20 Best AI Art Generators of 2024

Check out the best AI art generator tools that are set to revolutionize and inspire your creative idea.
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November 02, 2023
best AI art generator tools

There are many creative possibilities for the best AI art generators that have blown the minds of designers, creators, and viewers across the world. As a result, a number of content creators have started using AI-generated art tools to create content regularly and grow across digital platforms.

The concept of AI art has started building its reputation for a while, but the technology really boosted when an AI-generated art piece named Portrait of Edmond de Belamy was sold for $432,500. With the growing popularity of the AI art software, responses have been categorized into two parts based on opinions- the group that favors the use of the best free AI picture generator and the group that opposes its use.

If you are someone looking forward to leveraging the exceptional functionalities of an AI art generator, you need some best AI image generator apps that can be helpful. In this blog, we are listing down some of the best AI art generators that can help you create amazing art and illustrations.

Unleash Creativity with the Best AI Art Generators Of 2023-24

This AI art generator list includes some leading names from the segment. Our experts have reviewed the AI art generator tools to provide designers with new avenues for inspiration and exploration. AI image generator free apps have become invaluable companions for designers, empowering them to delve into uncharted artistic territories.We are certain that you will find your ideal software in this best AI art generator 2023 list. So, here we go.



The most popular name in the graphic industry, Shutterstock has an amazing AI art generator. This one of the best AI art tools offers some great features to make itself an easy-to-use tool while also ensuring the best quality of results compared to its alternatives. Shutterstock supports 20+ languages. 

Users can simply use their imaginations to type instructions for the tool and it will generate results within seconds. Once you generate results, you get multiple versions of results so you can choose the best outcome that resembles your vision or impresses your creative soul. 

For graphic designing needs, artistic needs, or even to entertain yourself, Shutterstock is an amazing option because you not only get a good AI generator, but you also get access to its built-in Create feature. This is one of the best AI art websites that freely generates up to 10 arts under a trial. Also, you can also instantly download your art once you have bought Shutterstock’s one of multiple licensing plans.

Key Feature of Shutterstock - Best AI Art Generator

  • Generates multiple versions to pick from
  • Comes with an in-built image editor called Create
  • Requires a licensing plan to download results
  • Supports 20+ languages
  • Get up to 10 AI-Generated Arts for free with Shutterstock's Free Trial. Sign up below! 
Explore Shutterstock - Popular AI Generator App


Midjourney, one of the best AI art generators for free software, allows you to generate realistic and compelling images easily. The software offers the first 25 artworks for free. There are two ways to use this top AI art generator software - Discord or the Beta program. 

But the easy way to access this best free AI picture generator is on Discord. To use Midjourney, you need to install the Discord app or use the web browser version for one of the popular messenger apps. After installing, just create an account, find Midjourney’s channel, and accept the terms and conditions to access the features. 

Midjourney for the web is also accessible with your Discord account. You can simply open the URL in the browser and log in by scanning the QR code with your Discord app to access it.

Key Features of Midjourney - One of the Most Popular AI Art Generator

  • Midjourney’s all features are accessible via premium plans
  • This safe AI art generator app offers up to 25 image generations for free
  • On phones, you can use Discord to access Midjourney
  • The platform is also available for web browsers
Exlpore Midjourney - Top AI Art Generator from Texts


One of the largest apps for stock images, Freepik is popular for its range of artworks provided for commercial use. However, the organization has also released an AI-based image generator for users to generate creative artwork. The Freepik AI image generator lets you create high-quality images using text-based prompts. 

There are style options in this free AI-image generator, including 3D, Generic, Photo, Digital art, and Painting. Simply write a prompt defining your vision and generate the new image without paying a single penny on this one of the best AI art websites.

The best thing about this AI image tool is that it allows editing images on a single platform. Imagine you want to make some tweaks to the result you generated. Just click on the Edit Image button and edit the existing artwork you produced.

