Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio
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Check Out The Best Way to Manage Your Cryptocurrency

You need one of these top 5 cryptocurrency apps to manage your Bitcoins Out The Best Way to Manage Your Cryptocurrency

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Henry Benjamin
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January 24, 2018 10:50 AM
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As there is such a buzz around cryptocurrencies at the moment, there is a vast number of people who are investing, although there are a lot who have taken to trading in BTC and altcoins as a way of making a living.

As it is not the case that everyone is able to have an internet connection that is fixed, so when an individual is out and about they still want a means of being able to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. 

With the advent of smartphones the number of apps that allow you to control a cryptocurrency portfolio it is difficult to choose the best, or at least to find the best for your needs. 

To save quite a bit of trial and error, we have listed the top 5 apps available that can help manage your portfolio and to take care of the coins you have.
If you are entirely new to the crypto scene and are looking for a way to manage your intended portfolio and which coins will make the best investment this year. Included is some of the best contenders for the next big thing in 2018. APP

This app is available for both iOS and Android, so you have no worries about your smartphone. It comes with more detail on your chosen coins that you could wish for and will enable you to trade while on the move. The app links directly to the exchange so you will remain up to date with the current crypto prices for the coins you have invested in.


This is one of the better-known coin exchanges so you would expect their app to be as good as their exchange service. 
This exchange covers a wide range of coins that you are able to track, buy or sell using the app. Binnance says they will soon be the world’s largest exchange so if you are looking to be a crypto trader and want everything in one place. 
This exchange and their wallet could give you all you need to trade and monitor your investments wherever you are.



Although this only runs on iOS, it is not much use for Android users. It is a price tracker where you are able to monitor the up to date currency prices for BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 
Although Coindex doesn't deal with many other altcoins coins, what the app does is almost perfect. It can track live prices while simulating trades and helping to teach more about alt coins along the way.
This differs slightly as you are able to link to multiple exchanges rather than having to use a separate app that is connected directly to one exchange.

Crypto Trader

This is another smartphone app that lets you track from various exchanges and provides you with clear charts, real-time market data which is taken from the exchange you are linked to which saves any costly delays in making a decision whether to buy or sell. Crypto Trader covers most smartphone users as it works on both iOS and Android.

Bread Wallet

Bread Wallet

Many coins will require you to have a dedicated wallet. However, as most are traded against Bitcoin, you need a secure BTC wallet which is going to hold the majority of your investment.
Bread Wallet can fit that need comfortably as it is easy to use and doesn't need you to register or sign up. 
To make sure your bitcoins are secured this cryptocurrency wallet app uses industry-leading encryption that will make sure your funds are secure even in the event of you losing your phone.

Coins to Focus On

When looking for the top cryptocurrency to invest in the top four sleeper coins that will boom within 2018 are:


This is nearly a top runner on the market, and the more cryptos advance, the more it will be in demand. Ripple connects banks, digital asset exchanges and payment provider services to offer an easy way to send money globally.


This coin uses a unique Blockchain algorithm which is an improvement on the current Ethereum model. With these upgrades a decentralized commerce and identification process is supported. Neo is also developed in China, so when they finally embrace crypto's, this is one coin that could explode.


This coin comes with something entirely new. A new internet is on the horizon when Skycoin enters the market. 
There will be less reliance on ISP's who are working their way toward a monopoly of the internet where free speech all but vanishes. 
The Skywire network works hand in hand with SKY to enable users to make payments in seconds. It is highly secure and enforces online freedom back into the user’s hands.


This coin is focusing its efforts on smart contracts and is a decentralized Blockchain. It is the first platform that was developed from a scientific aspect. Many of the Cardano team are global experts who want to bring the first secure proof of stake algorithm to businesses and end users.

Henry Benjamin
Written By
Henry Benjamin

Henry Benjamin is passionate about online security, privacy, and the blockchain. Henry currently works with the team at Skycoin.

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