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Top 15 Wearables App Development Companies Dec-2019

We have shortlisted these Top Wearables App Development Companies of 2019 after performing an in-depth research on the app development services offered by them. Have a look!

The wearable app development has now taken off like never before as the mobile app developers are continuously working on exploring new opportunities in the field of application development. But as we are aware of the fact that today's mobile app industry operates in a hyper-competitive mode, so how can one achieve success in such an environment? Don't worry, we plan on answering this question along with helping you out with some of the best wearable app development companies that exist today.

When it comes to the category of wearable apps, the possibilities seem to be endless as it is a field that is relatively less explored and is still in its uncovering stage. This is the part where this report on top wearable app development companies for the year 2019 will come in handy for you. In addition to this, our team would also like to mention that below-mentioned wearable application development companies are ranked in no particular order or level of priority.

From basic functionality fitness bracelets to complex high-tech smart apparel, the entire range of wearable devices represents a wide diversity and, with this report, our aim is to encourage such diverse digital products and services by partnering with some of the leading names in the world of wearable app developers.


Touch Instinct

St. Petersburg, Russia Visit Website

Touch Instinct is the name that comes to mind when thinking about the best wearable app development company which is also designated as a Google Developers Certified Agency. As per company statement, the year 2017 was the time when their team of talented app developers received phenomenal ratings.

Today, Touch Instinct is known for developing highly customized mobile applications for platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, etc.. In addition to this, their portfolio also consists of apps that are personalized for the wearable devices like Apple WatchOS and Android Wear.

Services: Android application development, Cross-platform app development, React Native, Web Development, AngularJS, Cloud Consultancy, Migration services, AR app development, Virtual Reality app development, IT Consulting, E-commerce web app development. 


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Digital Brand Group

Irvine, CA Visit Website

Since its inception in the year 2006, Digital Brand Group (DBG) has successfully provided many award-winning and top downloads web as well as mobile applications across a vast range of industry verticals. As a top wearable app development company in delivering wearable application design and development services, DBG supports entrepreneurs by transforming complex business challenges into innovative digital solutions.

Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, E-Commerce, Marketing, Training, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods & Services, Distribution are some of the many sectors in which the team of DBG has provided their expertise.

Services: Software Architecture, Database Architecture, IT Infrastructure, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, and Application Testing.


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Warsaw, Poland Visit Website

Polidea is a leading wearable app development company that believes in the fact that human stories matter the most. As part of a huge community, professionals at Polidea are committed to contributing their 100 percent to innovative initiatives and open source projects.

Apart from this, the company is also known for organizing MCE which is one of the leading tech events that takes place in Poland. The primary objective of organizing this tech event is to inspire an exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of mobile and web application development.  

Services: UX (User Experience), Visual design, Hardware integration, BLE, iOS application development, Android, backend, web-based & front-end, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.


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    +48 694 471 274

3 Sided Cube

Bournemouth, United Kingdom Visit Website

3 SIDED CUBE is an application development and digital product/service company that had previously delivered some of the coolest wearable technology in recent years. They work with a highly-skilled team of app designers and developers who had won awards like 'App Agency of the Year' at the UK App Awards and 'Most Innovative App Developer' at the UK Agency Awards 2018.

Over the last decade, 3 SIDED CUBE has helped numerous brands and large-scale enterprises including well-known names like JustGiving, LUSH, The Red Cross, Nordstrom, RNLI and many more by focusing on the social impact that led them to change the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

Services: iOS, Android, React Native app development, Web app & website development, Wearable & smart device development, Bot & AI development, UI/UX app & web design, Mobile strategy, Prototyping & concept development, product, and software design.


  • Telephone
    +44 (0)1202 611 612

Brainbean Apps

Tallinn, Estonia Visit Website

Are you looking for the answer to questions like 'what is a wearable application'? Then Brainbean Apps is the right company for you as they will basically guide you the way right from the beginning to the final stages of delivering you a high-end wearable app. In just a span of four years, the company has developed a significant client base consisting of both emerging startups and established companies.

From mobile applications for cloud platforms to highly sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Brainbean Apps have earned their specialization in agile software development for web and mobile which further includes UX/UI design and quality assurance as well.

Services: Software Development, Quality Assurance, User Experience & User Interface Design, Project Management, Android TV and Automation, Web services & apps Bluetooth-enabled devices and accessories.


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Zignuts Technolab

Berlin, Germany Visit Website

Zignuts Technolab is another name on our wearable app development company list that strives to excel in the invention and development industry. Their team offers some of the most advanced technical solutions for Commerce, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Smart Solutions, Wearable Apps, Cloud Integration, Cross-platform Apps, On-Demand Services and Enterprise Mobility.

The company's main aim is to help budding startups by turning their innovative ideas into their very own app-reality in a cost-efficient way. Laravel, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Amazon AWS, WooCommerce, and Material UI are some of the additional services they have expertise in.

Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, E-commerce & WebShop, Startup & MVP, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Firebase, Wordpress, UX/UI, and Responsive Design.


  • Telephone
    +49 3056837888


Dundee, United Kingdom Visit Website

Waracle one of the UK's largest mobile application development and IoT (Internet of Things) company, that specializes in mobile app innovation as well as app designing strategy. Unlike other wearable technology companies, Waracle not only focuses on just one industry vertical, but it covers the majority of them.

With highly experienced teams in prime locations like Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London, Waracle opts for the no-nonsense approach when it comes to designing and developing a Web-based or mobile application. Tourism, Digital Health, and FinTech are some of the sectors they offered their services to.

