Top 21 Mobile App Testing Tools for an increased Efficiency
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Top 21 Mobile App Testing Tools for Utmost Accuracy and Performance

Mobile app testing tools hold much importance for an increased productivity. 21 Mobile App Testing Tools for Utmost Accuracy and Performance

In case you are lost among the various mobile app testing tools and not able to find the best one, then this article is surely the best guide to enhance your knowledge about the best to choose and abides by mobile app testing tools.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives, this has brought a revolution in the mobile app testing industry with an increased number of mobile testing tools. Tools exist for native apps, HTML5/web interfaces, iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Specifically, if we speak about technology then there is always a room for improvement even top experts accept this fact. Every day new strategies are required to implement and certainly one should know the type of cross-platform mobile development tools which will give the best results.

In one of the previous articles Mobileappdaily discussed the mobile app development mistakes, today we are shedding some light on the best mobile app testing tools to avoid the glitches, hope this gives you a clear insight.

We are speaking about the best mobile app testing tools which are more than apt to increase the coverage, efficiency, and accuracy. Based on this information you may easily compile your own set of professional tools for mobile application testing. Developers are constantly searching for the best mobile applications testing tools but they generally end up with the selection of one because too many options can become confusing.

Understand that mobile app testing is a process through which applications are designed and developed for mobile devices and are tested for their functionality, consistency and of course their level of serviceability.  

So, Let’s Try to Sort this Confusion Together and Discuss the Best and the Most Preferred Mobile App Testing Tools Rolled in the Market:

1. Keynote

Keynote is available in multi-additions and allows the testing of your apps over various devices and automate your mobile tests. It is much efficient in ensuring the quality of your mobile apps by testing over the real devices over real-time live networks. Keynote is popular with its ‘Device Anywhere’ cloud is a huge interactive mobile device library around the globe for all the available smart devices. Keynote is totally available to be used for testing mobile apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and also Windows Phones. It can also be integrated with custom mobile devices which also includes smartphones, tablets, wearable and even the devices such as in-vehicle, set-top etc.

2. Testcomplete Mobile

Testcomplete developers can create and run repeated and robust UI testing across the native or hybrid mobile apps. It is available with the support for Android and iOS devices. You can automate your UI testing on real mobile devices, virtual machines or emulators. With testcomplete, there is zero requirement for jailbreak your phone or a tablet. You can use script-free record and replay actions to create automated test scripts or select from the programming languages like Python, VBScript, JavaScript.

Testcomplete mobile

3. Ranorex

Ranorex is being used to test the mobile applications automatically on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Ranorex is smart and allows you to directly record your testing over a device, now, this will help to build your test cases automatically. It impeccably supports the technologies like .NET, WPF, Windows Forms, Qt, Java, SAP, Delphi, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Apps. Once a test script has been recorded it can run in the variety of preferred browsers. Ranorex has an easy installation and is extremely easy to maintain. It is simplified to open .exe files yet there is no automated application launch in a crash case.

4. EggPlant

Eggplant is one of the most advanced mobile app performance testing tools. It has gained its popularity with a wide variety of tools for any sort of testing from functional to load. This mobile app testing tool has instruments that can function impeccably on their own or work with the external tools. The combination of eggplant functional and TestPlant’s mobile VNC servers offers the possibility to completely direct and automate the control of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. It is a functional image-based UI testing approach and it is a natural process to test user-experienced focused mobile apps. This mobile testing tool wonderfully reduces the effort of cross-device and cross-platform mobile software testing.


5. Silk Mobile

Silk mobile is a functional testing tool which is apt in serving a mobile application testing solution and also helps the companies to create advanced and reliable mobile business applications. This specific mobile app testing tool is designed to offer an easy-to-use method for the functional testing of mobile applications across multi-platform which includes Android, iOS, etc. Being able to support the open-source and commercial environment is one of the best features of this mobile app testing tool. This mobile testing tool allows to select the visual script or advanced script as per the needs of an organization.

