Opera’s AI Assistant On Android Can Now Summarize Web Pages

Opera’s AI Assistant On Android Can Now Summarize Web Pages

Date: May 07, 2024

Opera Browser’s in-app AI assistant, Aria, has upgraded to new capabilities, including summarizing the content of web pages on Android.

In the evolving world of AI assistants, internet browsers are rapidly losing their stronghold on decade-old users. To tackle the advanced search methods while sustaining profitable operations, every browser has now introduced an AI assistant that enhances the web search experience manifold. One such browser is Opera. 

Opera’s AI Assistant has developed a new capability to summarize web page content. The feature announced on Monday is currently limited to Android devices only, and the company has not revealed the exact date of launching it on iOS and other devices. 

The AI-powered feature quickly summarizes new articles, pinpoints important points, and removes fluff to fit everything relevant on one screen. The AI assistant can accurately perform the summarization task for blog posts, text-based graphs, and research papers.

To access the feature, users can simply click on the three dots next to the Aria AI icon in the top-right corner. Click on the Summarize button, and a chat window with the requested information will pop up. Users will be required to update their app to the latest version before the feature is unlocked. Also, users who do not have an Opera account will not get access to the AI features on any device.

While many reading this news might not believe it, the Opera browser has remained relevant among the top internet browsers across the globe. Its current user count stands at 350 million, which is surprisingly impressive, considering how Google has always dominated the market. 

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer remained in the shadows for over a decade before completely shutting down. However, Microsoft has returned with an updated browser, simply called Internet, and equipped with Bing’s powerful AI assistant. Opera’s efforts to remain relevant may show positive results as the new generation of internet explorers finds it easier to try new things. The efficiency of the AI assistant will play a key role in the success of the browser in coming future.

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