Features of Freepik - One of the Best Free Online AI Generators

  • Generate free AI images using prompts
  • Pick a style for your image
  • You can customize the subject, scenario, and even style
  • Allows generating up to 30 AI images per day for free
Explore Freepik - Top AI Generative Art Software


A unique but leading AI art tool, DALL.E 2 can generate fresh results and even modify existing images. By recognizing art assets, DALL.E 2 AI is advanced enough to create realistic effects. Additionally, with regular updates, the passionate developers of this best AI art tools keep updating their database to improve this tool's realism.

As per the statistics shared by the platform, with DALLE, more than 1.5 million people-including authors, creative directors, and artists-are actively producing over 2 million photos every day. In our Discord community, over 100,000 individuals share their work and offer feedback.

Key Features of DALL.E2 - One of the Best Free AI Art Generators

  • Best tool to create photorealistic results
  • Uses natural language for entering prompt
  • An active community on Instagram
  • Suitable for all genres whether portraits or landscapes
Explore DALL.E2 - Top AI Photo Generator
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Fotor is a unique and effective photo-editing platform and a graphic-designing solution that helps businesses and professionals. If you are just starting with photo editing and designing, Fotor is the most suitable AI software. 

With a large set of tools for resizing photos, adding filters, multiple effects, modifying backgrounds, and much more, this best free AI generator is a complete solution for all your photo editing needs. This software can be ideal for anyone who wishes to create professional designs and portraits through high-quality photo restoration software.

Key Features of Fotor - Best AI Generator Art App

  • Offers a web, desktop, and mobile application
  • It provides a social network to connect and collaborate
  • A simple-to-use and convenient collage maker tool
  • Intelligent filters and effects powered by AI technology
  • Drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, image library, and more
Explore Fotor - Smart AI Art Generator for Professionals


By giving you access to a solid and dynamic platform for creative production, Leonardo goes beyond the limitations of the standard AI toolkit. It combines cutting-edge generative AI technology with unmatched creator control, enhancing rather than replacing human creativity.

Leonardo.AI platform offers you fine-grained control over each stage of the content creation process. The software works on your creative vision to bring life to it. By utilizing state-of-the-art backend features, Leonardo excels in model fine-tuning, prompt adherence, training speed, inference pace, and multi-image prompting capabilities. 

More than just an AI photo editor, you can effortlessly alter and improve your artwork by transforming existing photos using the Image to Image function and other tools. You can edit photos in the app with Leonardo's creative suite. With just a few clicks, you can easily upscale, enhance, zoom out, and eliminate backgrounds from photographs to get your preferred look.

Key Feature of Leonardo.AI - Best Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

  • Control over your art generations using Prompt Magic
  • Generate production-ready art and design assets effortlessly
  • Guide and shape your creations with specific prompts
  • You can achieve your desired style and artistic vision
Explore Leonardo.AI - Best AI Photo Editor App


WOMBO app is an image manipulation app that allows users to create fun videos and avatars using the smart AI technology. Users can take a selfie and add a song of their choice from the curated list. The advanced features of this app, create a video that artificially moves the selfie's head. 

If you wish to create a unique video in seconds, the WOMBO app is an excellent option for you. The app can work seamlessly well with all images that resemble a face. The pre-recorded choreographies are mapped onto the images using artificial intelligence.

The WOMBO app can be used for free or with a paid version. Use the WOMBO app and create magic with the most advanced AI technology.

Key Feature of WOMBO - Good AI Art Generator

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Compile videos within seconds
  • Generate videos without any limitations
  • Explore pre-saved sounds and music
Explore WOMBO - Best AI Art Generator from Text


One of the most popular apps for designers, Canva offers stunning and safe AI art generator software. The tool, just like its competitors, supports text-to-image features. Also, there are templates that you can use to command this best art generators with a tentative idea for better results. 

The best thing about this AI art generator available online is that it also includes editing tools that will help you make your results perfect. These tools are crop, flip, resize, autofocus, depth of field, and more. Whether you have a clear vision for results or are just exploring on the go, Canva is the right best free online AI art generator to use.

