8 Best Mobile App Development Programming Languages
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8 Best Mobile App Development Programming Languages

These mobile app development programming languages can add more value to the mobile app development.

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A programming language can be the deciding factor for an app developer to make his app development journey an enjoyable one. And, choosing the best programming language is a lot like choosing a favorite candy from a store.

This write-up is equally effective for business enthusiasts as mobile is becoming a platform that engages the audience the most. Opting for a mobile app development enthusiast services would additionally benefit these entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses like never before.

Let’s get on this journey along with us to know the top 8 mobile app development programming language. Prior to we move further have a look at the most referred to mobile app development operating system that developers worldwide love to create apps for.

Best Mobile App Development Programming Languages

1. HTML5

HTML5 is considered an ideal programming language for mobile application development. The markup language has cross-browser support and is developed to run smoothly on the desktop and mobile browsers.

It is responsive and the best feature of this markup language includes the fact that HTML5 works on all devices. Because of its apt features, HTML5 is recommended as one of the best languages for developing mobile games.


This web-fronted mobile app development language is effective from the cost-efficiency point of view too as HTML5 Can be developed on the current version of HTML. The ease to insert codes and clean coding are additional parameters that make this markup language one favorite to mobile app developers.

The language has got a phenomenal feature for user interaction. Offline editing, message enhancements and a common SQL database storing makes it one of the most used programming language for the mobile app developers.

2. Java

Java is the preferred programing language for android mobile application development. This object-oriented programming language can be run in two different ways: either in a browser window or in a virtual machine that works without a browser too.

This flexibility of Java helps developers a lot in case mobile app developers need to re-use the codes in order to update the software. Java matters much for the developers indulged in android app development but the language cannot do much when it is about iOS mobile app development.


However, you can choose Java when considering cross-platform application development. The benefit of reusing the code when updating the software makes it a favorite to mobile app developers.

Owing to the same reason, it is one preferred programming language for cross-platform app development frameworks too. Java also gives the freedom to come up with any application you would like to develop for Android.   

3. Python

Python has become another popular programming language for mobile app developers to consider for mobile application development. Along with developing mobile apps, the programing language is popularly used in web development too.

The language can easily be transferred across platforms that is why it is one among the most favorite to a number of web/mobile app developers. The language is easy to learn as well as implement and that is another reason for the language to become popular among the app developers.


The best thing about Python as a programming language is that it can be used both for android app development as well as iOS application development that offers it much more popularity. This programing language is great for scalability and readability that runs across all operating systems. Because of its scalability, Python is greatly used in the development of cross-platform mobile applications.

4. C/C++

For Android app development, C/C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. Since developing android apps has become one of the most important concerns for developers today, the programing language has become important for creating apps for android. Android native development kit helps developers greatly in creating the apps using this programming language. C/C++ is one exceptional for apps like 3D Games.

For iOS mobile app development, C++ works with objective C and thus the mobile app developers can use the programing language. It saves the additional time and efforts of developers. In case, mobile app developers only want to write the native codes, the libraries are all there to develop the code for the same.

5. C#

Being an object-oriented programming language, C# is used widely by Microsoft on Windows mobile platforms. It is a pure objective version of C & C++. It has been surveyed that 38% of mobile developers use C# as their part of programming language while 16% use C# as the main language.

For all those developers who are working on the windows platform, it is profitable to use the language. Great news about C# programming language is that it can be used for cross-platform mobile app development. Additionally, it can also be used instead of Swift, Java as well as Objective C.

C Sharp 

C# offers exceptional support to web developers in the form of lambda expressions, enumerations, and nullable values as well as direct memory access that is not available for the developers when they work with Java. With the same reason, it becomes easy for mobile app developers to create custom iteration behaviors that can easy to use at client-side.

6. Swift

Swift is an Apple creation and developed primarily for iOS mobile app development. It is a great option for the developers as the programing language offers a number of features and functionalities to include into the app for iOS app development.

Owing to its capabilities, Swift is now considered the future of mobile app development. It is one of the most important programming languages that is growing at a greater pace.


Swift is an open source programing language and this is another reason for its popularity. The programing language is easy to learn and that is why a number of developers opt for the same. Programmers who are familiar with Objective C can easily create apps with the help of Swift programing language.

7. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is the ultimate programming language for developers working for android app development. Powered by Apache cordova, PhoneGap allows mobile app developers to create apps using the same code as any developer would require creating a website with HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript. The programing language allows developers to access the native features of the phone or the tablet for example accelerometer or the camera.

The best thing about PhoneGap is that the mobile app developer working on this programing language does not need to have the knowledge of mobile programming all they require to have is the familiarity with web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JScript when developing the apps with PhoneGap. The programing language can be used to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows as well as for blackberry too.

8. Kotlin

Kotlin was majorly developed to address the issues in Java. Kotlin Syntax is simple, clean and leads to less code bloat. Kotlin as a programing language can be accompanied by Java in order to make it really powerful. Google has also announced that it is officially adding support for Kotlin. The programing language is on the list of languages that are too friendly for the developers.


The programing language has recently been used by Uber, Evernote, and Pinterest to add the same to their mobile applications. Kotlin improves Java support and for the same reason, it is one of the favorites to the developers. The programing language helps developers to focus on the problem-solving while coding a new application.

The Upshot

Choosing the right programming language is a step further to validate your mobile app development idea into a functional application. At one hand, where the idea is going to play a dominant role, the choice of programming language, on the other hand, will help to take your business strategy to a global level.

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