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10 Best PHP Framework 2018: A Developer's Insight

Make sure to choose one of the best PHP framework of 2018

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PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) framework is a back-end scripting language that enables the developers to create a web application. The tool makes the work easier for developers by providing a predefined structure. With the help of PHP framework, the developers can save a lot of time and effort in order to build a secured and healthy application. The PHP frameworks have been making the work of PHP developers easier for more than a decade now, and this popularity led to the introduction of various frameworks.

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Right now, you will find a plethora of PHP frameworks in the market guaranteeing you the best assistance, however there are only a few worth your money. If you still stuck to the question why you need a PHP framework then here are some benefits you should know about.

A PHP framework helps in

  • Speeding up the development process with the help of best approaches

  • Avoiding the need of writing the same codes again and again, that saves time and efforts

  • Optimizing the codes using Model View Controller  (MVC) to run faster

  • Making the development faster by creating functionalities so the developers can focus on creativity

  • Recycling the code so that the same codes can be used in different projects with some modifications.

Above are the few advantages of PHP framework, I hope these benefits are enough to convince you to have a look at the best PHP frameworks 2018.

1. Phalcon

Phalcon is active since 2012, and it is an MVC based PHP framework that is built as a C-extension. The framework inherits the blazing fast speed from C and C++ and uses decidedly fewer resources compared to other PHP frameworks. Phalcon comes with ORM, MVC, caching, and auto-loading components. Besides, the framework also offer the storage tool including SQL dialect: PHQL, and Object Document Mapping.

2. Zend Framework

Zend is one of the most used frameworks that deals with the more complex project requirements. The framework is majorly used by the developers for high end-enterprise applications to ensure security, reliability, and performance.

zend framework

The embedded features like authentication feeds, services and form components make Zend an ideal choice for the enterprise applications. However, the enterprise driven nature of the framework also makes it not-a-suitable choice for rapid application production.

3. Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is the most flexible full-stack PHP framework preferred by most of the developers when the security is a prime concern. Fuel PHP incorporates HMVC(Hierarchical Model View Comptroller) which is an extension of traditional MVC. Fuel PHP offers developer a powerful ORM support along with various security upgrades including its authentication system. All the new generation features make it the most sophisticated and modular framework available right now.

4. CakePHP

If you are a beginner in the PHP world and looking for a friendly framework, then CakePHP should be your first choice. The framework is ideal for the commercial web apps that require lightweight API’s. CakePHP comes with a number of helpful features including code generations and predefined functionalities that speeds up the development process.

cake php

It eliminates the need for complicated XML or YAML config files that make the configuration a simple task. Besides, in CakePHP the builds are fast and comes with the security features like XSS, SQL Injection, and CSRF.

5. Phpixie

Phpixie is a new kid on the street that is designed for the developers working on simpler projects. Phpixie is modular, lightweight, and blazing fast, and it also comes with the modern security features and authentications. The applications requiring less complicated API’s can leverage the simplicity of Phpixie to get the job done fast. Besides, the Phpixie also supports the cryptography for security, MongoDB, and code sharing with the composer.

6. Laravel

Laravel is the most popular framework among the developers that comprises a vast PHP ecosystem. Laravel is fast and reliable that helps in developing an efficient application without putting much effort. With Laravel, you will be getting a ton of features that could help you in developing your app quickly.


One of the best features of the Laravel is its templating engine named Blade. The Blade helps the developers in repetitive tasks like caching, authentication, sessions, RESTful routing, queuing, and much more.

7. Yii

Yii is one of the oldest PHP frameworks available nowadays but it is significantly fast and modular. The feature package with the framework makes it the most lightweight and efficient PHP framework to cut down the development time. Yii offers MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication, scaffolding, testing and much more to make a developer's life easy.

8. Symfony

Symfony is another popular PHP framework that can be described as very stable, modular, flexible, and high-performance tool. The framework is used for complex applications by the developers. It comes with many reusable components and a set of codes that enable the developers to set up a quick development and deployment environment.


Due to its numerous benefits and features, Symfony is backed up by a large developer community that shares a vast collection of reusable PHP libraries. These reusable codes can be used for a big enterprise application that requires complex structure.

9. Codeigniter

Codeigniter is another lightweight and easy to use framework known for its hassle-free environment. The best part of Codeigniter is that it do not require any command line or installation software. It comes only with a small footprint that can be installed quickly by uploading the file directly to the hosting.


The vast and dedicated developer community behind the growth of Codeigniter makes sure that it can be used for full-fledged applications. The framework owns many PHP libraries that help the developers to build complex applications so easily.

10. Fat Free

If you are aware of the micro PHP framework, then you should also know that Fat Free is the best one you can find. In Spite of being a microPhone framework Fat-Free comprises full stack features for the application development.

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The framework is build using Symphony that makes it lightweight and super fast as well. Fat-Free is both SQL, and non SQL supported that enables the faster web building and simplifies the development process.

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