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Top 50+ D2C Brands in India That are Disrupting the Market in 2024 Discover the top 50+ D2C brands transforming India's consumer market with innovative products and unparalleled customer experiences in this comprehensive overview.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) is the business model where the producers sell their services and products directly to the consumers without the involvement of middlemen. This further makes it possible for consumers to seek more personalized experiences. 

Due to such a remarkable scope for customer satisfaction, the markets in India have witnessed a remarkable shift with the emergence of D2C brands that are challenging traditional models. This is further supported by a KPMG study, which speculates the Indian D2C market will grow at a CAGR of 40%.

The top D2C brands in India are trying to capitalize on this trend by delivering high-quality products tailored to specific consumer needs. From fashion and personal care to home decor, the best D2C brands in India have made a name for themselves with a loyal customer base. 

Further data is important for custom software development companies looking for potential clients, aspiring entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, and learners looking for insights into the D2C ecosystem. If you are any of these, you might want to dive deeper into each of the D2C brands we discuss in the write-up. Let’s have a look!

50+ D2C Brands that are Disrupting India's Consumer Market

Thousands of brands have had remarkable effects on consumers and the Indian market. If you wish to learn in detail about them, they are listed as follows:

1. 82°E

  • Founding Year: 2022
  • Founders: Deepika Padukone
  • Co-Founders: Jigar Shah
  • Website:

82°E is one of the best D2C brands in India, founded in 2021 by the famous Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone along with Jigar Shah. It is a personal care brand with a research and development lab in Bengaluru.

The goods are under the price range of ₹1,200 and ₹2,900, and the four major subsets of skincare products are moisturizers, face oil, cleanser, and sunscreen, which are the major highlights of the company.

It is one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in India; as of December 2022, the company, in its seed funding round, secured $7.5 million from various companies, offices, and UHNIs.

2. Atomberg 

  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Founders: Manoj Meena
  • Co-Founders: Sibabrata Das
  • Website:

Founded by Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das in 2012, Atomberg is among the emerging D2C brands in India. Atomberg's product range includes energy-efficient fans, mixer grinders, pedestals, wall and ceiling fans, and numerous such products. The company is said to have roughly 400 service centers and an annual revenue rate of ₹300 crores.

Energy efficiency is a major component of sustainability. Electrical appliances in homes are a step towards obtaining worldwide energy efficiency, and the company has taken a step towards this.

Various known and famous companies have invested in Atomberg, like Deepika Padukone-led KA Enterprises, Trifecta Capital, Whiteboard Capital Fund, Steadview Capital, etc. In May 2023, Atomberg raised $86 million in another investment round.

3. SleekandPeek

Otaku culture is growing all over the world. Even in India, people are buying anime merchandise in large numbers. Sleek&Peek is an India-based company that focuses on making clothing for all the otakus. 

The founders of Sleek&Peek are passionate about bringing the magic of anime to your wardrobe in a way that highlights your style and love for anime. Sleek&Peek was founded on weaving the enthusiasm for anime into everyday fashion. It believes clothing is an extension of your personality.

Clothing is a way to express your interests and passions. Thus, Style is the main priority at Sleek&Peek. Apart from style, it offers the utmost comfort and fit when worn. It allows people to walk with ease and have confidence in themselves. With this vision, it has created a collection that blends the spirit of anime while embracing modern trends.

4. Bewakoof

Bewakoof was founded by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot in 2012. It is one of the biggest D2C brands in India. It has a wide product range, offering apparel, stationery items, footwear, mobile accessories, etc. The majority of its sales are through online platforms. 

Relativity to the youth is one of the key factors of the success of this company. It is well known for its partnership with numerous famous franchises like Marvel, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Star Wars, Disney, etc., which has made it popular amongst the youth.

In August 2021, Bewakoof secured $8.09 million in its funding round, followed by an investment of ₹200 Crore from Aditya Birla Group's house of brands business in December 2022. Its Investors include IvyCap Ventures, Spring Marketing Capital, Investcorp, and Klub-led accelr8 fund, etc. 

At its latest funding milestone, Bewakoof flaunted a sale of over 1 Cr products, catering to 60 Lakh customers. It aims to achieve ₹2000 Crores in sales by 2025.

5. Uptownie

Uptownie is a home-grown womenswear brand in Kolkata that was established in 2015. It was started by Priyanka Agarwal to make every woman feel comfortable and stylish in bold and fashionable clothing. 

This brand focuses on catering to the preferences and sensibilities of Indian women. It prioritizes optimizing the design's fit, fabric, and appearance. The brand has dedicated designers who keenly focus on manufacturing to create unique products. 

Uptownie keeps it different from others. Over the past eight years, this online brand has created beautiful designs with playful and exemplary colors, exceptional cuts, textures, patterns, and styles that boost confidence and individuality. It invited women from diverse cultures to explore fashion on their terms to break away from the ramp culture and allow them to unlock their best versions. 

Uptownie works with the driving force of passion and fashion to offer outfits that are never "too bold," "too well-fitted," or "too casual," but rather highlight the expression of inner beauty to make the women feel beautiful.


DaMENSCH literally means "The Man." This brand has revolutionized menswear by weaving innovation and sustainability, creating a comfortable zone that is hard to come by. It was founded on May 3, 2018. In three years, this company has achieved an impressive Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of ₹100 crores. 

