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MobileAppDaily Celebrates the Achievements of
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MobileAppDaily’s Report on Women in Tech is drafted to celebrate some of the outstanding and inspirational female leaders from the global tech community. These women, apart from their own achievements are dedicated to empowering fellow women and female leaders of tomorrow by assisting them with required knowledge, mentorships, and resources. This report on inspirational women in technology aims to introduce these amazing humans to a wider world so they can inspire and guide more and more individuals out there.

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1. Cynthia Stoddard Senior Vice President and CIO, Adobe

Cynthia has received plenty of recognition for her outstanding undergraduate of the business world which has helped her in pushing the organizations she worked for towards new growths. She has received the 2017 CIO 100 Award and the 2018 Innovative Ways to Deliver Business Value Award from Adobe IT along with recognition in the 2019 CIO Hall of Fame. For Adobe, as a Senior Vice President and CIO, Cynthia overlooks and manages various tasks including strategizing, delivering, and business operations. Cynthia holds an MBA from Marylhurst University along with a BS degree in accounting from Western New England University.

Cynthia Stoddard - Women Tech
2. Kristie Grinnell CIO and SVP, DXC Technology

Kristie’s career is decorated by multiple recognitions and awards including the 2018 Women in Technology STEM Leadership Award, the Washington Business Journal's 2020 Women Who Mean Business Award, the National CIO of the Year® ORBIE® award, and Capital CIO of the Year® ORBIE® award among clothes. For more than 20 years, Kristie has been transforming public and private companies for the better. She has worked with organizations involved in the IT sector, supply chain, service transformation, etc. Under her leadership, DXC Technology has seen exponential growth toward new markets that were untouched by the organization before. As for academics, Kristie has an MBA, a General degree from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering.

Kristie Grinnell - Women Tech
3. Tamara Kostova CEO, Velexa

One of the most important names in the fintech industry is Tamara Kostova, CEO of Velexa, a fintech company based in the UK. Tamara has a reputation for promoting women to leadership positions by guiding them to progress through the hurdles that exist in the corporate ecosystem around the world. Even her board members in the company are all women. Tamara is a self-made woman hailing from a family of financiers and economists and apart from leading Velexa as a CEO, she has also worked with the brands like DXC Technology, Misys, and Thomson Reuters. Tamara has always possessed the passion to motivate and see other women getting promoted to senior leadership positions. Additionally, her passion for the fintech industry and the core experience she has gained through years of hard work make her an inspiring leader for Velexa as well.

Tamara Kostova - Women Tech
4. Alissa Abdullah Deputy CSO and SVP, Mastercard

One of the most prestigious security professionals out there, Alissa Abdullah has worked in leadership roles at quite a few top companies apart from Mastercard including Stryker and Xerox. Alissa has also performed the duties at The White House as an Executive Office of the President for three years. Alissa’s expertise in risk management and her in-depth understanding of the cybersecurity world has rewarded her with many leadership and mentorship opportunities. She regularly contributes to various online publications while also hosting a podcast on Mastering Cyber. As for her academic background, She has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Computers from George Washington University along with a Ph.D. in Information Technology Management from Capella University.

Alissa Abdullah - Women Tech
5. Jae Evans CIO, Oracle

Jae is a cloud infrastructure and service expert with experience working in various leadership roles throughout her career of over 20 years. At Oracle, Jae is responsible for improving employee productivity, and user experience, while also managing Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. Jae led the team of cloud experts at Oracle to achieve milestones like efficient deployment of cloud infrastructure, high-quality development, smoother operations, and more. Before Oracle, Jae has also worked at Walmart as a Senior Vice President of Global Infrastructure Engineering and Operations. Apart from being a tech leader, Jae is also a member of Oracle's Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council, some Women in Tech events, and an active participant in various Asian Leadership programs due to her strong advocacy of promoting and smoothening diversity and inclusion in workplaces.

Jae Evans - Women Tech
6. Vidya Rao CIO, Genpact

Vidya has a well-established career of over 25 years. Throughout her career, she has worked with brands like Infosys, Wipro Limited, Cambridge Technology Partners, Accenture, and now Genpact. She is also a Board Member of an England-based company called Micro Focus. Throughout her career, Vidya has worked in multiple leadership roles and has contributed to building and growing leading businesses across the global market. At Genpact, Vidya oversees the planning and management of multiple teams while also supporting the company with strategic technology planning, transformation strategies, and delivery frameworks.