Key Features of Canva - Best AI Art Generator Free

  • Generate arts using texts as commands
  • Allows you to edit images as well
  • Includes templates that you can use for faster results
  • Provides 3D tools to generate arts as well
Explore Canva - Top AI Art Software


Simplified is one of the best AI Art Generators for free that is accessible and a user-friendly tool. With this best AI generator’s straightforward interface, even those without a technical background can effortlessly transform their ideas into stunning visual artworks. This generator simplifies the complex processes behind AI art, making it easy for users to experiment with various styles, colors, and compositions. 

Simplified's best feature is not AI but its design tool supporting AI features. You can simply pick templates like IG story format, etc., to use as a sample reference to generate results accordingly. 

Key Features of Simplified - Best AI Generated Art App

  • Free 10-image credits to use
  • Allows you to buy up to 500-image credits at once
  • Includes a range of design templates to use from
  • Comes with templates for videos as well
Explore Simplified - AI Art Generator Best Free for Use


Another text-to-art tool, Hypotenuse, is useful for creating high-quality results. This best AI art generator from text requires you to create an account on the platform to use it for free. However, free art will have watermarks on it, but with its premium packages, you can remove watermarks from the art. The Hypotenuse packages are divided into three categories- Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Starter package costs $24 per month, Growth for $49 per month, and the Enterprise package offers customized prices based on the requirements. The Growth and Enterprise packages increase the number of image credits you get and help you generate art with good resolutions.

Key Features of Hypotenuse - One of the Good AI Art Generators for Beginners

  • Free artwork will have a watermark
  • Enterprise package offers customized price ranges
  • The premium package can remove watermarks
  • You can sync the platform with Shopify as well
Explore Hypotenuse - Comprehensive AI Photo Generator

Dream AI

Dream AI is the software that includes over 90 style references to help you generate desired artwork. To provide a style reference to AI, you can pick from options like VFX, HDR, Soft Touch, Watercolor, Flora, Vector, and many more. This best AI generator free can also generate the outcome you envisioned according to your requirements. The most beneficial part of using this new AI art generator is that you can also upload a picture of yourself to offer AI as a style reference. 

This software is one of the most preferred AI art generators for free that also includes premium-quality templates. You can access premium connections by signing up for a subscription. The tenure of Dream AI’s premium subscriptions is divided into- monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

Key Features of Dream AI - One of the Most Popular AI Art Generator

  • Use style references to generate desired results
  • The tool includes 90+ style references
  • Premium subscriptions of Dream AI are divided into three categories
  • The premium package lets you generate up to 4 outputs at a time
Explore Dream AI - Simple AI Picture Generator


As the name suggests, the platform breeds art. You can generate AI art on this best free online AI art generator in multiple ways. The app allows you to upload an image that is already an existing art so that the AI functionality of the platform can tweak the art and make it more creative. In a way, any skill you see on the internet, you can remix with the help of Artbreeder so that the final results can free you from copyright strikes. 

This is one of the best open source AI art generator offering a free, starter, advanced, and champion package. Each package comes with different accessibility, according to your selected plan you will get the services. Videos with animated frames, Google Drive sync support, and more are some of the additional perks given in the premium packages of Artbreeder. 

Key Features of Artbreeder - Best Free Art AI Generator

  • Generate 3,000 animated frames for videos in the starter package
  • Generate unlimited art for free
  • The free package lets you download only 5 high-resolution images
  • Packages except Free provide support for Google Drive sync
Explore Artbreeder - Best AI Art Generators Free

Night Cafe

Create art with AI with Night Cafe that offers multiple options and tools for generating and creating art. It is one of the best AI art generator apps that lets you turn a regular photo into a creative masterpiece. You can create and share art using the new and most advanced AI-based image processing methods. 

All you need to do is enter the text prompt, and the best art generator will create stunning art or images using optimized text-to-speech technology. It is one of the best free online AI generators that use diffusion technology, simplifying the entire process and making it much more fun and exciting. 