Anurag Saboo and Gaurav Pushkar initiated the campaign to target the often-overlooked innerwear segment. Moreover, it has now expanded to a wide range of products, including hoodies, joggers, Polo t-shirts, shirts, statement t-shirts, and vests. 

Its success is combining sustainable fabric practices, such as "The Constant Collection," which features curated apparel designed to last 17 months. It has introduced new technology to sustain the quality of the fabric, durability, and color. Additionally, this brand includes micro-modal and bacteriostatic fabrics, as well as anti-odor inners and bamboo or cotton vests. 

With a customer-centric approach, sizable collection, and sustainable designs, DaMENSCH secured $16.4 million in series B funding and sourced materials from Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Karnataka. This further contributes to the local upliftment.

7. Licious

Licious was founded by Vivek Gupta and Abhay Hanjura in 2015. It has carved a unique place in the hearts of meat and seafood lovers across India. The e-retail market in India has been underserved in the meat and seafood sections. 

Taking advantage of this, Licious has unlocked 300% growth in just five years, serving over 3 million customers across major cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai. With its increasing popularity, the brand now offers a premium range of seafood and meat collections to 1 million customers monthly. 

Licious's customer satisfaction comes from its immaculate grasp of cold logistics techniques and the assurance of the freshness of every product. Its diverse range includes various cuts of fish, chicken, mutton, prawns, ready-to-cook marinated pieces, cold cuts, spreads, and spices. 

It was recognized as a 'Unicorn startup' with a valuation surpassing $1 billion. Moreover, Licious secured $150 million in series F2 funding from Amansa Capital to drive technological innovation, solidifying its position in the animal-protein-based e-retail market.

8. boAT

boAT was founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta in 2014. It has become a household name among millennials and GenZ audiophiles for its affordable and stylish "Made in India" wearable audio electronics. 

It started with producing indestructible charging cables and expanded into wired and wireless wearables, catering to the demand for Indian-made products. boAT customers can choose from various products, including gaming headphones, neckbands, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, power banks, and speakers.

83% of boAT revenue comes from the e-commerce marketplaces. It also ventured into offline retail through Reliance Digital and Croma stores in 2018-19. boAT's strong customer presence comes from its marketing strategy of branding itself as an aspirational brand for young, optimistic trendsetters with strong ambitions. 

The brand has solidified its brand presence by associating with Indian celebrities like Kiara Advani and Kartik Aryan, creating perceived value among its target audience.

9.   Sreeleathers

Sreeleathers is a shoe brand founded by Sri Satyabrata Dey that has been in Indian markets for thirty years. It started with a single store on Lindsay Street in Kolkata and has expanded to 42 stores across 10 states in India. 

When leather shoes were considered a luxury item, Satyabrata Dey targeted the middle class by offering them quality leather shoes with style and comfort. Sreeleathers offers shoes that perfectly combine comfort, craftsmanship, and contemporary design.

They stride into style and excellence. Creating durable and affordable leather shoes for everyone has nurtured Dey's dream of creating an Indian shoe brand in the era of international brands. 

Sreeleathers holds the record of being the world's largest single-brand store. The footwear is designed to enhance the style and is created in a way that transcends functionality. Sreeleathers stays true to its value and elevates your journey while exploring new horizons or making a statement.

10. Anveya Living

In the D2C brands in India, Anveya is a known name. Founded by the famous entrepreneur Saurav Patnaik and the former FirstCry executive Vivek Singh in 2018 in Bengaluru, Anveya is known for its range of sustainable hair and skin care products.  In 2022, Anveya started its flagship products, Colorisma and Curlvana. 

Moreover, it introduced a new gold acne kit in its product range. In FY22, Anveya Living clocked a revenue of roughly ₹11.7 crores, making it one of the best D2C startups in India. In 2023, they aim to get a revenue of ₹45 crores. Anveya Living has also raised ₹8 crores from Rukam Capital firm in February 2022.

11. Alphavedic

Shrey Jain and Shruti Khare founded Alphavedic in 2019. They started by selling their products through numerous websites, famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and 40 offline chains across India.

Alphavedic stands among the leading bootstrapped D2C companies in India with 24-hour SKUs. The product range of Alphavedic includes hair care products, shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, creams, etc., focusing on Ayurvedic beauty and personal care. 

The company focuses on providing extremely effective products that do not cause any side effects and are more natural than the other options available in the market.

Over the next few months, Alphavedic plans to add ayurvedic vitamins and supplements to its product ranges.

12. Lyra Women’s Wear

Lyra is a D2C company in India co-founded by a brand of Lux Industries Ltd. in 2012. It is a women's wear brand with a diverse product range, which includes bottom wear, t-shirts & tunics, activewear, sleepwear, lingerie, winter wear, etc. Its speciality is offering stylish attire that is functional, versatile, and comfortable attire. 

Their product aim lies in redefining everyday fashion for women. It sells its products through roughly 45,000 outlets all over India. In FY 2021-22, they sold approximately ₹1.57 crores worth of products. They also offer numerous wardrobe essentials for numerous occasions and the requirements of different people.

13.  Turtle

Turtle is an Indian clothing brand for men that emerged in Kolkata in 1993. When the Indian fashion industry was taking a stir, Turtle clothing company made a name for itself to influence the fashion landscape. It aims to be a comfortable and affordable brand for everyone. 