Vidya Rao - Women Tech
7. Shubhi Rao Founder and CEO, Uplevyl

Shubhi founded Uplevyl in 2020 and since then, she has been leading the organization as a CEO by leveraging her core experience in the global corporate industry. Throughout her career, Shubhi has actively contributed to the growth of businesses backed by brands like Alphabet/Google, Ford, PwC, Tesco, and more. Apart from being a mother and wife, Shubhi is also an active financial leader, corporate relationship manager, tech innovator, compliance expert, and more. Shubhi’s passion to help women accelerate their professional, financial, and personal success motivated her to build Uplevyl. The organization is dedicated to providing women with a membership-only and ad-free platform that delivers hyper-personalized content to guide women to achieve their financial and professional goals. The organization has already helped plenty of women from corporates like Google, Amazon, Unilever, Sony, Salesforce, TikTok, the University of Michigan, and more.

Shubhi Rao - Women Tech
8. Georgina Lupu Florian CEO, Wolfpack Digital

Georgina is one of the most successful women in technology with a background in Psychology, IT Engineering, and Public Relations along with an M.Sc. with Distinction in Engineering with Business Management from King's College London. Since 2015 when she founded Wolfpack Digital, Georgina has permanently embarked her name among the most successful women in information technology by leading the organization to become a global brand. WolfPack Digital is a team of over 70 experienced professionals who are known for delivering award-winning web and mobile design/development services. Georgina is also an active contributor to empowering women in tech by helping them with guidance and opportunities. To do that more systematically, she has co-founded a Women in Tech Cluj community as well.

Georgina Lupu Florian - Women Tech
9. Elizabeth Theophille CTTO, Novartis

Elizabeth has one of the most inspiring careers for women across the globe. At the moment, she has been working with Novartis for 6+ years and there she manages day-to-day operations as a Chief Technology Transformation Officer (CTTO). She is also a board member of 8x8, Inc. Before Novartis, Elizabeth was a Group Chief Information Officer for Nokia France SA and Alcatel Submarine Networks SAS. Some other names in her career portfolio include Capgemini, SITA, and BP International. Additionally, the academic background of Elizabeth includes an undergraduate degree from the International Management Centers Association.

Elizabeth Theophille - Women Tech
10. Jacky Wright CTO, McKinsey

Jacky has been active in the IT field for over two decades now and throughout her career, she has led teams as a CIO for brands such as BP, Microsoft, and GE before joining McKinsey. At McKinsey, she is the first Chief Technology and Platform Officer and that is not the only accomplishment she has to show off. She has worked with Microsoft US in two different roles including as a Chief Digital Officer and a Corporate Vice President. Jacky has also worked as a Chief Digital Information Officer for the tax department of the British Government. Jacky has a successful long-term career in the IT industry and for women leaders of tomorrow, her background is a perfect roadmap to get inspired from.

Jacky Wright - Women Tech
11. Rathi Murthy CTO/ President Expedia Services, Expedia Group

Rathi has brands like WebMD, American Express, and eBay among others decorating her career. Throughout her career, she has been focused on optimizing and strategizing the overall experience for the target customer to lead and grow companies into untapped markets. As a person with technical and creative skills, Rathi has helped teams in building and maintaining quality digital products for American Express and eBay apart from Expedia Group. Rathi was also responsible for 5G innovations at one of the global names in the telecommunication organizations- Verizon Media. Additionally, she has also received awards like Most Influential women in payments 2015 by PaymentSource and Top Woman in Cloud 2014 by CloudNow among others.

Rathi Murthy - Women Tech
12. Erin Young Founder, Slide UX

Erin Young is another name that deserves recognition among the top women in tech due to her extraordinary leadership as a founder and Principal of Slide UX. Erin is an entrepreneur that loves leading and empowering other designers by sharing her knowledge and guidance with newcomers. Her work ethic includes building and designing products that help clients in achieving the best possible outcomes and satisfied customer bases. Erin’s experience at Slide UX includes partnering with companies of multiple industries and sizes including innovative startups and large corporations. Additionally, for her contributions as one of the inspirational female leaders, Erin has received a nomination of an Outstanding Mentor by the Young Women's Alliance in May 2022 and an award of Austin Woman's Way Award by the Austin Woman's Way in May 2021.