Key Features of Night Cafe - New AI Art Generator

  • Available for free online and for iOS and Android phones
  • It lets you explore and connect with an art community
  • Create artful pieces within seconds
  • High-powered GPUs to create art
  • Allows you to retain full copyright ownership of your art
Explore Night Cafe - Best AI Art Generator Free


Hotpot is an AI art generator app that gives shape and structure to your creative thoughts. This is a great app for artists looking forward to providing a definite form to their imaginative thoughts. You can bring your ideas to life and turn them into creative wonders using this AI art generator. 

It is the best AI art generator software that is extremely simple. You only need to write down your creative input, and the app will do the rest. This AI art generator can assist you in creating splendid graphics, stunning art, illustrations, and much more in a fraction of a second. 

Key Features of Hotpot - All-in-One Online AI Art Generator

  • Collection of templates for designing mockups, app icons, social media posts, etc.
  • A one-stop shop for graphic design, copywriting, photo restoration, upscaling art, etc.
  • Automates the process of art creation
  • A good free AI art generator tool for hobbyists and professionals
  • Convert different art formats within the app
Explore Hotpot - Best AI Picture Generator

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is the best free AI art generator software that offers exceptional features and tools to design creative art. This free AI art generator is mostly preferred for its ability to create psychedelic art. It uses AI technology to enhance the patterns in the arts, giving it a more intense and realistic look. 

Deep Dream Generator is an art generator AI that is a top choice for many artists who are into creating surreal art and abstract-style visuals. Apart from generating art pieces, this is one of the top AI art generator apps that lets you explore deep insights into what people might comprehend and see in an artwork.  

Key Features of Deep Dream Generator - Best Online AI Art Generator

  • Uses 3 different tools- Deep Dream, Thin Style, and Deep Style
  • Creates painterly-style art that can be downloaded directly
  • Customizable styles and color palettes are available 
  • Useful for designing images in the field of art history 
  • Exaggerate the features and patterns in your art
Explore Deep Dream Generator - Best AI Generator Free

Deep AI

One of the easiest AI-generated art tools, Deep AI, has limited features accessible for free. The tool comes with a $4.99 per-month subscription plan for Deep AI PRO, which lets you generate 500 images monthly and provides a private image generation feature to keep your creativity safe.

Deep AI is a popular art generation tool designed to provide high-quality results faster. You can use commands and select one of the templates to give AI all the details it requires to convert your vision into a reality. With a premium plan, you can also access the API library of Deep AI.

Key Features of Deep AI - Best Free AI Art Generator for Designers

  • Explore artworks created by community members from across the world
  • Use already existing templates to predict possible outcomes
  • Simply enter texts to generate art
  • Generate 500 arts per month for $4.99 per month
Explore Deep AI - One of the Popular AI Generators


Formerly known as DALL-E Mini, Craiyon is a good and free AI art generator tool that can be installed without additional charges or cost. You can enter prompts to generate art without signing up or creating any accounts on the platform. The best part about this AI art generator is that it provides results with multiple variations within minutes. 

Key Features of Craiyon - AI Art Generator Free App

  • The tool is free to use
  • Using commands like high-definition, 4K, HDR, etc., can be useful
  • Developers use ads to make money
  • The forum also includes a community to share results with
Explore Craiyon - Best AI Art Generator from Texts

Deep Art Effects

The Deep Art Effects app is an excellent AI-based photo editing software that can convert any regular image into a creative masterpiece. You can easily create digital art pieces with just a few simple clicks. Its smart AI technology makes it easy for users to create great quality visual artworks through their smartphones. 

This tool works well for both videos and images and is thus extremely popular among users. You can create artwork inspired by famous Van Gogh’s painting and others. The app also offers a variety of editing tools to amp up your work. 

With an affordable subscription plan, the Deep Art Effect app is an excellent option for both beginners and professionals alike.

Key Features of Deep Art Effects - Best Free Art AI Generator

  • Fast image processing in less time
  • Supports encrypted data transfer
  • Directly share your artwork with the community 
  • Extremely simple and intuitive controls
Explore Deep Art Effects - Best AI Art Generators Free


This one of the best free AI art generators lets you create approximately 25 pieces of artwork per day, and the software can generate unlimited art with a premium version. The advanced features of this one of the best art generators include upscaling images, unlocking all aspect ratios for your results, creating art in bulk, and more. The premium version removes ads from the platform to experience interruption-free AI-art rendering. 