The directors of Turtle believe that clothing is more than just the fabric. They believe it is the reflection of personality and a canvas of creativity that manifests confidence. This notion helped the company to redefine men's fashion in India. It is a clothing brand that embodies modern elegance.

Each design is curated to balance the current trend and keep the charm intact. Turtle has a collection of tailored suits for casual wear that influence even global fashion. As you go through their website and showroom, you can observe the skill of Indian crafters, which is a testament to their dedication and precision. 

Turtle has everything in one place, be it a basic, formal, or easy-to-go look. Over the years, it has continuously worked hard for men's fashion in India to make its clothing empowered with a sense of pride and flair.

14. Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci is among the bootstrapped D2C companies in India. Founded by Anuj Nevatia and Natwar Agrawal in 2015, this D2C company in India worked on building its legacy in the footwear industry much before the craze of sneakers rose to fame on the foundation of factors like seasonality of business, market organization, and the timeless demand of shoes.

Bacca Bucci sells its products through its official website and numerous e-commerce platforms. They have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the backend processes of shoe manufacturing. Moreover, apart from shoes, Bacca Bucci also offers belts, wallets, and toiletry bags in its product ranges.

15. Beco

  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Founders: Aditya Ruia
  • Co-Founders: Akshay Varma and Anuj Ruia 

Founded in 2019 by Aditya Ruia, Akshay Varma, and Anuj Ruia, Beco is among the top D2C startups in India. It has emerged as a brand known for sustainability, specializing in kitchen, home, and personal care products. Beco's product range offers an array of biodegradable and combustible items such as tissue rolls, bamboo facial tissues, dishwashing liquid, toothbrushes, garbage bags, etc.

In September 2022, the company secured $3 million in its Series A funding round. The funding was headed by Rukam Capital. Noteworthy investors such as Prashant Pittie, Titan Capital, Priyavrata Mafatlal, and Better Capital also contributed to this round.  With this infusion of capital, Beco announced plans to increase its retail presence, aiming to establish 10K stores across India.

Before this accomplishment, Beco had successfully raised ₹4 crores in its seed funding round. Key investors in this phase included Climate Angels Fund, Rukam Capital, Sequoia Sprout, and Richa Kar, the founder of Zivame, among others.

16. Wow Skin Science

In an era marked by growing climate consciousness and the rise of the vegan movement, Wow Skin Science has emerged as a natural and authentic plant-based beauty brand that is cruelty-free and devoid of harsh chemicals. It was founded by Manish Chowdhary and Karan Chowdhary. 

The brand is experiencing unprecedented growth, earning nearly ₹500 crores in the year 2022. Moreover, 90% of its sales come from retail stores in India and the US, while only 10% come from its website. Wow Skin Science competes with market giants like Nykaa and Mamaearth through its diverse range of products.

Customers can experiment with plant ingredients like Vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, and activated charcoal and choose products based on skin concerns, types, climate variations, and scents. Its highly-rated products have earned a 5-star rating, further endorsing its brand quality. 

This startup has attracted funding from Singapore's GIC and venture capital firms like Chrys Capital, with total funding standing at $124.9 million.

17. BlueStone

BlueStone is India's first jewelry brand to launch its online collections in 2011. It has emerged as a major omnichannel D2C store catering to India's massive consumer market for gold jewelry. It was founded by Gaurav Kushwaha. BlueStone now operates over 150 retail stores nationwide, reaching even remote areas like Nagaland. 

It has an impressive collection for all ages, genders, occasions, and price ranges. This brand incorporates gold, diamond, platinum, and gemstones while staying true to the D2C business motto by creating an incredibly gratifying customer experience. 

It offers a lifetime exchange policy, which allows the customers to exchange old jewelry for newer designs or cash, and a try-at-home service for potential shoppers to view shortlisted pieces. The brand also leverages the comfort of online shopping. 

On top of that, Bluestone provides free shipping and a 100% return policy within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. It has cemented its position in India's thriving jewelry market.

18. Neeman's

  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Founders: Taranjeet Singh Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh
  • Website:

Neeman's is a trailblazer in India's sustainable footwear industry, completely substituting synthetic fibers with organic ones. This eco-friendly brand has caught the media's and conscious customers' attention by recycling PET plastic bottles and rubber into shoes. Now, Neeman's uses a variety of renewable fabrics like featherlight and comfortable Merino wool and cotton. 

The brand provides a wide selection of footwear, including slip-ons to premium Merino wool joggers with water-resistant roles. Customers praise Neeman's flexible, durable, odorless, and lightweight shoes that eliminate the need for socks. 

Neeman's was founded in 2018 by Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh. It is currently valued at $40 million and secured a Series B funding of $9.8 million in June 2022. It is leading the way in eco-friendly footwear with its commitment to sustainability and innovative use of renewable materials.

19. Sugar Cosmetics

  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Founders: Vineeta Singh
  • Co-Founders: Kaushik Mukherjee


Sugar Cosmetics is a D2C brand founded in 2015 by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee. It surprised the Indian market with its estimated valuation of $500 million in May 2022. This company raised $87.5 million in Angel funding and Series B rounds as of September 2022. 

Unlike many other 100% vegan makeup brands, Sugar Cosmetics focuses on developing products that can withstand India's hot and humid climate conditions. It caters to digitally-savvy millennial working women with deeper skin tones. 