Erin Young - Women Tech
13. Olena (Glukhova) Mytruk Founder and CEO, Breverie

Olena proudly stands among the famous female leaders due to her immense contributions to empowering and inspiring women of global IT infrastructure. She has been leading Breverie since the company originated in January 2021. Due to exceptional leadership qualities and an extensive experience of Olena as a leader and one of the most active women in tech slack, Breverie has progressed rapidly. As for academics, Olena has secured her BS in Applied Mathematics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). After which, she has also worked with EPAM Systems in multiple leadership positions. To share her experience, empower other women financially and professionally, and guide them, Olena founded Breverie. The company runs programs to help shape the female world leaders of tomorrow. Breverie does it by offering required resources that could help women in their personal and professional development.

Olena (Glukhova) Mytruk - Women Tech
14. Janet Phan Founder and Executive Director, Thriving Elements

Janet is easily one of the most inspirational female leaders you will hear about in the IT industry. She comes from a family of Vietnamese immigrants and she supported her career and studies through college scholarships and internships to become one of the most famous women in business that inspire and empower others. Janet’s writings have received public recognition by getting published on popular platforms like Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Built-In, and more. Apart from being a frequent podcast and TV guest, she has also published a book Boldly You to inspire young women. Janet has used her knowledge and experience to contribute to Project Kuiper at Amazon, a program planned to launch low-orbit satellites to make low-latency but high-speed broadband connectivity more accessible for communities that are still underserved. But her most prominent achievement is establishing Thriving Elements, a non-profit organization that she founded in March 2016 with the goal to guide and prepare the famous business women of tomorrow.

Janet Phan - Women Tech
15. Jill Larson CPO, Qualtrics

Jill is a seasoned leader with expertise in developing product lifecycle strategies at every level including strategy formulation, demand generation, customer advocacy, product marketing, and sales. Before Qualtrics, she worked with brands like Microsoft where she handled responsibilities of multiple leadership roles including Senior Product Manager, Director of Product Marketing, and Principal Program Manager. At Qaultrics, she started her journey in 2018 as a Senior Product Manager which later transitioned into the Directory, Head of Product, and then eventually Chief Product Officer (CPO). As a business development and growth leader, Jill has built an inspirational career that has guided and will continue to guide women around the world.

Jill Larson - Women Tech
16. Blagovesta Pugyova Managing Partner, Childish,

As her colleagues define her, Blagovesta is one of the most cheerful, passionate, and empathetic leaders out there. Blagovesta leads Childish as a managing partner. The IT company is involved in building and delivering digital solutions like AI programs, software, data analytics solutions, and more. Apart from Childish, Blagovesta has also co-founded Fabrico, founded Give a book, worked as an executive director at TimeHeroes, etc. The educational background of this one of the most inspiring leaders in the industry includes a BS in Finance from the University of National and World Economy and an MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Blagovesta has been recognized by Capital Magazine as one of the Next Generation Leaders in January 2018, Forbes 30 under 30 in January 2016, and Human of the Year by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee in January 2015 and became one of the most famous females in history.

Blagovesta Pugyova - Women Tech
17. Belen Caeiro VP of Product, Babbel,

Belen is a master of products who loves to learn and share her knowledge with others. She has been with Babbel for over 5 years and in the company, she strategies products, and resource allocations, and prepares goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. She has also worked with SoundCloud and currently apart from Babbel, Microverse is another company that is also flourishing under her leadership as a VP of Product. Her project Microverse is focused on preparing the tech leaders of tomorrow by providing them with required software development training. The fact that deserves a mention is that Microverse does not charge even a penny to its students until they get hired. The platform is designed to connect students remotely with experts who can guide them and help them in becoming the IT professionals of tomorrow.

Belen Caeiro - Women Tech
18. Tatsiana Kirimava Co-founder and CEO, Orangesoft,

Tatsiana co-founded Orangesoft and since its inception, she has led the company to make it one of the largest providers of mobile app development services. What makes Tatsiana one of the women who changed the world is that she believes in providing equal opportunities to everyone in the company and thus, she has applied a flat organizational culture in Orangsoft. Tatsiana also inspires women in tech by leading a program of the same name. She is a mentor in the program and dedicates herself to encouraging the personal and professional growth of women in tech to ensure that in the future, greater gender equality can be achieved in the corporate world. Tatsiana is also credited for launching an Orangesoft Women in Technology Scholarship Program to empower young female students from universities who are looking forward to creating opportunities for themselves in STEM fields.

