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12 iPhone Hidden Setting Options You Never Knew Existed

Explore the hidden options on your iPhone you probably don't know about

12 iPhone Hidden Setting Options You Never Knew Existed

Apple is known for its straightforward attitude when it comes to the iPhone functionalities. The device more than enough to prove the statement. iPhone offers a simple and intuitive user interface with endless features to the user. However, there are still some hidden features and settings that most of the iPhone users are not aware of. In order to explore these secret options, you need to go a little deeper in the device’s functionalities. In this article, we have covered 12 hidden iPhone settings that you could use to customize your device.

1. Turn Your Camera Into A QR code Scanner

You must have seen the QR codes mentioned on almost every product with black and white vertical lines. These codes can also be used to directly access anything on the web or opening a particular website. The iPhone lets you scan the codes via camera and will provide you the content instantly. Go to Settings and then Camera and enable the Scan QR code option.

2. Checkout Notification On The Go

The Raise To Wake feature that is available in iPhone 6s and later enabled the user to see the notification at a glance. By turning on the option the users just need to uplift or move the device to see a notification on the locked screen. This saves the users from wasting time on unlocking the phone to check any recent notification. To enable the Raise To Wake, go to Settings >Display & Brightness > Raise To wake and turn it on.

3. Get Emojis Faster

While chatting, the most annoying task is to find a specific emoji by browsing through the long rows of the emoji pack. However, you can avoid this problem if you act a little smarter. In message app type a line of text and tap the emoji button on the keyboard, now the words that can be replaced by any available emoji will turn Orange. Tap on the word that you want to change with an emoji in your message.

4. Disable Web Tracking

We all hate the ad that pops-up everytime the phone connects to the internet. The iOS 11 allows the users to disable the web tracking that helps the advertisers to track user behavior. You can activate the safeguard against the site tracking and prevent the websites from getting your browsing records. Head towards the Settings> Safari> Prevents Cross-Site Tracking to enable the option.

5. Get Less Distracted By Notifications

The continuous notifications from a number of apps sometimes make it hard to focus on everything else. While working on something important you may get distracted every time when a notification pops-up on your screen. You can make this notification less distracting by turning off the preview. The little preview comes with notifications but you can disable it anytime by going to Settings > Notifications > Never.

6. Customized The Text in Message

The iPhone's Messaging app offers very small but useful features that we generally miss out. You can emphasize on a particular text in the messaging app by changing its size and style. After writing the text, press and hold the blue text sending button and slide it up or down to add some weight to your text.

7. Restrict Location Tracking

The location sharing is something that helps most apps to customize location-based advertisement for the users. The location of the users needs to be shared with ride sharing and mapping apps to get such advertisements. The iOS 11 enables the users to share their location only when needed. To limit your location sharing, head towards Settings > Privacy > Location Services, now select the app and choose ‘While Using The App’ option.

8. Set Custom Messages For Calls

The iPhone also allows its users to write responses to the calls that they can’t receive while being busy. These messages will be automatically sent to the caller acknowledging what you want to convey. To activate the feature, go to Settings > Phone > Respond With Texts, you will find templates or you can also write your own message.

9. Fall Asleep To The Music

This is the most interesting feature for those who like listening to the music while lying in their bed and waiting to fall asleep. But, you can't afford to let your favorite playlist playing all night long only to suck the battery of your device after you slip into your dreams. The iPhone has an option that takes care of that for you, go to Clock app > Timer > When the Timer ends, instead of choosing a ringtone select Stop Playing. The music will automatically stop once the clock hits the time you have set in the app.  

10. Easily Search The Safari Tabs

While browsing through the number of tabs on your iPhone it's quite a tedious task to look out for a particular one. But the iOS offers a tab searching option to find and open any particular tab. However, to use the option you need to turn your phone into the landscape mode as the option doesn't work in portrait mode. While using the Safari Switch to landscape mode by rotating your phone and you will see the Search option.

11. Turn Off Read Recipients

The iMessage app on iPhone offers a feature named Read Recipients that enables the users to know whether the recipients have read the sent message or not. But if you don't want someone to know whether you have read the text or not you can disable this feature on your iPhone. The Read Recipient can be disabled for selected conversation,  just tap the ”i” icon present at the top of the conversation and deactivate the Read Receipts from there.

12. Type Commands To Siri

Maybe you stuck in a situation where it's not possible for you to ask Siri anything by using cloud voice. You can also communicate with the Siri by typing in that kind of situations. Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and enable the type to Siri Option. Next time you stuck in meeting room you can ask Siri for anything just by typing it out.

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