Observing the lack of compatible products for Indian consumers and undeserving market needs, Vinneta Singh launched the brand with colorful, long-lasting liquid lipsticks blending glossy shine with matte. Today, Sugar Cosmetics offers over 100 varieties of lipsticks, primers, blush, and foundations. 

Adapting omnichannel retail while remaining true to its D2C ethos, it has over 195 retail stores nationwide. The brand is known for its quality ingredients, cluster-free, and expressive packaging art.

20. ZoWed

Founded by Siddhartha Daga and Richa Kanoria in the year 2016, ZoWed is notable in the D2C brands list in India. It focuses on making the wedding days memorable with numerous beautiful and stunning wedding attires and tackling the stress of looking the best for your D-Day.

Weddings are an essential day for every individual, and choosing the best option for the same can be a difficult task. This is where the company has created its market. Their online presence is maintained through their wedding blogs and Instagram, and they have a following of more than 1.2 million. 

They also offer to plan wedding days as a full-service PR team and social media consultancy for B2B businesses. 

21. Beyoung

Founded in 2018 by Shivam Soni, Shivani Soni, Sakshi Soni, and Shankar Mali, Udaipur Beyoung is among the top D2C startups in India. It has made its mark in the apparel industry by specializing in fashion wear. It operates through one of the best online shopping apps, online website, and numerous E-Commerce platforms, making it easily accessible to everybody. 

Beyoung recently secured ₹40 crores funding from Klub. The company had a turnover of ₹100 crores during the financial year 2022-23 (FY23). They have also inaugurated over 100 brick-and-mortar outlets in Tier-II and Tier-III cities across India in 2023.

22. The House of Ganges

The House Of Ganges was founded by Riya Osatwal and Ricky Osatwal in 2018. It is amongst the top D2C brands in India. The company has a legacy in the fashion accessories industry. Additionally, it has a passion for cruelty-free aliens, which is shown in its speciality vegan leather bags. It focuses on conscious and kind fashion without compromising on durability or style.

These bags require minimal cleaning, mostly monthly. Their brand focuses a lot on environmental responsibility, morality, sustainability, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to making a positive impact. The consumers of the brand boast of compassion for animals and the environment without compromising on quality.

23. Vaayu

Vaayu is amongst the well-known D2C brands in India. It was founded in 2018 and has made its mark in the Indian clothing industry. It focuses on sustainable fashion for every occasion and meets everybody's requirements. Their brand embodies values in their clothing. 

They focus on creating a green wardrobe by merging style and ethics. Additionally, they create a collection of clothes that resonate with people and show compassion for the environment as well as fashion. 

The mission is to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Moreover, to focus on creating more awareness about the impacts a responsible fashion can have on the sustainability of the environment.

24. Bombay Shaving Company

Bombay Shaving Company was founded in 2016 and is among the biggest D2C brands in India. Initially, it started As a company focusing on men's personal care, but later, it also ventured into hair removal and hair care categories. 

It has over 100 SKUs, which include various products like shaving regimes, trimmers, wax strips, Hair Removal Cream, and other such personal care products.

In 2022, they secured ₹30 crores in their funding and have a total of $45.6 (over INR ₹3 billion) in funding till now. Some of their investors are Malabar Investments, Patni Advisors, Singularity AMC Reckitt Benckiser, etc. It has a customer base of 3 million and has an ₹150 crore annual revenue rate that is expanding 35% every quarter.

25. GIVA

  • Founding Year: 2019
  • Founders: Ishendra Agarwal
  • Co-Founders: Nikita Prasa and Sachin Shetty
  • Website:

Founded by Ishendra Agarwal, Nikita Prasad, and Sachin Shetty in 2019, GIVA is among the best D2C brands in India. It offers pocket-friendly jewelry for its customers. It gained prominence due to its economical price range of ₹1000 to ₹20000.

Jewelry has a large market and is a form of expression. The company adds affordability and quality to it to create its own niche. Moreover, around 90% of its revenue is through online channels. The company has grown 100% year over year in FY22, making it one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in India. 

Apart from this, GIVA's customer base is 1.2 million individuals. They have over 40 exclusive brand outlets all over the country and plan to establish 100 retail stores across tier II and tier III cities in India by the fiscal year 2024.

This brand has also secured ₹130 crore in equity funding since its formation. Notably, in March of the current year, it further fortified its financial standing by obtaining ₹40 crore in debt funding from Alteria Capital.

26. 85Lansdowne

Shalini Nopany and Pooja Goenka created the 85Lansdowne brand in 2006 to cater to different trending styles for all shapes and sizes. With a vision to make India fashionable, they created a brand for an entire head-to-toe look. 

Along with clothes, they also offer accessories, bags, and shoes under one roof. Their unique concept was initially started in a seventy-five-year-old mansion called the Bengali Bari, which later was converted into a walk-in store to provide customers with a luxurious and comfortable ambiance. 

This brand showcases the work of 45 prominent designers across India. It also offers a platform for young talents from Kolkata to showcase their designs and make their mark in the fashion industry. 

85Lansdowne has emerged as one of India's best designer fashion brands, with diverse styles and designs. This allows people to carry a piece of their favorite iconic clothing set. 