6. SeeTest

SeeTest has some main areas to serve which are, SeeTest cloud which is an Onsite device lab and be accessed by different teams remotely. SeeTest automation is a mobile testing tool and it is apt to run the similar tests on the different devices. SeeTestmanual, this tool can be used when you need to test manually on remote devices which are located onsite device lab. SeeTest network virtualization matches the real-world network conditions to test the actual user experience. This mobile testing tool is a complete commercial mobile app testing tool and supports UI testing and continuous integration environment.


7. NativeDriver

NativeDriver is developed by Google and efficient in providing test automation for iOS and Android native applications. It is an execution of the WebDriver API. The test automation uses the UI of a native app. NativeDriver is a step to apply WebDriver’s simplified aspect into the native apps. This mobile app testing tool extends the WebDriver API in a few important places and re-interprets the existing API for native apps.

8. Money Talk

Money talk is an open source mobile app automation testing tool for Android and iOS. It is a simplified mobile app testing tool which automates real, functional and interactive tests for iOS, Android, Web/HTML5, Hybrid and Flex apps. This open source mobile app testing tool is more than efficient to be used for simple smoke tests or for data-driven test suites on native, and hybrid apps, real devices or simulators. Also, automation saves time, this mobile app testing tool is completely reusable and repeatable. MoneyTalk is an easy to learn the powerful functional testing tool. Its inbuilt feature injects MoneyTalk Agent to the built. You can manually integrate the MoneyTalk Agent by shaping the source code using the eclipse or Android Studio before deploying the build.

Money Talk

9. Soasta TouchTest

Soasta TouchTest mobile testing tool gives completely automated functional testing of mobile apps for sensor smartphones. Fast performance of this mobile app testing tool is quick in projecting, executing, editing and analysis for test cases has been remarkable. Soasta TouchTest supports Gradle that uploads important necessary jar-files and does not need a different loading stage. It provides smooth testing of mobile app performance and suits best for the automation of critical test cases that will be used constantly. However, sometimes there are errors in the scale accuracy and in the synchronization of the accuracy.

10. Appium

Appium is like a celebrity in the family of mobile testing tools, you simply don’t need to modify your app to test it. Automation for API testing is simplified and also it is a free open source platform. The framework translates Selenium web driver commands into UIAutomation for iOS or UIAutomator for Android which depends on the device but again not the operating system. It supports Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, and Ruby, it is functional on the devices, emulators, and simulators. This mobile app testing tool is much proficient to support all the standard platforms which includes iOS, Android, Windows etc. However, it does not support directly for Android warnings.


11. Calabash

Calabash is a framework developed by Xamarin for automated acceptance testing. It will allow you to automate UI tests written in cucumber. You can easily run the test cases over more than 1000 devices in Xamarin test cloud. There is a clear documentation, cucumber support and parallel test case execution and supports gestures and scrolling. Though, tests can be written only in Ruby in this mobile testing tool, and special preparation required for iOS testing, also there is no recording or play functions available and code generation is not possible.

12. Robotium

Robotium is one of the best and leading frameworks for automated Android mobile app testing. It is quite a helpful part of any Android app testing technique. It has an ability to create the scenarios for the functionality and system testing of multiple actions. It can test apps with an available source code or an APK file. This mobile app testing tool has a fast test case execution and integration with maven and ant. It provides brilliant automated synchronization. Though, only one test can be performed at a time in this mobile testing tool, and also it doesn’t work with the flash or web components.


13. Selendroid

Selendroid is a test automation framework which impeccably drives off the UI of Android native and hybrid apps. Selendroid can be easily used on emulators and real devices, it can be easily integrated as a node into the Selenium grid for scaling and parallel testing. It is compatible  with JSON Wire protocol/ selenium 3 ready. App modification is not required in order to automate it. UI elements can be easily found by the different locator types. Advanced user interactions API are the gestures which are supported and it can interact with multiple Android devices at the same time. This amazing mobile app testing tool supports hot-plugging of hardware devices, also it is built in Inspector to simplify test case development.

