Best Free Action Gaming Apps for iPhone & Android
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Have You Played These Top 10 Free Action Gaming Apps for iPhone & Android?

Cure boredom with these top 10 Free Action Games for iPhone & Android You Played These Top 10 Free Action Gaming Apps for iPhone & Android?

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Gaming Apps (good gaming apps) are the dearest dream of most developers. They are the biggest revenue source and the latest revamp brought by Apple in the App Store featuring App of the day, Gaming Apps are dominating the overall app store revenue. The featured apps “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day,” are the two iOS apps, Apple’s editorial team picks as recommendations to users. According to a new research from Apptopia, apps received a 1747 percent download boost if featured, and gaming apps saw a 792 percent bump. The previous year (2016) itself according to the reports from App Annie, games generated 75% of iOS App Store revenue and 90% of Google Play revenue. For iOS gaming apps, in particular, the Role Playing Game (RPG) subcategory alone netted half of all gaming apps revenue growth in 2016. The Games category in mobile apps also helped contribute to China’s leap to the #1 spot for iOS revenue, with the majority of money earned also coming from this category. So let’s see which action gaming apps (Yes! free) are trending on iPhone and Android.


1. Lost in Harmony

Created by Yoan Fanise, Lost in Harmony is a rhythmic odyssey that intertwines you instantly. In case you’re wondering who’s Yoan Fanise? It’s the genius behind some of the most popular gaming apps such as Valiant Hearts (also free) and Rayman Raving Rabbids, along with sound design and audio direction on titles such as Beyond Good & Evil, Rabbids Go Home, and Assassin's Creed 3. Considering the creator’s expertise, the hype preceding the launch of Lost in Harmony was hardly a surprise. Even more so when Digixart Entertainment gets Grammy Award-winner Wyclef Jean to sign on, providing an original track.

Lost in Harmony lives well to the soaring expectations as the rhythm game soon turns into a musical action game unfolding the beautiful tale of two friends- Kaito and Aya. They have to cross obstacles placed according to particular beats and notes while discovering new maps. The gamers are given an extra treat of custom paths that they can design with their choice of music. Gamers can even customise the character's’ outfit and skateboard, purchased with the collected stardust.   

You can download it here- for ANDROID and iPhone

2. Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom 

Guns of boom is a gaming app that let you begin a battle against numerous opponents. The players need to shoot non stop on the enemies in order to kill them while moving across the battlefields. The players need to protect themselves from enemies gunshot by using the covering they find while moving across the field. In order to complete a level successfully, the player will have to aim the enemy in order to shot them out. Rich rewards are given to the players for completing each mission in this action game.

Guns of boom has got rich and bright graphics, a whole range of weapons and maps that help the players aim at the enemy to defeat them. An easy way to conquer the battlefield is to play with a team. Help teammates win over the enemy and get the taste of sweet victory. A wide range of extraordinary weapons is there to help the players succeed.  

You can download it here- for ANDROID and iPhone


3. Need for Speed: No Limits

If you’re a fan of great graphics and don’t really care too much about the storyline, Need for Speed: No Limits gives you tons of underground street races to compete in and become the best street racer any NFS game has ever seen. How? Well, to begin with, there are a total of 30 cars in the game, each with their own set of upgradeable parts and customizations. The more races a player completes, the more parts one wins. The simplicity of the controls eliminates the need to tap the accelerator or brake pedals. You can also forget the steering wheel, just tap the right or left sides of the display to turn, swipe up on the screen to boost, and swipe down to drift around corners, the simplicity and the intuitive controls make it an addictive game. Though the game is a freemium model, what’s remarkable about this racing game is that unlike several other freemium games, the in-app purchases are not in your face.

Instead, the game lets you play, level up at an addictive speed with no problems to refill your tank and while you’re hooked playing straight for three hours, you see the elephant in the room- its no longer easy to level up, it takes twice as long to refill the gas tank and the only way out is to buy gas with gold. You guessed it! You can buy game gold with actual money. Overall, it's a well-wrapped gaming app.

