12 but now, it’s become a built-in app for iOS 13 users. People will find it more conversational for example they can give a command like “Order food from Caviar” will get a variety of restaurants along with favorite recipes they’ve previously ordered. 

Heading: Bedtime Feature Improvements

5. VOLUME INTERFACE - Volume interface in updated iOS has greatly updated and provides users an easier way to adjust device audio by pressing the button up and down. It starts off with a wider button and gets shirked and consumes less display space when you start turning the volume up and down. 

6. GAME CONTROLLER SUPPORT - iPads and iPhones with new iOS 13 provide complete support of traditional gaming controllers that are now be able to connect with Bluetooth. Adding more to it, Apple has also added support for the Xbox One S controller and PlayStation DualShock 4 controller. 

7. ARKIT 3 - Arkit app updated version Arkit 3 is available in iOs 13 and it will be supported by all the Apple’s updated and modern devices like iPhone XR, XS Max, and different 2018 iPad pro models. 

Arkit 3 is specifically updated to be used with the apps where virtual objects can be placed in front or behind the people. It’s all because of the people Occlusion, which provides more immersive results and augmented reality experiences. 

8. VOICE CONTROL - Now, control your iOS device completely with your voice using Siri voice commands. The feature is not only introduced for iOS smartphones but also make available for Mac devices. The option is a useful control method for users who can’t and don’t use traditional input methods. 

9. SCREEN TIME IMPROVEMENTS - This latest iOS update made Screen Time feature much improved than it was introduced in the previous iOS 12 version. Earlier the option performed well and provides screen time usage data for the last 7 days. With new iOS 13, users will be able to track screen time data for the past 30 days. 

10. BEDTIME IMPROVEMENTS - Every smartphone has a Clock feature which lets you set the alarm time and many other related tasks. With this next iOS update, users will be facilitated with more Clock options including Bedtime settings, Do Not Disturb During Bedtime, hiding notifications, dimming the display till you wake up. 

Airpod Updated Features

11. FONT MANAGEMENT - With this next iOS update, users can download custom fonts to make their iPhone and iPad writing style better and more fun. These custom installed fonts can be easily used with all the apps within the device. 

New fonts are available on the App Store maintained a new Fonts section where you can conveniently find and install normal fonts and custom fonts.

12. SHARE SHEET UPDATES - This feature has been introduced with updated options that enable users to accomplish the file sharing activities in a single tap. Here, users will see enhanced and intelligent suggestions about whom you might wish to share the content with which includes documents, audios, videos and pictures. 

iOS 13 Hardware Improvements 

Without hardware update, a device can’t perform properly. With the new iOS release, users will find amazing hardware updates that definitely be going to dominate the iOS world with their robust feature advancement. 

1. HOMEPOD - This is the best iOS release which  is now able to recognize the voices of different family members who frequently use HomePod. This means everyone in the home using HomePod can listen to their tracks and playlists without hassle. 

2. AIRPODS - iOS 13 update gave iPhone users an amazing hardware functionality where they can pair two sets of Airpod with a single iPhone device which makes it easier to watch any series and movie or listen to the favorite music with a friend. 

Airpod Updated Features

3. CARPLAY - The new update has also come up with revamped CarPlay which is combined with modern outlook, new table views, rounded corners, and an updated status bar. Further, CarPlay Dashboard provides an easier access to audio controls, maps, Siri Suggestions and new Calendar design to have a quick view of each aspect.

iOS 13 Hidden Tweaks 

We have mentioned all the major iOS 13 updates in detail with clear immurtrations. But, it’s not the end here, the new update has something else to be unveiled for iPhone users. There are different other hidden tweaks that have been integrated with new iOS version to provide better device performance. 

Have a look at the below minor iOS updates:


Final Thought: 

iOS 13, the latest iOS version has made a tremendous position in the market even before its final launch. Currently, this new update is available for iPhone beta versions and people who installed it observed a drastic transformation in the approach they were earlier experienced with previous iOS versions. 

This is going to be the next big iOS update which will definitely hit the technology grounds to facilitate global iPhone users. 

Stay tuned with MobileAppDaily to get exciting updates about this ever-growing mobile world. 


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