27. Chaayos

Chaayos was founded in 2012 by Raghav Verma and Nitin Saluja. It falls amongst the most famous D2C brands in India. It sells a large variety of tea and packaged food items. Tea is also sold at its physical stores, while the other products are sold through E-Commerce platforms and physical stores.

Tea is an emotion for many people, and the company has capitalized on this by providing a large variety of affordable tea in various flavors. Thus, it secured a $53 million funding in June 2022. Major investors include Elevation Capital, Think Investments, Tiger Global, and Alpha Wave Ventures. To date, it has raised $85.5 million in funding.

28. Wakefit

Wakefit has the motto "RightToNap" and is on a mission to democratize sleep for every Indian. It was founded in 2016 by Chaitanya Ramlingegowda and Ankit Garg. This D2C brand has gained appreciation from over 5 lakh customers for its innovation-driven sleep mattresses that promote orthopedic comfort and relieve back pain. 

It has an impressive command over 30-40% market share in the sleep products market. Wakefit offers sleep solutions, including orthopedic memory foam mattresses, 7-zone latex mattresses, and dual comfort mattresses.

Beyond mattresses, the brand extends to pillows, bed frames, sofas, and study tables. It produces 7500 to 9000 mattresses monthly with machinery imported from the Middle East and Europe. 

Wakefit has earned certifications like Certi-PUR and Greenguard for its rigorous attention to product quality. While its website accounts for two-thirds of total sales, it also operates through Amazon, Pepperfry, and Flipkart. As of 2022, the company has secured a Series D funding of 320 Crores.

29. Vahdam Teas

Vahdam Teas has achieved a renowned name among top D2C brands in India as a premium tea brand. They cater to around 64% of the Indian population for whom tea is a staple daily drink. It was founded by Bala Sada, a fourth-generation tea entrepreneur. Vahdam Teas carefully curates herbal and ayurvedic tea ingredients. 

It is now present in over 103 countries. Vahdam Teas is a digitally native brand with a strong presence in eCommerce marketplaces. It topped Tracxn's native survey among 133 competitors. 

While bearing the "Made in India" tag has transcended borders, impressing Hollywood celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, and Martha Stewart, it is the first Indian tea company with climate and plastic-neutral certification. 

Vahdam's most popular teas include blooming rose black teas, cinnamon masala chai, Earl gray citrus teas, and assortments of spices known for their fresh whole leaves, subtle aromas, and zingy aftertaste. These teas are claimed to boost immunity, detoxify bodies, and aid sleep.

30. Caratlane

Caratlane was founded by Mithun Sacheti and Srinivasa Gopalan in 2008 and later acquired by Tanishq in 2017. It has maintained remarkable growth momentum as India's largest online jewelry seller. This brand has adopted an omnichannel approach. 

This brand has created a niche in the jewelry market with contemporary, lightweight, and versatile designs suited for everyday wear and changing fashion styles, such as Shaya, Ombre 2.0, and Bloom collections. Recently, Caratlane collaborated with the Wizarding World, delighting the Potterheads with a collection featuring pieces representing Hogwarts houses, patronus, and magical artifacts. 

Male consumers are often overlooked segment in jewelry. Caratlane targets males with a wide range of rings, earrings, and bracelets. It is valued at an estimated ₹20,000 crores with a 200% growth rate in 2022. 

Caratlane operates primarily through its website and has 165 retail stores across 66 Indian cities, catering to modern, fashion-forward consumers seeking unique and trendy jewelry designs.

31. Country Delight 

Founded by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal in 2013, Country Delight is one of the best D2C brands in India. It sells milk and other food products like ghee, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, etc. The brand sources these products directly from farmers and delivers them to the customers' doorstep directly. 

The quality of milk and milk products has always been a question in the minds of consumers due to their quick spoilage period as well as the mixing of chemicals in industrial packaging and delivery. 

The brand has worked in the space by ensuring the highest quality and purity to its customers. It has also helped the farmers by giving them more profits and an easy method of selling their goods, making them financially secure.

In May 2022, they received an investment of $108 million in funding rounds. Major investors are Venturi Partners, Temasek, SWC Global, Trifecta Capital, etc. They have a customer base of more than 1.5 million people and claim to have a revenue of $8 million every month across 11 states in India.

31. Vaidya's 

Dr. Vaidya's was founded in Mumbai in 2016 by Arjun Vaidya. It is an Ayurvedic product startup and sells over 100 FDA-certified products. Its manufacturing facility is in Silvassa, Mumbai. Some of its products are LIVitup, HERBOfit, Chakaash, etc.

The company works on the ancient principles of the Indian traditional science of Ayurveda that had been lost in history. It worked on the principle of getting solutions for numerous elements through nature without any harmful chemicals. 

After the pandemic, Ayurveda has gained worldwide importance and recognition. Ayurveda has also been known for having cures for various elements that have not found a cure in recent medical developments and medication.

It manufactures products to cure chronic ailments like diabetes, asthma, and arthritis. They sell their products through E-Commerce platforms and their own website. In 2021, the company was acquired by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group's venture capital arm, increasing its valuation to nearly ₹144 crores.

32. Gavin Paris

Gavin Paris was founded by Kishor Jairamka in 2022. It is amongst the best-emerging D2C brands in India. The brand caters to the evolving taste of modern Indian society. It offers products like Overseas t-shirts, tailored shirts, and co-ords, etc. It is famous for its vast spectrum of options for a variety of requirements.

