This Year’s Met Gala Theme Is Apparently Deepfake AI

This Year’s Met Gala Theme Is Apparently Deepfake AI

Date: May 07, 2024

Celebrity culture is filled with outward themes, and the Met Gala is one of the most prominent platforms to display them. This year, the style is Deepfake.

We can love or hate celebrity culture all we want, but popular people remain a part of our conversations. That’s their monopoly. Another monopoly around celebrities has emerged from Deepfake AI technology, and the latest victim seems to be this year’s Met Gala. Met Gala is famous for the extravagant nature of its celebrity guest list, out-of-this-world outfits, and fancy dinner candids.

This year’s Met Gala has met with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, where Deepfake AI is dressing up celebrities for the dinner night. The Met Gala of 2024 is based on the Garden of Time theme. And multiple celebrities have surfaced on social media with looks that more than just match the theme.

To set the contrast, let’s look at Ed Sheeran’s Met Gala outfit, which somehow brings back High School Musical 3 fever, but not in a great way. The good thing is that this outfit is not made by Deepfake AI; otherwise, it would have looked way better on him.

Let’s get to the ones imagined by AI using Deepfake technology. The first celebrity who went viral on social media is Katy Perry, whose Deepfake Met Gala outfit has received over 10 million views and 300k+ likes. The post on X is now attached with a disclaimer that clarifies the image was built by AI.

Another user posted a completely different outfit that matched the theme. In this one, the Deepfake’s artwork is a little more evident as her lips look unnaturally apart, and the lighting on the dress is completely out of proportion. Take a look at it yourself.

The funny part is that Katy Perry herself liked the posts but did not engage with them through a comment or by resharing them on her timeline. The truth is that Katy Perry was not even present on the Gala dinner night and probably won’t be attending this year’s event either.

Another celebrity who came into the spotlight is Rihanna, whose impressive Deepfake AI post on X makes it extremely hard to believe. The truth is that Rihanna was suffering from the Flu during the Gala night and could not attend it. Then, how do you see the outfit below?

Deepfake is making huge leaps in becoming realistic, blurring the lines between original and synthetic creations. However, we are still able to identify them either through an automatic disclaimer on social media platforms or with our naked eyes. The next Deepfake evolution may be difficult to identify, but let’s wait to see it unfold.

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