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Why is JavaScript Mobile App Development Framework the Best Pick in 2023?

2023 is the year of JavaScript mobile app development frameworks. Why? Read further to know.

javascript app development

JavaScript is a universal programming language for web development. Developers can create an engaging front-end experience and charm users with fantastic UIs. The language is also highly popular and used by more than 64% of software engineers.

If you are wondering, can we use JavaScript for app development tasks? Well, yes! Web development is not the only realm where JavaScript app frameworks have emerged as champions. You can also build mobile apps with JavaScript and take on the competition in the market.

The JavaScript Mobile app development process comes with several advantages. But you can’t just use the programming language in your mobile development. Rather, your developers will have to rely on JavaScript app development frameworks to facilitate coding.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of JavaScript mobile app frameworks that you can explore. Along with that, we will check out some of the best frameworks for making apps with JavaScript.

JavaScript Mobile App Development

Why Use JavaScript for Mobile App Development

Developers across the world are familiar with developing apps with JavaScript. As a result, they can use JS mobile frameworks without spending too much time on learning. Additionally, software developers trust the language and can access a wide range of resources for app development with JavaScript mobile app frameworks.

Best of all, it is possible to build top-quality apps with great features on JS mobile frameworks. Therefore, most dev shops include JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps in the tech stack to cater to a wide variety of clients.

Moreover, top brands like Facebook and Google use JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps for their requirements. In addition, the companies have come out with versions of JavaScript frameworks to develop mobile apps.

Pros and Cons of best JS framework in 2023

Below are some of the pros of using JavaScript frameworks:

  • Businesses can develop excellent UI/UX if they build a mobile app with JavaScript to attract more users. Your app can use several interactive elements like animations to engage customers.

  • JavaScript frameworks allow the development of native mobile apps. You can build Android, iOS, and even cross-platform apps on the JavaScript app frameworks.

  • Developers can write reusable codes with JavaScript frameworks. It becomes easy to share knowledge and use the code for future projects to save costs and effort.

  • JavaScript framework for web and mobile apps is available for both front-end and back-end development. As a result, businesses can conserve resources by maintaining a lean tech stack.

  • Most JavaScript for Android development frameworks are at a mature stage. They help businesses build reliable apps with fantastic functionality.

However, there are some cons of using JavaScript for mobile development:

  • Some frameworks don’t allow the development of truly native apps.

  • Not all frameworks have the same capability and can hamper the quality of the features of your app.

  • Developers may not be able to achieve the same performance compared to native code.

JavaScript is creating new frontiers in mobile development. It is giving a tough challenge to competitors like Python for all the causes discussed above and more.

Additionally, about 40% of developers want to use JavaScript as their primary programming language. Moreover, 42.8% of programmers love to build apps using JavaScript.

Therefore, it creates a win-win situation for everyone, developers and businesses alike.

Why is JavaScript Mobile App Development Framework the Best Pick in 2023?

A Comparison of the Best JavaScript Frameworks

Let’s compare some of the best JavaScript frameworks to use for mobile app development:

1. React Native

React Native, a top JavaScript app development framework comes from the stable of Facebook and is a famous choice for developing apps with JavaScript. This JavaScript mobile app framework stands out due to its wide array of tools and resources to facilitate development. Additionally, React Native is ideal for developing Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps based on reusable code.

Best of all, this JavaScript for Android development framework converts your programming into native code for great UX. You can also make the most of the features of the device to delight your users.

Businesses can build top-notch apps by hiring React JS developers who are proficient in React Native.


  • In-built templates to save time and effort

  • Great for delivering native experiences

  • High reusability of code


  • Needs native coding knowledge

  • Too many dependencies

2. jQuery

jQuery is another great framework in the list of top JS mobile frameworks to develop mobile apps with JavaScript. This one of the best JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps eliminates the need for device-specific coding and is ideal for developing apps for Android or iOS. You can even target rare platforms like Blackberry to grow your customer base.

Additionally, developers can leverage familiar languages like HTML and CSS along with JavaScript. Also, You can build a responsive UI that works perfectly on all screens.

Moreover, apps built with jQuery load pretty fast.


  • Create custom themes with the ThemeRoller tool

  • Device-independent performance

  • A cost-efficient way to develop hybrid apps


  • Not suitable for complex apps

  • Obsolete DOM APIs

3. Ionic

Ionic is a lightweight and flexible choice to develop mobile apps. It follows the philosophy of “write once, run everywhere” to save developers’ effort and time. Additionally, you can develop hybrid apps that work well on different platforms.

Best of all, Ionic has a low learning curve and suits urgent projects. You can get a development team together and market your product in a short time.

Moreover, Ionic provides multiple ways of testing to develop world-class mobile apps.


  • Reduce development costs

  • Easy to scale

  • Test apps on desktops for accurate results


  • Inadequate native functions

  • A few conflicting plugins

4. Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova or PhoneGap enables you to develop the back-end and front-end of your app using a single framework. Additionally, this one of the top JavaScript app frameworks features a rich JavaScript library to create an immersive UI. Along with that, you can speed up your development lifecycle to generate quicker returns.

The biggest advantage for developers is the simplicity of Cordova if they decide to build a mobile app with JavaScript on this framework. They can instantly start developing if they are aware of JavaScript without wasting time.

Moreover, you can improve the performance of Cordova easily with tools like Visual Studio.


  • Suitable for cross-platform apps

  • Deploy updates quickly

  • Ideal for small budgets


  • Not compatible with all plugins

  • Less native feel

5. AngularJS

AngularJS is the most reliable JavaScript framework for mobile development. You can develop native apps in JavaScript and take advantage of the MVW model. The framework comes from Google, so the trust factor is high among developers.

Additionally, AngularJS offers a range of features to speed up development. You can also access options to interact with the back-end and other data sources for a great performance.

Big names in the industry rely on AngularJS to deliver great customer experiences. The list includes top brands like Netflix, PayPal, and of course, Google.


  • Great for rapid prototyping

  • High code reusability

  • Seamless data streaming


  • A bit of a learning curve

  • Inadequate documentation

Final Thoughts

JavaScript app frameworks are a great choice to develop mobile apps. They can reduce development time by ensuring the reusability of code and inbuilt libraries. Businesses can choose a framework that aligns with their development objectives to get the best results. Additionally, you can use the data in our blog to make an informed decision.

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