Best App Stores alternatives to Apple and Google
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Best App Stores Alternatives to Apple and Google [2020]

Why Leaving The Google-Apple App Store Bubble is Better For You

Best App Stores Alternatives to Apple and Google [2020]

Apple App Store and Google Play Store may have global recognition but they aren’t the only app stores with best free apps that farewell. For any app owner looking to launch their app, the Apple-Google hegemony forces them to pit their app against 2.1 million android apps and 1.8 million iOS apps.

‘But, what’s the solution?’, you may ask. That’s why we've curated a list of best alternate app stores for iOS and Android apps where app owners can launch their apps. 

Why go for an Alternative App Store?

We’d be lying if we said, every app store alternative can offer as profitable of a revenue share model as Google Play Store or the App Store. But third party app stores do pay for downloads and often have more lucrative app deals than the two popular app stores. 

Advantages of choosing an alternative to Google and Apple App Store:

  • Besides rarely charging an app listing fee, third-party app stores can promote your app better by featuring it as an app of the day or offer advertising discounts to app owners. 
  • Android app store alternatives can offer apps the coveted spot in the recommended apps list, which doesn’t make it to Google Play top ten charts.
  • App Store alternatives are more profitable than Google and Apple app stores if app owners are offering localized apps that target specific countries.

Having explained the potential opportunities and benefits of third party apps stores for app owners, we’ll take you through the best alternatives for iOS app stores, Android app stores, and Chinese app stores. 

Best iOS App Stores Alternatives

Apple may have you fooled that its App Store is the one-stop destination for iOS apps but iOS app owners have more options than they might think. These alternative iOS app stores not only charge lesser app store submission fee but also invest more in advertising your app than the Apple app store. 

Best iOS App Stores Alternatives

1. GetJar

Founded in the year 2004 by Ilja Laurs, GetJar is an independent app store created by app developers for app developers as an app beta testing platform. The iOS app store alternative has over 0.85M+ apps available on the platform and bags investor backing from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management.

2. Appland

Appland is the perfect iOS app store alternative if you’re trying to target end-users in international markets including Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, USA, Iran, El Salvador, Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Panama, Myanmar, Cambodia, Egypt, etc.

Appland lags a little with conceptual clarity in terms of distribution and revenue model but the app store support is extremely responsive, making it worthy of your consideration.  

3. TutuApp

Who says App Stores can’t be an app? TutuApp boasts of over 300+ million users and multiple language support. The iOS app store alternative includes cooperated SDK, easy app submission process and support for different payment methods. 

Best Android App Stores Alternatives

Google Play store alone hosts millions of apps, which means app owners submitting an app on the Play Store have to compete with hundreds and thousands of competitor mobile apps released on an annual basis. Even then not all Android apps are approved upon their first app submission. 

But since Google follows the approach of an open app marketplace, Android app owners can use the policy to their benefit by submitting their app to the next best alternatives of Android app stores, as mentioned in the list below. 


1. Amazon App Store

Everyone reeled in the industry buzz knows of Amazon’s e-commerce disruptions including the latest expansion of its famous Cashierless AmazonGo stores. But what most (including app owners) forget that this e-commerce giant also has an App Store that’s just as good as Google Play Store. 

Released on March 22, 2011, the Amazon app store offers plenty of free and paid apps and exclusive gaming apps with a clean and easy to navigate interface. In fact, the Amazon app store even offers its own currency system to buy games and in-app purchases, making it a perfect alternative to Google Play Store.  

2. SlideMe

SlideMe, a US-based Android mobile app store alternative, first made its debut in the year 2008 as a marketplace catering to different types of audience preferences. As SlideMe rightly puts it, 'one app store alone can't reach everyone and everywhere with the apps they want'.

It quickly rose to fame as the 2nd best app store alternative to the Google Play Store. The Android app store alternative also makes app security a priority as all applications on SlideME are scanned for viruses and exploits, including the Master-Key exploit before they are reviewed and approved by their editors.

To top it all, SlideMe has a robust community of app developers and advisors that help developers with code snippets, bug fixes, etc. and app owners with how to target, price and sell your application. 

3. 1Mobile

Besides hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, web apps, and even videos, 1Mobile makes app search for end users extremely simple. While developers can test out betas and free versions of paid apps on this Android app store alternative. 

Once they meet the security criteria, they can publish their apps. And, app owners need not worry about app promotions, 1 Mobile has a built-in recommendation system which helps apps attract an audience as soon as they hit the marketplace. 

4. Aptoide

Aptoide is one of those earliest Android app store alternatives that hosts 4-star and 5-star rated apps. Being an independent and open-source platform, Aptoide allows its users to discover a variety of Android apps with categories such as Local Top Downloads, Aptoide recommends, utility-based apps with separate categories such as Candy Day, Emoji Day, etc.

This makes it easier for end-users to search category based apps and offers app owners, a more customized recommendation platform. 