You must create an account to begin your journey with one of the best art AI generator apps. Once done, you get 5 free credits every day to render free images. The number of credits will increase once you start creating high-quality AI art. The app rewards you with free credits by sharing the results generated on top social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok for better engagement on your posts. These credits are awarded to users by earning at least 500 likes.

Key Features of Starryai - Best AI Image Generator Online

  • Allows users to earn free credits by attracting likes
  • The Unlimited Pro lets you generate unlimited art
  • Free package allows 25 free images daily
  • You can use these arts or images for commercial purposes too
Explore Starryai - One of the Top AI Art Tool for Free

AI Picasso

One of the best AI Art Generator apps, AI Picasso, allows your imagination to be on a different level. With this app, you can generate unpredictable places, characters, and landscapes. Try out this outstanding app for doing experiments and surprising your audience.

This program for creating art uses artificial intelligence (AI) called Stable Diffusion to create an image from the words. This feature is the most recent addition to a text-to-image model powered by deep learning, enabling millions of people to produce beautiful artwork in seconds.

The AI understands the words entered by you in the prompts and generates the art. You can also generate illustrations from rough drawings you have made for yourself, making it possible even for those with no artistic ability to create images. You can edit filled areas
with prompts.

AI Picasso app is a modern AI art generator that uses new technologies to improve the work. This great AI drawing app is a great place to start your new digital journey.

Key Feature of AI Picasso - One of the Best Free AI Art Generators

  • You can generate detailed images in seconds
  • The app allows you to add characters and objects
  • You can try different styles to enhance your images
  • Images will re-create exactly what you wanted, even better
Explore AI Picasso - Best AI Photo Editor App
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How does AI art and art generators work?

AI art generators work on advanced machine learning algorithms to create visually appealing art pieces in seconds. These art generators are trained on large datasets of famous paintings, drawings, and other art forms. Based on this data, the apps can differentiate different art styles and techniques easily. 

Based on the teachings from neural networks, AI art generators learn about different patterns and features of the data. The process of creating art work from an AI art generator app are mentioned below - 

1. Dataset Selection 

The first step in creating an art from an AI generator is selecting a quality dataset of popular artworks. This will lay the foundation for machine learning algorithm to understand and learn the pattern of different art. 

2. Training 

After selecting the dataset, the AI art generator is then trained on the text and images on these datasets. This step includes feeding all the images through a neural network that helps in learning patterns and features. 

3. Generation 

After training the AI art generator, you can now easily generate all your favorite artworks easily. All that you need to do is put a random input and let the app work its magic. Based on the patterns learnt, the AI art generator app can create masterpiece within seconds. 

4. Refinement 

The basic artwork created by the AI art generator apps can then be refined using additional algorithms and tools. This can easily be done using filters and different styles. Refining images create better quality and more ethically pleasing artworks. 

What are the benefits of working with AI art generators?

Working with AI art generators offers many benefits that greatly enhance the creative process and open new possibilities for artists and designers. Here are some elaborated benefits:

1. Inspiration and Creative Exploration

AI art generators can serve as an endless source of inspiration by offering a fresh perspective and introducing artists to new styles, techniques, and concepts they may not have considered before. This exposure to diverse art forms can spark creativity and create innovative and unique artworks.

2. Time and Efficiency

AI art generators can significantly speed up the creative process. Tasks that might have taken hours or even days to complete manually can be achieved in a matter of minutes with the help of AI algorithms. This time-saving aspect allows artists to explore more ideas and experiment with variations.

3. Assisting the Creative Process

AI art generators can be used as tools to assist artists in their creative journey. For example, they can help generate initial sketches, refine compositions, or suggest color palettes, allowing artists to focus on adding their personal touch and vision to the artwork.

4. Accessibility and Inclusivity

AI art generators can democratize art creation, making it more accessible to individuals with varying artistic expertise. They enable people without formal training in art to express their creativity and produce visually appealing works.

