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Head On: Stress Release - The Mental Health Expert

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Updated on August 04, 2023
Head On: Stress Release - The Mental Health Expert

Mental health has always been a concern of humanity but it has not been too long since we started taking it seriously and started looking for the right resources to help us out with it. Thankfully, as tech evolved, these mental health resources got more accessible as well. In this Head On app review, we will take you through an amazing mental health platform that helps its users through issues like stress and anxiety by using techniques prepared by experts. 

Head On is a collection of guided techniques that are prepared by mental health experts with years of experience. These techniques help users in situations like anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Every single strategy included in the app is evidence-based and designed to help with practical situations.

To understand how Head On works and why it is a perfect option for users today, we are discussing more of the features of Head On in this Head On app review. But first, let’s find out what we know about the background of this mental health app.

Background of Head On

“Everyone’s nervous system is different. Head On draws upon many different techniques to balance stress system responses. Head On offers simple and effective exercises that you need at the moment.”

- Founders of Head On

Dr. Anne-Sophie Bammens and Samuel Ade are co-founders of the Head On app and released the app on December 01, 2022. The purpose of releasing the Head On app for Android and iOS was to provide users with one of the best meditation apps that could help them understand and control their stress levels and anxiety with more practical techniques.

Features of Head On

The Head On app for iOS and Android is designed to target mental health issues smartly and all of its features are accessible for free. But there are more reasons why we believe the Head On: Stress Release app should be your pick. Let’s have a look at its features to understand them!

1. Guided techniques recommended by experts

Guided techniques recommended by experts

The primary feature that you get with this one of the best free stress relief apps is guided techniques to counter stress, anxiety, addiction, and other such mental health issues. These guides can help you through anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and more while helping you train your mind to understand the signs of these attacks and counter them better as you learn more about them.

2. Science-backed techniques to calm you

Science-backed techniques to calm you

Even when you need some instant help, this stress-free app is there to rescue you with some practical and approved expert guides. These guides will help you achieve stress-free sleep, a healthier mind, and inner peace so you can breathe freely and live a more comfortable life.

3. Save, search, and share exercises

Save, search, and share exercises

It is very easy to find your preferred exercises even if you had taken a break from this one of the top free stress management apps. You can just save exercises and quickly access them whenever you return to the platform. On top of that, you can also just share exercises of your choice with anybody you like.

Does Head On charge anything?

According to the Head On app for iOS and Android data, the app is completely free on both app stores and does not include any in-app purchases. So, it means the Head On download gives you access to a range of expert resources to help you improve your mental health at no cost.

Additional features of Head On

Additional features of Head On

Wrapping up

Now that we know the technical specifications and features of this one of the best self-care apps, it is time to wind up this Head On review. But before that, here’s our opinion of this Head On: Stress Release app. 

Honestly, there is a range of free stress management apps existing in this genre but compared to them, Head On app for Android and iOS stands out and leaves an amazing impression due to a couple of reasons- i) this one of the best free apps for stress and anxiety is built by mental health experts; ii) it does not include any hidden charges which is rare.

But one thing you have to remember is that the Head On download is not for emergency issues. If you are at risk and need urgent help, you should contact your healthcare provider. This app is designed to provide you with free meditation for anxiety and stress so that with time you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Well, that is all for this Head On app review that we had to share with you. Hopefully, our Head On review made it easier for you to pick the best meditation app for stress and anxiety. You can read our range of other app reviews and reports on top apps as well to find some amazing recommendations from other categories that our experts have researched and curated just for you.

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