5. AppBrain

Founded in the year 2009 by Mathijs Vogelzang in collaboration with a Zürich-based company called AppTornado, AppBrain is one of the most reliable Android app store alternatives for app owners. It has over 100 million monthly active users and 2 million daily installs. Its end-user demographics sprawls across 236 countries with over 70,000+ apps in their SDK. 

The Android app stores alternative adopts a very transparent app promotion model, offering Cost per install (CPI) pricing, Non-incentivized user traffic, fraud detection algorithms, limits per app promotion campaign and per day, and user targeting by increasing or decreasing your CPI bid for maximum conversion. 

Apart from this, app users are also offered the option to use various filters to find the specific apps they are looking for in AppBrain.  

Best Chinese App Stores Alternatives

Ever since Google Play Store was banned in China, Chinese tech giants Tencent and Xiaomi, came up with their own Chinese app stores. This led to the rise of a third big app marketplace that caters to the world's biggest population and fastest-growing economy.

For app owners, this presents a whole new audience that’s yet untapped. The list below includes some of such top Chinese app stores that app owners can utilize.  

1. MyApp

Holding about a quarter of the entire Chinese Android apps market, MyApp by Tencent is currently one of the biggest online app stores. The Chinese app store hosts a variety of certified apps and offers a unique customized experience to app developers, making it a booming platform for app owners. 

Unlike other Western mobile app stores where the developers may not receive certifications, apps on MyApp are reviewed by the Copyright Protection Center of China after the app owners/developers submit a Software Copyright Certificate. 

2. Baidu

Baidu is China’s primary and the world's second-largest search engine right after Google. And just like Google, Baidu also has an app store along with various app development tools. One of such great tools includes advertising the available apps in search engine results. The company has also launched an English version to draw English speaking app users. 

3. 360 Market

360 Market has over 270 million mobile users, 455 million desktop users, 600 APK app files and more than 30 billion app downloads. And if that wasn’t enough, the Chinese app store has its own development program that offers anti-piracy protection to its developers. This way 360 Market isn’t just offering a huge app user audience to app owners/developers but also a robust firewall against app piracy. 

4. Oppo Software Store

The Oppo Software Store, designed and developed by BBK Electronics, offers both mobile hardware as well as software to its users. The Chinese app store even has a dedicated OPPO Game Center that offers secure game downloads and massive game benefits.

The basic mobile app submission procedure in the Oppo app store signifies the submission process done via Software Copyright Certification.

5. 91 Market

You may know Oppo as the selfie camera smartphone giant but did you know they have a thriving app store marketplace too? As per the recent stats, 91 Market has over 50M+ app downloads, indicating its robust community of end-users. The Chinese app store hosts both iOS as well as Android applications, making it a stronger contender against Apple and Google app stores. 

Global Smartphone Share in Q4 2019 

Best Cross-Platform App Stores

A cross-platform alternative app store is a wholesome app ecosystem where app users can find applications for various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc.

Considering that app stores for Windows and Amazon cover a significant portion of the market (400,000 and 340,000 mobile apps), this list of alternative app stores can help app owners tap on that unexplored user base.  

1. Opera Mobile Store

It’s been over two decades since Opera Mobile was launched and following its huge success, the company launched the Opera Mobile Store in 2011. Ever since the cross-platform app store alternative has hosted more than 170,000 mobile apps supported by both Android and iOS devices. With over 105,000,000 visitors per month and 7500 devices support, Opera Mobile Store is a great choice for app developers to branch out to a broader user base.

 2. NexVa

NexVa is yet another applause-worthy multi-platform application store that provides various white label products and services for mobile operators, OEMs, and organizations from different business verticals.

Many users favor this third-party app store to work with affiliates and drive traffic through CPI and advertising practices. Every mobile application mentioned in this online store provides information like ratings, screenshots, app descriptions, reviews, and supported platforms.

3. Appszoom

Appszoom, a decade-old third-party app store, is known to test thousands of apps on a yearly basis and deliver an improved UX (User Experience) while making sure the apps are protected to different types of malware. As for the statistics, the cross-platform app store alternative has over 4M+ monthly users active on its platform, a community of over 25K iOS and Android app developers,  and thousands of app reviews.

Which App Store is Best Among All?

If you’re developing regional apps, country-specific app stores such as Airtel Sri Lanka, TIM Store (Italy), Turkcell T-Market (Turkey), MTN Play (South Africa), T-Store (South Korea), etc. go a long way harnessing organic user base.


It’s no surprise that Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the most popular in the world but developers and app owners can often benefit more (especially in the case of regional solution) by also considering alternate app stores. Exploring other app stores also give you lucrative options for app promotion and building a wider audience.


Speaking of options, a great way to promote your app is to get a leading mobile app review platform to review your iOS or Android application. With an app review and lucrative deals sprawled across the above mentioned alternate app store, your app is a sure hit.

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