5. Art Style Exploration

AI art generators can often mimic the styles of famous artists or historical art movements. This feature allows artists to experiment with various art styles and find the ones that resonate most with their vision and preferences.

6. Artistic Collaboration 

AI art generators can facilitate collaboration between human artists and AI algorithms. Artists can use AI-generated elements as starting points, and then infuse their creativity to co-create unique and captivating artworks.

7. Learning and Skill Development

Working with AI art generators can be a valuable learning experience. Artists can gain insights into how AI models interpret and generate art, which can lead to a deeper understanding of artistic techniques and aesthetics.

8. Enhancing Visual Communication

AI-generated art can be used in various fields beyond traditional art, such as graphic design, marketing, and advertising. These generated visuals can be powerful tools for conveying messages and ideas effectively.

How do I choose the best AI art generator in 2023?

Choosing the best AI art generator involves considering various factors to match your creative needs, technical proficiency, and ethical considerations. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Define Your Purpose

Determine your goals and expectations for using the AI art generator. Are you looking to explore new art styles, create concept art, generate realistic landscapes, or produce abstract art? Identifying your purpose will help you focus on the right tool.

2. Research Available Options

Conduct thorough research to discover different AI art generators available. Look for reviews, artist testimonials, and examples of artwork created using each platform. Consider popular options like DeepArt.io, RunwayML, Artbreeder, DALL-E, NVIDIA GauGAN, Google's DeepDream, and PaintsChainer.

3. Evaluate User-Friendliness 

Consider your level of technical proficiency and the complexity of the AI art generator's user interface. Some platforms are designed simply and cater to beginners, while others might require a deeper understanding of AI concepts.

4. Quality of Output

Examine the quality and resolution of the generated art. Look for AI models that consistently produce high-quality and visually appealing results. Some platforms offer advanced features like style transfer with fine-grained control, which can be essential for certain art projects.

5. Artistic Flexibility

Check if the AI art generator allows you to customize and adjust generated outputs. The best ones offer artistic control, allowing you to refine and iterate on the generated artwork to match your creative vision.

6. Ethical Considerations

Investigate the data sources used to train the AI models and whether the generated art has any potential biases. Choose platforms that prioritize ethical practices and promote diversity and inclusivity.

7. Community and Support

Join online communities or forums where artists discuss their experiences with the best AI art makers. Learning from others' experiences can help you make an informed decision. Additionally, check for available customer support and documentation to assist you when needed.

8. Cost and Budget

Consider the cost of using the AI art generator, as some platforms might offer free options with limited features while others require a subscription or one-time payment. Ensure the pricing aligns with your budget and the value you expect to gain from the tool.

9. Trial or Demo

Try out the AI art generator through a free trial or demo version whenever possible. Hands-on experience will help you understand the platform's workflow and whether it suits your artistic process.

10. Future Development

Consider the platform's development and updates. An actively maintained AI art generator will likely offer ongoing improvements and new features.

Ultimately, the best AI art maker aligns with your creative goals, enhances your artistic process, and provides a positive and inspiring experience. Take your time to explore different options, experiment with various platforms, and find the tool that complements your unique artistic vision and style.


AI is evolving quickly; these good free AI Art Generator tools for designers are evidence of this rapidly changing world. The popularity of these tools has influenced millions of people worldwide to try them and give them a platform to express their creativity. In this blog, we did an in-depth market analysis to shortlist only the best AI art generator software for you to enhance yourself. 

But once you start there is no coming back from the creativity, you will enjoy and realize that some of the software is capable of understanding your commands well and generating the art piece as per your requirements. There are other art-generating software that might not be capable enough to generate your envisioned outcomes.

As these tools are gaining popularity, new developers are also trying to keep their AI art generators free to survive and thrive through the competition. However, you have a better option. If you are a software developer and own a tool that can amaze users with the quality of results, you can list your product on MobileAppDaily. Reach out to us and submit your product for a review so our experts can analyze it to check its abilities. If qualified, your software can be showcased among the top tools on our leading platform.

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