It is popular among the youth for its modern fashion and for keeping up with changing trends. The company also gained popularity after featuring in Shark Tank India. The affordability of the clothes also makes them accessible to the young generation and college-going students.

That affordability and quality is another feather in their cap. Their clothing represents a taste of high-street fashion, and they believe in self-expression and empowerment through fashion. They believe your outfit is a testament to your personality.

33. The Baklava Box

The Baklava Box was founded by Vatsal Agarwal in 2019. It is amongst the most famous new D2C brands in India. It offers a premium assorted Indian sweet box, which includes fresh and authentic sweets made using traditional techniques. Baklava, the Turkish layered dessert, is famous worldwide. 

Today, with a fusion of Indian sweets, dry fruits, and namkeens, the brand provides diverse tastes to its customers. The taste, as well as the handicrafts together, are a unique feature of the company. Its authenticity is also another feather to its cap. 

34. Beyond Water

Beyond Water was founded by Devang Singhania and Shachi Singhania in 2020. Since then, the brand has become one of the best-emerging D2C brands in India. With a focused mission on wellness, the brand focuses on revolutionizing how people hydrate themselves. 

Their product is a liquid water enhancer that offers vitamins, electrolytes, cocktail mixes and garnishes to enhance the experience and value of drinking water. It is a 100% sugar-free bottle.

In the hectic life schedule, people often forget to hydrate. Even children have to be forced to drink water, so the company aims to enhance the experience of water drinking by adding flavor to it. Added nutrients in the form of vitamins and electrolytes also make it a healthy option.

More than 20000 people have used these flavored products and have expanded their traditional hydration boundary. One of the most innovative D2C brands in India, it promotes a refreshing narration and tasty hydration for lifestyle.

35. FreshToHome

Founded by Shan Kadavil and Mathew Joseph in 2015, FreshToHome is amongst the most famous D2C brands in India. They found an opportunity when the sea-to-home E-Commerce platform of Kerala closed down, and thus, the personal fish supply was disrupted. The company capitalized on the vacancy created in the market, which helped it grow quickly. 

The company has also expanded significantly and now searches 160 cities in India and all seven Emirates in the UAE. It has reached $256 million in funding so far through multiple sources of funding for businesses

Some of the major investors are Amazon Sambhav Venture Fund, E20 Investment, Mount Judi Ventures, Investcorp, Iron Pillar, etc. To boost its growth, the company plans to expand its outlets across all major metro cities.

36. Gynoveda 

Founded by Vishal Gupta in 2019, Gynoveda is amongst the top D2C companies in India. After facing lifestyle disorders in his own life for more than a decade, Vishal Gupta found the solution in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Furthering his research, he found remedies for numerous gynecological problems like PCOS, abnormal discharge, etc. 

After the pandemic, Ayurveda has gained more significance worldwide. Ayurveda offers various solutions to gynecological problems, and the company has capitalized on them. These remedies are often without any side effects, unlike the chemicals, which might lead to multiple side effects.

Noticing the gap in the market, Vishal Gupta, along with his wife Rachana and Dr Aarati Patil, started a company that blended Ayurveda with modern technology and problems. 

At present, the company has a wide product range of offering capsules, moisturizers, etc. 80% of their sales come from their own website. They are also available on numerous e-commerce platforms. They have a customer base of more than 3 Lakh women and an annual revenue of ₹100 crores. 

They have raised more than $11 million in funding. Some of their major investors are India Alternatives Fund, Fireside Ventures, Wipro Enterprises, Alteria Capital, and RPG Ventures.

37. Dorje Teas

Dorje Teas was founded by Sparsh Agarwal and Ishaan Kanoria in 2021. It is amongst the most famous new D2C brands in India. Focusing on the Darjeeling tea industry, the company focuses on mixing tradition with innovation and serving a story with taste. 

Tackling the issue of mismanagement, exploitation, and climatic problems, the company makes an effort to restore family Heritage Tea Gardens. Their product range consists of numerous flavored teas and brew boxes, including black, green, etc. 

The tea gardens of Darjeeling are very famous in India, and the company aims to provide the same experience to its customers without actually going there. The company also helps make the workers in the tea gardens more financially secure and helps them gain more money by utilizing tea leaves that would otherwise have been spoiled.

Today, it is among the best D2C brands in India in the tea industry. It is now in the spotlight of Bengal as well as in the entrepreneurial market. The brand aims to bring the heritage of Darjeeling tea to the world and provide an essence of the original tea directly from the tea gardens.

38. Heads Up For Tails (HUFT)

HUFT was India's first online pet store brand, which started in 2008. It was founded by Rashi Narang and later joined by co-founders Sandeep Atmaram and Rishima Coelho. It quickly became popular among pet parents. 

HUFT was created as a one-stop destination for all pet owners' needs. It offers a wide selection of bedding, accessories, wet and dry foods, wellness products, and toys. 

HUFT started as a kiosk at Select City Mall in South Delhi. Today, the brand has expanded to 75 stores in 45 pet spas and 15 Indian cities. Moreover, it has achieved a valuation of $185 million. 

HUFT raised $12.5 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and Verlinvest in January 2023 after launching its pet accessories products in the US. It had planned to launch 150 experience centers by 2024 and expand its retail presence. HUFT aims to strengthen its position as a comprehensive solutions provider for pet parents across India and beyond.

