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This 2016, Simplify your finance with Gullak App

Start saving you money in 'Gullak'

Mobile App published date 7th February, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Gullak App: Financial resolutions are the most common resolutions that people make on the eve of New Year. I am sure that the case would be same with many of you but the question is how many days will you be able to keep your promise? The buzz of New Year 2016 is almost over and it’s high time to stick to your Financial Resolutions made on the first day of this year. Overspending has become a habit which is tough to eradicate in the initial phase.

Gullak - Money Manager App

To make things easier for you, there is an expenses manager app that has a brilliant expertise in managing your money and is completely free of cost. Well the app is known as Gullak Expense & money saver and it is by far the most intelligent personal finance app. You may wonder about the credibility of this app but it is worth noting that Gullak has already crossed the respective levels of 1 Million downloads. This app has multiple benefits as you can create your own budget, get valuable insights about your income and expenses, track each and every penny spent. Gullak is build in such a way that it reads only the financial messages from your mobile handset or tab and gives you the exact picture of your finances.

Not only money management, Gullak helps you from paying any extra amount on your pending bills as it sends you regular reminders about your outstanding bills and payments. In addition to expense management, this money manager app also sends you alerts regarding your overdue bills and payments. In this way, you would be able to save more.

Gullak - Money Manager App Cover

Everybody has some financial goals and to accomplish those goals, you need to save money. This New Year don’t repeat the same mistake because now you have the most effective expense management app. Download Gullak the most effective spending management system ever developed which takes care of all your Financial Resolution easily and helps you to achieve and live better.

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Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

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