WhatsApp Is Working On An In-App Dialer Feature

WhatsApp Is Working On An In-App Dialer Feature

Date: April 24, 2024

WhatsApp may soon introduce an in-app dialer to allow its users to call directly from the app using Wifi or cellular data.

WhatsApp has almost completely transformed in the last two years. From new chat category segregation to simpler group video calls, the user experience has been refined finely. This time, the tech giant plans to introduce a convenience feature for all its users. WhatsApp is reportedly working on an in-app dialer that allows users to make calls directly from the app without saving a number.

Till now, WhatsApp users could not fetch data or connect without saving the numbers. This layer was kept to protect users from unknown callers and keep personal information safe from them. With WhatsApp’s new features of in-app dialer, the app can be used as a default dialer, extending connectivity to unsaved numbers. Personal information like profile pictures, usernames, and others will still be visible only after saving the contact number or according to each user's privacy settings.

According to the sources, the in-app dialer feature is being tested in the WhatsApp Beta version and offered to a limited number of users within the Beta program. It will officially be available in the next Beta version, the update, on the Google Play Store. This addition aims to simplify connectivity between people across the world.

Users can enjoy high-quality calling worldwide with just one app and good internet through Wifi or cellular data. With more businesses using WhatsApp to operate and interact with customers, this feature can help business owners expand their reach and provide instant messaging access for support or grievances. The success of this feature may increase in-app calls and contact management without accessing the phone’s default app. The to and fro of contact saving will also be saved.

WhatsApp has always been one of the top messaging apps globally. The feature is still in development and will be tentatively rolled out by the end of this year. However, no official announcement has been made regarding this update. So, we only need to wait for the official update from the company. Until then, it is just a great idea lacking on-ground presence.

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