39. The Souled Store

The Souled Store has become synonymous with pop-culture merchandise, serving over 6 million customers. It was launched in 2013 by the founders Aditya Sharma, Vedang Patel, and Harsh Lal. It provides to millennials and GenZ. 

The brand offers various apparel, shoes, and accessories inspired by cartoon characters, the Potterverse, Marvel and DC universes, Netflix shows, and comics. It operates primarily as a digitally native store. The Souled Store ventured into offline retail in 2021 with six brick-and-mortar stores in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. 

It plans to expand its offline footprint to over 50 stores in three years. The brand leads the chart for pop-cultured inspired apparel. In March 2023, The Souled Store raised funding of ₹135 crores, led by Xponentia Capital. 

It currently earns 70% of its revenue from online websites and apps. The brand aims to expand to the UAE and later the GCC region within the next two to three years.

40. Mosaic Wellness

Mosaic Wellness was created in 2019 by Dhyanesh Shah and Revant Bhate. It is a digital health clinic that brings personalized health solutions to one's fingertips.  The brand operates through two verticals: "Be Bodywise," targeting women's health, and "Man Matters," for men's health. 

It was launched in 2020, with only the men's health segment, followed by the introduction of Bodywise in 2021. Recently, Mosaic Wellness expanded its outreach to children with its "Little Joys" component. 

With over 150+ doctors and 10+lakh consultations since its inception, it aims to make healthcare and nutrition more accessible to Indian men, women, and children. 

Individuals can assess themselves on the platform, book free consultations with doctors, and receive personalized solutions tailored to their specific health concerns. Mosiac Wellness upholds its motto of bringing health and wellness within reach.

41. Mokobara

Mokobara is a brand that emerged during the 2020 pandemic. It made a place for itself in India's D2C sector, focusing on travel and lifestyle products. Despite the challenges posed by the travel ban during the pandemic, its founders, Sangeet Agarwal and Navin Parwal, envisioned a future in travel and crafted functional yet trendy offerings. It is based in Bengaluru. 

Mokobara specializes in duffel bags, backpacks, suitcases, sling bags, wallets, and travel kits that are designed with sleek aesthetics and durability in mind. Their mission is to help customers reach their destinations with ease and style. It adopted an omnichannel strategy. 

Mokobara's sales come from offline stores, eCommerce marketplaces, and its website. In 2022, the company raised $6.5 million in funding, led by Saama Capital and Sauce VC, fueling its growth and trajectory in the travel and lifestyle segment.

42. Scoopski 

Scoopski was founded by Vedika Tibrewal and Sonal Tibrewal in 2018. It is one of the most famous food D2C brands in India. It caters to people with a sweet tooth and aims to bring a revolution to the world of sweets. 

Sweets are an essential part of every celebration, and the company aims to enrich the experience with its diverse products and flavors. The product range of this brand includes ice cream, cookie dough, cookie sandwiches, lattes, peanut butter, chocolate powders, etc. 

It is also famed for its diverse flavors and culinary craftsmanship, which range from conventional vanilla to new, exciting fusions of regional and international ingredients.

Creativity and invention are seen in every scoop as they elevate desserts to a message of happiness, imagination, and togetherness. They offer flavorful delights for every craving and a delightful experience with every bite with its premium ingredients and culinary expertise.

43. White Haathi Designs

Founded in 2020, White Haathi Designs is amongst the most exciting upcoming D2C brands in India. Starting with the noble aim of re-employing more than 1000 Karigars who lost their livelihood during COVID-19, it is one of the most value-oriented D2C brands in India. Their product ranges include new and unique jewelry designs offering statement pieces reflecting personality and style.

The collections combine luxury tradition with contemporary designs as they express heritage, emotions, and stories. The workers are also made more financially secure, and due to the diversity of the workers, the products offered are also diverse and unique.

Their giftable and personalized items are carved out with 92.5 sterling silver and 18KT natural gold polish. Their jewelry designs range from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc. An affordable price range adds to the glory of the brand.

44. Kapiva

Founded by Ameve Sharma in 2020, Kapiva is among the top D2C companies in India in Ayurveda. This brand also has investors like Vertex Ventures, Fireside Ventures, and 3one4 Capital. 

Ayurveda gained prominence when the pandemic hit the world. Belonging to the 103-year-old Baidyanath family, Ameve Sharma had first-hand experience in the field and realized the whitespace in the market. Kapiva has more than 100 SKUs and offers various products like juices, Shilajit, hair oil, shampoos, resins, etc. 

Ayurveda provides solutions to various daily life problems and issues without any major side effects or the use of artificial chemicals. The company has created its niche in the same.

Kapiva's key operations point is sourcing high-quality, authentic, and traditional raw materials and ensuring global-standard processing. They worked extensively on raising product awareness, scaling categories of the products, and enhancing the quality of the products to boost sales and gather customers. These efforts were a success, and the startup grew 7.5 times in the last 3 years.  

45. Rare Planet

Rare Planet was founded by Ranodeep Saha and Vijay Kumar TR in the year 2015. It is one of the most innovative D2C startups in India. It is also in the most famous D2C brands list India. Working towards highlighting the hard work of artists in making clay cups, also known as kulhads, the company is amongst the emerging D2C brands in India. 