 Tatsiana Kirimava - Women Tech
19. Shailu Satish Co-founder and COO, DispatchTrack,

Shailu is a leader in the supply chain and logistics industry with an experience in the software industry as well. Throughout her career, Shailu has worked with retailers, innovative startups, and large corporations as well. She has worked as a computer scientist and engineer, and as a VP of operations at Kaverisoft. Eventually, in 2010, Shailu decided to co-found DispatchTrack with her husband and since its inception, she has been leading the organization as a COO. Shailu is one of the famous women in tech that contributed significantly to the supply chain management industry. Her digital solutions use technologies like AI to deliver over 98% of accuracy for last-minute deliveries making clients and their customers happier than ever before. Not only that, but Shailu is also actively contributing to help organizations in solving problems such as creating the most efficient routes for deliveries, managing rising fuel costs, navigating driver shortages, protecting brand loyalty, and more.

Shailu Satish - Women Tech
20. Shikha Gupta Founder and CEO, eTraverse,

Shikha’s contributions to the software industry make her one of the inspiring tech women that aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow can look up to. She founded eTraverse in 2018 and in 2022, the company expanded its market in the European region as well. Shikha’s academic background shows a core experience in the software industry. She has a Software Coding certification from the National Institute of Information Technology, a BE in Computer Science from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, and an MBA from the Wits Business School. She has also been an Exchange Student of Business Administration and Management (General) at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. The passion that Shikha possesses to build and deliver the best quality software products has helped eTraverse shine even in such a competitive landscape. Her career certainly has a permanent place among the successful examples of women and technology.

Shikha Gupta - Women Tech
21. Arti Pullins Founder and CEO, Pundit Consultantz,

Arti founded Pundit Consultantz in 2017 and since its inception, the company has been transforming healthcare organizations across the world to adopt the benefits of digitalization. Arti is one of the women in technology specifically dedicated to transforming the global healthcare industry while also empowering healthcare organizations to achieve better efficiency and quality of services. Arti, as a leader and advisor, uses her expertise to fill the knowledge gap between organizations and digital transformation. She helps healthcare organizations and life sciences companies in integrating the best digital transformation practices for better operational efficiency. Apart from that, Arti helps healthcare organizations to build more efficient digital healthcare systems supported by data and insights. These systems are more personalized and designed to offer better personal patient care. Through Pundit Consultantz, Arti has partnered with top brands like Medline, Wakefield, and physIQ among others with new names rapidly being added to the successful client catalog of the organization.

Arti Pullins - Women Tech
22. Katherine Kostereva CEO, Creatio,

Katherine has led Creatio for over 8 years, and through her leadership, she has expanded the market of the organization across 14 countries. Under her guidance, Creatio has become a team of over 700 professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills who look up to her for their professional growth. In 2021, Katherine and Creatio managed to secure a $68M minority investment from Volition Capital, a Boston-based growth equity firm.
Katherine’s majority of her career has been dedicated to the software industry, and throughout her career, she has performed her duties as a leader for many brands.

Katherine Kostereva - Women Tech
23. Vinita Rathi CEO, Systango,

Vinita Rathi is a tech icon that deserves a mention among the top women in tech of the 21st century. She has been a representative of the Women at the Top in The Parliament of the UK, got recognized as one of the 40 Under 40 leaders in the industry, and Winning Dream Employer of Central India 2018 along with the Women At Work Leadership Award. She is also credited with founding the WomenHackForNonProfits, a community of inspirational female leaders from the tech industry who build open-source software for a cause to empower more women to contribute to the IT industry. These women in tech slack come together from diverse backgrounds to dedicate themselves to transforming the women's mentoring ecosystem. The goal is to shape more female leaders of the future in the IT industry.