You can download it here for Android and iPhone

4. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


Along with great graphics and touch controls, Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade brings you intense missions with full character customization. This sci-fi action game from the popular Warhammer franchise gives you the opportunity to wreak havoc as a giant robot that rampages the city in a china shop. As you progress further, the levels have rewards such as currencies which enables you to customize your mech with new colors and bolster it with new armor and powerful weapons. The missions are short so it's a perfect gaming app for pick-up-and-play sessions.

You can download it here for Android and iPhone

5. Guns royale

The action gaming app is a world of blocks and the players fight for the survival. The opponents are strong, powerful and have powerful weapons. And, to defeat the opponents, the players need to follow a set of instructions for their survival. Besides following the instructions, there are objects at the battlefield that players can use to hide from the opponents and their lethal attacks. The players need to develop successful strategies in order to remain in the game field.

The goal in this gaming app is to gather the weapons and upgrade them. As much weapons are gathered the players are given the point of experience. Defeating the enemy level by level take the players to a whole new level. The game has beautiful pixel graphics, a set of different locations and a whole set of weapons for the players to choose from.

You can download it here for iPhone and Android


6. Vainglory


Vainglory is a MOBA/ARTS action gaming app, much like the famous League of Legends in terms of gameplay. The heroes are divided into two groups of 3 that fight their battles on the map of“The Halcyon Fold”. The three heroes are divided into the category of Lane, Jungle, and Roam. While Lane and jungle are fairly simple to gamers acquainted with MOBA/ARTS game, Roam on the other hand is more skilled and tricky. The standard multiplayer battle can last up to 30 minutes, which gives players a good opportunity to defeat rival players and destroy their defenses. While the game is amazing, it doesn’t present a tricky freemium model. The in-app purchases are divided into either real money called Ice or in-game currency called Glory. However, the mess in buying resources that are specific to “skins” or “Essence.” Overall, the game is pretty impressive, especially from a technical standpoint and with the guild and party system, its easy to connect with friends and play anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone.

You can download it here for Android and iPhone

7 Scary butcher 3D

As one of the most popular gaming apps the gamer learns the hidden secrets about scary butcher. The players are supposed to penetrate a butcher house to know the secrets hidden there. The goal for the players in this action gaming app is to search for a box filled with blades, night vision spectacles and other equipments that butcher uses. The players need to collect the equipments in order to fight successfully against the butcher.

Be careful in your quest of equipments. If butcher catches you, the mission will fail. The exciting game play has a set of beautiful set of graphics, system of control for the players and a whole set of exciting mission to complete. The locations are gloomy that makes the game landscape much interesting for the players.

You can download the action game for Android and iPhone here

8. Into the Dead

Into the Dead

If you’re curious how you’d survive post-apocalyptic zombie land, try this action game and you’ll know. This terrifying but exciting game needs you to survive for as long as you can without getting mauled by the zombie army. Players do have the added benefit of custom controls and weapons hidden in crates, scattered across the field. Although the freemium model of the game gives enough freedom to play, unlock weapons at a reasonable pace- without shelling a dollar, it still seems to be a victim of advertisements that pop up in the game.

You can download it here for Android and iPhone

9 Godfire - rise of prometheus

It is a fast-paced action game app where you have to fight with enemies to move forward just like other action games. The visuals are terrifying and beautiful at the same time that keep the adrenaline rush alive in the players. Godfire is all about solving the puzzles, finding hidden treasures and defeating the enemies with your own strategies. The gaming app is a terrifying world of puzzles that gets tough as the players move forward.

The puzzles and the action game has been added with the regular mission for the players that they need to complete in order to explore this world of free action game. The players are rewarded as they complete each level. The gaming app is full of adventure and exciting journey in order to hold on the attention of the players in the game.

You can download the game for Android and iPhone here.


10 Traffic Tour

Traffic tour gaming app is a free action game for the players. There are 5 different environments to be discovered by the players. The players need to go through the traffic, deal successfully while going through it and keep discovering a series of environments given to them. The catch for the players in this action game is to pass through the traffic by running in different modes.

In order to unlock great prizes, players can challenge their friends in real time. Winning a challenge helps the players get to a new level to accept another powerful challenge. The rewards and prizes in this action game are there to keep players’ interest alive in the game for longer.

You can download it here for Android and iPhone

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