Keeping the tradition and aesthetic alive, the company gives the artists a global platform and their customers innovative products reflective of their traditions. These handmade goods help the artists solidify their financial status and give their customers a feeling of home and familiarity through these beautiful goods. 

Various tourists also buy these goods as a memento of tradition, heritage, and hospitality from the country. The goods are available in various materials like clay, terracotta copper, etc. 

Off through a bouncy start since 2015, it gained recognition through Shark Tank India. Today, it flaunts a customer base of more than 40,000 people.

46. Desi Minimals

Founded by Siddhant Bhasin and Devinna Saraogi in 2019, Desi Minimals is one of the more recent D2C brands in India. It is a unisex clothing brand that promotes fashion without boundaries. Its product ranges contain various options in top wear, bottom wear, and accessories. 

The company focuses on offering a fresh perspective on a style that is not defined by traditional norms. It is a platform for individuals who seek self-expression beyond gender boundaries.

Inclusivity is an important aspect that must be included in every phase of life, and clothing is no different. The company has taken the initiative to do this so that people can wear what they want without any boundaries or norms.

The products have a minimalistic design, and every product has scope for the customers to create their own narratives and stories. It has gained attention and appreciation from diverse communities of fashion enthusiasts. It has a customer base of over 55,000, and the brand is known for its inclusive fashion. Its customers state individuality, freedom, and unapologetic style.

47. Tan & Loom 

Founded in 2019 by Rukmini Guha, Tan & Loom is one of the upcoming D2C brands in India in the category of bags. It offers stories, passion, and artistry with its bags. The bags are a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity of the artists. They are a depiction of modern individual sense, style, and purpose. 

The brand does not compromise on quality and design and offers a fusion of aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. Moreover, their most highlight-worthy part is their bags are premium yet affordable and make a beauty statement without compromising on minimalism. 

48. Flo Sleep Solutions

Founded by Gaurav Zatakia in 2018, it is one of the biggest D2C brands in India in the mattress industry. The company provides good quality mattresses and other sleep-related products in its product range. 

According to the needs of customers, the company offers many types of mattresses and pillows, such as ortho mattresses, ergo mattresses, anti-gravity latex mattresses, baby mattresses, fiber pillows, and memory foam pillows, for a premium experience for the customers.

Various mattresses are also essential in certain medical conditions. Thus, an ideal mattress is essential for everyone, and the company aspires to provide them with the same.

49. Farmley

Founded by Akash Sharma and Abhishek Agarwal in 2017, Farmley is one of India's most well-known and biggest D2C brands in the snacking industry. Its product ranges include roasted peri makhanas, thai chili cashews, date bites, etc.

It is an EBITDA-positive company that sells its products through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Blinkit. It has more than 10,000 retail outlets across 50 cities in India.

To date, it has raised nearly $15 million through funding. Its major investors include BC Jindal Group, DSG Consumer Partners, Omnivore, Alkemi Partners, etc.

50.  Earth Rhythm

Founded by Harini Sivakumar in October 2020, Earth Rhythm is one of the upcoming D2C brands in India in the beauty and personal care sector. Its product ranges include various haircare, skincare, and body care products. It boasts of selling zero-waste products like toothbrushes, vanity bags, combs, soap dishes, etc.

It has 160 SKUs and has a customer base of 150K users. To date, it has raised $1.2 million through funding from Anicut Capital. The company has claimed to reduce its carbon footprint and use sustainable ingredients.

51. Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee has made a name for itself in India's competitive and rapidly evolving FMGG market. It earned the love and trust of over 160,000 coffee enthusiasts. It was recognized as the fifth fastest-growing D2C startup company by Inc42. 

Its success lies in its ability to preserve coffee beans' freshness, aroma, and natural flavors. It was founded in 2018 by Bharat Sethil. The brand aims to infuse the market with nutrient-rich and vegan instant coffee.

Rage coffee's popularity has translated into impressive financial performance, with revenue of  ₹23.5 crores in 2022. It has a current valuation of $20 million. In March 2022, the company secured $4.2 million in Series A funding, positioning itself for further growth. 

52. Ecosoul

Founded by Rahul Singh and Arvind Ganesan in 2020, it is one of the top D2C startups in India in the environment sector. Realizing the whitespace in the market for eco-friendly products, they formed Ecosoul. 

The company sells eco-friendly home products like crockery, cutlery, garbage bags, tableware, etc. While the company's headquarters is in the United States of America, this year, they also ventured into India. It sells its products mainly through its website, which is also available on numerous e-commerce platforms.

At present, the company offers 43 product varieties and 1800 SKUs. It has secured $15 million through funding since its founding in 2020. Major investors include Accel, and recently, the famous Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar also made an undisclosed investment in the company.


In conclusion, India has become a stage for the rise of many D2C brands that are innovative in their approach and making millions of dollars in profits. The brands mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Apart from these, hundreds of brands are slowly making their mark and changing the market dynamics. The revenue these brands generate is large enough that they can no longer be considered an insignificant or small market. The marketplace is dynamic. The producers must adapt to the changes in customer behavior and needs.

Thankfully, there are several resources available in the marketplace, such as the best startup accelerators, making it possible for startups to multiply their growth. If these startups inspire you, come up with an idea, and become a part of the rising numbers of successful D2C brands in India.


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