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Best Mobile Apps for Freelancers to Try in 2021

As a freelancer, you can make the most of every opportunity with these top mobile apps.

Best Mobile Apps for Freelancers to Try in 2021

In the ever-growing freelancing world, there are myriad things to consider for success. Among these, the speed of delivery and quality of the work are the ones that rank at the top of the list. However, given the problematic nature of some tasks, it may seem impossible to achieve speed without compromising quality.

Thanks to software engineers and app developers who sought to make things easier for freelancers, some apps ensure you achieve speedy delivery of quality content. However, the number of these apps is plenty; therefore, picking one that suits you best may prove to be a trigger for headaches.

Top Apps for Freelancers in 2021

To ensure that you can easily choose, we scrutinized seven of the best apps for freelancers. This helps in time management, editing and invoicing, therefore ensuring you go about your tasks with ease. For help with creating outstanding content that ranks well, however, consult the professional research paper writing service.

1. Rescue time

If you are spending a lot of time on your PC as a freelancer, you are on the right track. Right? Well, although this is true, what you do on your PC is what matters most. Unlike its time tracking counterparts that show how much time you spend on a PC, rescue time goes deeper to scrutinize the platforms you spend most of your time on.

Rescue time - Apps For Freelancers

Since putting your time into proper use is the number one commandment for freelancing, this ranks as the best time tracking app. After getting a chart showing where you spent most of your time while using your PC you can correct on various aspects. If you have been spending more time playing games and on social media, rescue time gives you a wake-up call to take appropriate action.

2. Trello

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As you grow as a freelancer, you may find yourself managing a team of individuals. As sweet as this sounds, it can prove to be a gruesome task keeping tabs on every member and project. To ensure that you manage your projects efficiently, Trello is the best app for freelancers.


Due to its easy-to-understand interface, you can easily follow up on tasks thus ensuring that no deadlines are missed. To hire individuals that boast good ethics, ensure that you contact the best research paper writing services.

3. Evernote

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Paying attention to details is an excellent virtue for freelancers. Also, the best ideas tend to pop up when you are away from your work station. As such, jotting down important notes is only necessary. In this case, Evernote remains unrivaled.


With Evernote, you can jot down notes, keep track of ideas that pop and also share documents with your clients. However, what makes this rank top of the best apps for freelancers is the ability to set reminders on various tasks.

As a result, this app turns into a one-stop-shop for multiple activities thus earning your spurs as a top-notch freelancer.

4. Bonsai invoicing

Given the time and energy you invest in work, getting paid every cent is only necessary. Amidst a multitude of invoicing apps for freelancers, Bonsai has earned the most plaudits. To reduce the struggle associated with invoice preparation, Bonsai is the best app for you.

Bonsai invoicing

Integrate this with a robust business proposal system, and you'll have a seamless system of sending contracts and getting them signed and paid off quickly. To hire professional freelancers in your team, however, visit ace my paper.

5. FocusBooster

A rising trend in improving productivity is the Pomodoro technique. This technique involves taking breaks after a speculated duration of time thus ensuring you give your best to your projects.


For this FocusBooster has a schedule depending on your routine and cues you for breaks. As a result, you can defeat the urge of working continuously for a whole day as it may reduce your productivity. In addition to this, you can rely on this app on-time tracking thus submitting correct invoices.

6. Write Room

The idea of boosting productivity by eliminating all distractions on your screen may seem farfetched. However, after using WriteRoom, you will realize that this is among the underrated apps for freelancers.

Write Room

To ensure that you pay attention only to the text you are writing, write room provides a dark background and does away with all the tabs. This ensures that you give your undivided attention to your writing, therefore, providing masterpieces.

7. Grammarly

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Although many tend to consider this only as a grammar editing app for writers, there is more to benefit from it as a writer. Unlike its counterparts, Grammarly gives insight into all matters language and ensures the originality of your content.


Also, Grammarly ensures you have an easy time communicating with clients, therefore, passing messages along with ease.

Final Thoughts

To excel as a freelancer, it is wise to be well versed in technological advancements in your field. As such, you are arming yourself with the best apps for freelancers. On the other hand, if you are looking to contract individuals to handle your contracts and watch your money work for you, check ace my paper as it hosts the best individuals in every niche.

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All these mobile apps are excellent for freelancers to manage their work in a more efficient manner. For an in-depth mobile app review of Evernote, you can check out our app review page and learn better more about this app.
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