14. WebLoad

WebLoad enables you to load the tests in any scenario so that you will be able to know what  your Android or iOS users experience. There are two ways either you can simulate or run a real mobile device which essentially duplicates real mobile user experience. WebLoad is an amazing mobile app testing tool that allows you to record the scripts directly from a mobile device via mobile simulator with JavaScript or intuitively with WebLoad’s built-in IDE. WebLoad includes a real-time Web dashboard which enables you to keep a track of your load tests of the mobile device on any device.


15. Katalon

Katalon is full-featured test and execution management tool, it has dual scripting interfaces for starter and advanced users. It is compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS. It enables script execution on emulators, real devices or cloud services. It holds built in keywords support GUI, API, and data testing. It supports CI workflow with terminal mode, also out of the box integration with JIRA, GIT, and Kobiton – mobile cloud. It is a proven best automation for mobile app testing procedures. This mobile testing tool has a friendly UI for the users to quickly create, execute and maintain the tests. It has detailed templates and tutorial to start with.

16. Scirocco Cloud

Scirocco Cloud is one of the most preferred cloud type service which is proven to be the best for UI testing platform for Android devices. It has simplified the Android app testing without using the actual devices, it is a sophisticated automated testing platform i.e. auto test both native and web apps. It is a perfect solution for Android phone application testing, it can be used on various devices throughout the application development. It is an open source and free to use app testing tool, it supports Ruby on Rails web-based management system. Scirocco Cloud performs tests on several devices while generating the screenshots and test reports. Very less time is consumed to write the app testing reports. However, the free trial allows only one hour of use per day.

Scirocco cloud

17. UI Automator

UI Automator is a UI testing framework suitable for cross-app functional UI testing across the system and installed apps. It provides a set of API’s to build UI tests that perform interactions on the user apps and system applications. UIAutomator API’s allows you to work on the operations such as opening the settings menu or the app launcher in a test device. The key features of UIAutomator testing make it more desiring for the app developers like it is able to run apps over the multi-device platforms and then it has a file with an API which includes class interfaces and exceptions. But again, this mobile testing tool does require a clear knowledge of Javascript.

18. Keep It Functional

Keep It Functional is an iOS integration testing framework, it allows for simplified automation of iOS apps by leveraging the accessibility attributes that the OS makes available for those with visual disabilities. It also allows for the testing of cases integrations on objective C in iPhone and iPad simulators. It supports different iOS versions and automatically integrates with Xcode test tools. It is extremely easy to learn and apply the settings and it can also write tests in the same language your device app is written in i.e. C/Swift. However, This mobile testing tool uses the API’s that are not mentioned in the documents i.e. in case testing scripts are not a part of the production code then Apple has all the rights to decline an application.

keep it functional

19. iOS Driver

iOS driver is an open source tool which is apt and able to integrate with the Selenium grid. It automates testing of a native and hybrid apps with Selenium or WebDriver API. There is no need to load an additional app or change any app code, finally it has everything to run efficiently in emulators. Though, this mobile testing tool runs a bit slow on devices than on emulators and some versions does not work at all on the devices.

20. Test Flight

Test Flight is an amazing tool for iOS developers that helps to invite the users to test your mobile applications. It allows to invite at least 1000 users or tester via email also it shares builds with the team members. But again, you can share the builds with only 25 internal team members which certainly is not suitable for bigger teams.

Test Flight

21. Andy

Andy is an emulator for Android applications with a huge amount of capabilities. It can run productivity apps, launchers and games. You can easily install root access if it is required and is very productive. This mobile testing tool is completely free and compatible with Mac OS. Though, sometimes there can be problems while installing the same. 

Final Thoughts

You can use these mobile application testing tools as a part of your iOS or Android app testing technology. They are highly efficient and helpful to improve your code, and also ensures that it does meet all the requirements and performs perfectly. We have compiled best possible mobile app testing tools in this article which are going to help you in understanding the world of QA testing. Testing is all about ensuring the best quality and performance, select your best one here. Good Luck!

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