Vinita Rathi - Women Tech
24. Kerri Klun Partner, Red Foundry,

As everyone who knows defines her, Kerri is an individual with great organizational and leadership skills. She knows how to strategize, manage, build relationships, and lead people around her with diplomacy, empathy, trust, and humor. Kerri is a part of Red Foundry for over 4 years now and under her guidance, the company has transformed itself to explore a larger client base. Red Foundry is an organization dedicated to delivering the best mobile application designing and development services in the industry. Despite being in a non-tech role directly, Kerri helps teams manage and improve the quality of the digital products and services they are providing.

Kerri Klun - Women Tech
25. Aubryn Thompson Managing Director, Fueled,

Aubryn is leading Fueled as a Managing Director for 4+ years. There she manages department heads and a network of over 90 employees spread across multiple locations. Aubryn is also part of a group of senior freelancers called Orphan. These freelancers possess expertise in building high-quality and scalable digital products. Aubryn has a reputation that she knows how to create and maintain an employee and client-friendly environment while also ensuring that her projects are delivered on time and with the best quality standards. She is one of those tech leaders who will put their best foot forward to make the organization they are working with successful.

Aubryn Thompson - Women Tech
26. Gloria Kolb Co-founder and CEO, Elidah LLC,

Gloria is one of the most successful tech women dedicated to building smarter health tech solutions. She co-founded Elidah, an organization that has built ELITONE to offer FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment to women suffering from urinary incontinence. ELITONE has been selected for several prestigious awards including Best New Product by the MyFaceMyBody and the winner of Slingshot international competition out of 7500 entries among others. As an individual, Gloria has over 20 years of experience in product development and commercialization. She has also been selected as one of Boston’s “40 under 40” leaders and one of the World’s Top Innovators under 35 by the MIT Review. Gloria’s career is a perfect roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs looking forward to some inspiration.

Gloria Kolb - Women Tech
27. Julia Duran Co-founder and CEO, South Geeks,

Julia co-founded South Geeks in October 2016, and under her leadership, the company has grown its client across multiple industries and countries. Julia was born in Argentina, a country where women engineers are rare compared to men. As an entrepreneur, inspiration, and mentor, Julia is trying to empower and educate more young women in Argentina to help them join STEM courses. Julia is also an advocate for an empowering work culture that is also people-friendly. As a leader and responsible manager, she focuses on client satisfaction and employee satisfaction aspects equally. Under her guidance, South Geeks, from a team of 2 people has grown into a group of 60+ talented individuals contributing to building top-notch digital products.

Julia Duran - Women Tech
28. Vickie Yanjuan Chen Founder and CEO, AviaGames,

Vickie has many achievements on her account. She has been nominated among the Outstanding Chinese TOP 100 by Forbes China, Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and Women in Games Ambassador as well. AviaGames, which she co-founded in 2017 is also credited for building top projects including Pocket7Games, a mobile skill gaming platform that rewards users with the real-money. Vickie has over 18 years of experience in the digital gaming landscape and she uses this experience to make her organization a successful endeavor. She has also helped AviaGames partner with the Children’s Defense Fund which focuses on empowering children to understand and reach their best potential. She has also partnered with ASPCA to raise awareness and funds for the care of animals.

Vickie Yanjuan Chen - Women Tech
29. Alivia Howell Delivery Practice Lead, Michigan Software Labs,

Alivia is a visionary software expert with an extensive background in leading multiple IT teams throughout her career. Currently, she is leading a team of talented IT experts at Michigan Software Labs as the Delivery Practice Lead. She has also worked with health tech organizations like Spectrum Health and Honeywell. Alivia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Science from Grand Valley State University. Her passion to empower individuals, and her ability to empathize with them helps her in building a fair and inclusive work environment at the organization. Additionally, her extensive experience in project management and strategizing pushes her to design and build products that users love.

Alivia Howell - Women Tech
30. Anna Vorobiova Head of Sales and Business Development, NIX United,

With an experience of over 10 years, Anna is known for assisting organizations with their 360° strategies to build custom digital solutions. Anna knows how to leverage her experience and use it to deliver customized solutions to her clients. She has been with NIX United for a long time and currently, she heads the business development team there which she joined as a business development manager initially. Anna has a Bachelor's degree in Information Control Systems and Technologies from the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". She also has a Master’s degree in the same field from the same university. Anna’s experience and her professional background have shaped her into an individual who can empower growth for the organization and teams she works with.

 Anna Vorobiova - Women Tech

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