Twitter’s Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down From Bluesky Board

Twitter’s Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down From Bluesky Board

Date: May 06, 2024

Jack Dorsey, one of the most prominent backers of Bluesky, Twitter’s rival platform, has officially stepped down from its management board.

Jack Dorsey is one of the most prominent contributors to the top social media platform that garners over 556 million active global users. Twitter’s ex-CEO Jack Dorsey worked for over 16 years in multiple leadership roles, and resigned from his post of CEO in 2020. During his CEO tenure at Twitter, he launched Bluesky, a decentralized alternative to the traditional social media platforms. In recent news, Bluesky has made an official announcement that Jack has stepped down from its management board as well.

Jack Dorsey had earlier made a subtle announcement over a user’s comment on an X post, saying that he is no longer a board member of Bluesky. The former CEO has remained shut about the reason behind his departure. Jack Dorsey’s philanthropic activities in his Start Small initiative have helped launch and grow Bluesky as not just a decentralized social media platform, but also as a better alternative to X. 

The timing of Dorsey’s exit is unclear and no official timeline has been shared by the company either. The company, however, has shared immense gratitude for Dorsey’s founding support and contribution to the financial growth of the company. The statement released by the company also includes a lookout for a new board member who aligns with its vision of a decentralized network. Despite being detached from the company, as seen from his deleted Bluesky account, Jack has remained an active contributor to the company’s major initiatives till now.

This is not Jack’s first step-down as a CEO. Jack has earlier served as the CEO of Twitter, now known as X. Immediately after his removal from the post of CEO at Twitter in 2021, the company announced that he will remain on the management board till the expiry of his tenure in 2022 backed by stockholders’ meeting. The company had also been looking for a replacement as they felt Jack’s lack of innovation and divided attention were hindering its evolution. However, it could also have been one of the biggest changes brought to the company after Elon Musk took over as its CEO, owning the maximum stake in it.

Apps like Twitter have always tried to break the stereotype of traditional social media platforms, by offering bite-sized content, newer engagement methods, and enhanced freedom of expression. Bluesky’s decentralized social media application takes it one step ahead by ensuring end-to-end freedom and anonymity, with least censorship. 

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