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Best 5 Apps To Secure Your Android Device From Every Possible Breach

Add an extra layer of shield to your device with these best Android apps 5 Apps To Secure Your Android Device From Every Possible Breach

In the internet age, almost everybody uses an Android gadget one way or the other. Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 2.5 billion people who have access to smartphones most of which run on the Android operating system.

As the number of people who relies on smartphones rises steadily, it is expected that the number of hackers trying to compromise the smartphones will increase significantly. Cybercrimes have become a common occurrence in the world and there is the need for you to install safety applications to secure your Android device.

There are numerous applications that you can use to secure your Android gadget based on the security features that come with it and its reliability. Some of the security apps available provide you with more than just protection; they also come with other enhanced features such as contact filtering, remote wipe, and wipe.

Top 5 Security Apps for Android Gadgets

1. Surfshark

Topping the list of the top security apps for Android devices is Surfshark VPN. This application has been designed using the latest technology in mobile security and will ensure that your smartphone is safe from hackers.

With it, you will enjoy uninterrupted access to the internet without worrying about unauthorized access to your data. After installing this application, your access to the internet will be secure because your online security is guaranteed.


You can download the Android VPN app on their website.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is another security app that you could consider for your Android device. This application was developed by Kaspersky Lab, which has its headquarters in Moscow. Kaspersky is one of the reputable security software that you should consider buying for your device. Kaspersky Company was started in 1997 and currently, it boasts of more than 300 million users globally.

For enhanced security features, you will need to make some in-app purchases that will guarantee you of more security when browsing online. It will protect your smartphone from malware that could compromise your safety and protect all the personal data that you have stored in your smart devices.

Kaspersky Internet Security

3. BullGuard Mobile Security

You can trust this application to protect your personal data on Android devices. The developer offers new users a free 2-week trial once they download it free from Google Play Store.

The developer has ensured that this app can provide you with complete device protection and online security when using the internet. The application will protect your smartphone from malware, viruses, and even give you live updates on the state of the personal data that you store on the cloud.

The app's smart anti-theft feature gives it more appeal among Android users because they can remotely lock their smartphones if anybody tries to exchange the SIM. The remote anti-theft feature enables you to lock your phone if you lose it and erase all the personal data to keep it safe from unauthorized access.

BullGuard Mobile Security

4. AVG

This application is appealing because it is available to users free of charge and offers numerous functions. The app features a 99.9 percent real-time virus detection, a percentage that reaches 100 percent if it had detected any viruses in the past one month. The app does not affect the performance of your device's battery life or network traffic negatively.

AVG is a complete package that features tools such as an app lock, a phone locator, a photo vault, and a call blocker. The photo vault allows you to hide sensitive or personal photos that you do not want people using your smart device to access.

AVG Mobile Security

5. GlassWire

This app is one of the latest in Android security. Once installed, the software will allow you to monitor your data consumption and identify the apps that are consuming your data heavily and those that are not. The application will alert you if it senses that an application is using data excessively so that you can turn its background activity off.

As a safety measure, the app will notify you of any malicious background activity. Although this application is not an anti-virus, it offers you reasonable safety features You can download the app free of charge on Google Play and use it without having to incur any cost.

GlassWire Mobile Security App

The Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned apps are some of the best apps that will secure your Android device for sure. You can download any of them and throw caution to the wind. For more detailed assistance on securing the Android device, you can comment below and let us know your concern.

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