Services: Digital Discovery & Consulting, Digital Products & Emerging Tech, Agile Managed Teams, Mobile App Development, User Experience, and Digital Design.


  • Telephone
    +44 1382 529528


San Diego, CA Visit Website

The principles on which Inovatica, the smartwatch app development company, are transparency, flexibility, and quality with respect to all the latest technologies that are available in the mobile app industry. Their team of top wearable application developers adapts as per client requirements in case of both building applications from scratch and working on existing products.

With more than 10 years of experience, Inovatica makes sure to maintain regular and effective communication between app developers and clients as one of its top priorities. They also specialize in offshoring software services, including everything, from design to development onward to maintenance services.

Services: Product Design, Angular & React, PHP, Java & J2EE, Python, TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla, iOS, Android, Xamarin, React Native, UX/UI Design, Wireframing, Requirement analysis, Usability testing, Web and Mobile Development.



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Makeen Technologies

San Francisco, CA Visit Website

Makeen Technologies is a top-notch team of wearable app developers who are known to support some of the world’s most innovative tech organizations in exploring new ideas by creatively transforming their ideas into innovative digital products that their target audience loves.

From improving business intelligence and modernizing the IT systems to building high-end consumer apps and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Makeen Technologies offers end-to-end software design and development solutions that deliver the best possible outcome.

Services: Mobile Application Development, Web Apps & Website Designing, Software Development, iPad App Development, Wearable Devices app development, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Android App Development.


  • Telephone
    +1 877-496-3311


London, United Kingdom Visit Website

Somo is one of the most popular wearable technology app development companies that provide mobile transformation programmes for leading global brands as well as organizations. And in response to rapid changes happening in consumer and employee behavior, the company takes advantage of the latest technologies.

Some of these emerging and trending technologies are mobile, wearables, mixed reality and the Internet of Things that are further used to create actionable innovation for their clients. With over a decade of rich experience, Somo has now worked with leading brands including Audi, Moët Hennessy, BP, De Beers, Shop Direct, The New York Times and many more.

Services: Website Designing, Wearable Devices App Development, Voice Assistants, Smart TV Apps, Android Application Design & Development, Healthcare App Development, and iPhone Application Development.


  • Telephone
    +44 20 3397 3550

San Francisco, CA Visit Website

The team of strives to help their clients in testing the best digital business ideas possible. According to the company, it's not just about creating a mobile app and then launch it in the app stores but something much bigger than this. For some, it may come as a surprise that an app idea can be tested without even a single line of code.

This can be done with the help of various images, fake landing pages, prototypes, and of course, MVPs thus eliminating the need to build large systems to validate customer demand for a particular product.

Services: Digital Marketing, Test Marketing, Business Analytics, Operating Business Support, Mobile & Web Development, Custom App Development, Test Marketing, and Design UI/UX strategies.


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    +1 415 910 6825

FS Studio

Emeryville, CA Visit Website

The team of FS Studio calls themselves as the enablers whose mission is to bring their clients' ambitions to their respective markets by using emerging technology and advanced software design as their specialty. At FS Studio, the professionals have unique experience and skills that cover the web to native client-side development along with low-level firmware & driver support to high-level application development and optimization.

Along with this they also have years of experience with the toy and children's technology markets from working with some of the biggest toy makers in the industry like LeapFrog, Spinmaster, Hasbro, etc..

Services: Web-based apps, iOS, Android app development, Computer Vision Enabled Apps, Unity, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Connected Devices, and Embedded Devices.


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Austin, TX Visit Website

Apptunix ranks among the rated Web-based and mobile app development companies that were founded by a young and energetic entrepreneur a couple of years back. Apptunix can be summarized as a perfect blend of knowledge and innovation. For instance, be it Startup app or an enterprise application, their team proves to be the ideal technology partner to turn clients' ideas into a reality.

The company was founded back in the year 2013 and since then they have continuously elevated the client’s interests & satisfaction through innovative Web and mobility solutions. Today, it holds the powerful strength of in-house 50+ highly-skilled professionals who work closely and dedicatedly with clients to curating fully customized Web sites as well as mobile solutions.

Services: Native Apps development (iOS/Android/Windows), Cross-Platform Apps development (Xamarin/Titanium/PhoneGap), Games Development (Unity3D/Cocos2D), Web development (PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla) and Web Designing (Graphics, UI, Illustration, Photoshop).


  • Telephone
    +1 415 670 9326


Dnipro, Ukraine Visit Website

LANARS is another great wearable technology app development company that was created by people with incredible experience in IT, StartUps and even digital services. It all started by gathering top talents in Ukraine in the field of mobile app industry, they offer sophisticated services not only as coding but also as a trusted IT partner when it comes to digital solutions for web, mobile, and enterprise.

The team of Lanars can become your guide if you want to move ahead on the path of success, it doesn't matter if you are a startup or small/mid-scale business that is looking to digitize their inside processes into an online platform.

Services: Mobile Software Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design & Development, Hardware Engineering, and Business Analytics.


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San Francisco, CA Visit Website

Vinsol is a global and agile team of the Web, Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android experts who are also known as pioneers in the Ruby on Rails platform, and they are one of the very few companies across worldwide that adopted Ruby on Rails in its very initial stage back in the year 2005. Ruby on Rails is one of their core areas of expertise that currently captures more than 60 percent of their portfolio.

The company is also a Premier SpreeCommerce development partner, and along with that, it specializes in building robust and scalable e-commerce sites in Spree. Here, Spree is an open source platform that was built on Ruby on Rails.

Services: Ruby on Rails Web Applications, iOS (iPhone & iPad) Applications, Android Phone & Tablet Applications and Spree based E-Commerce applications.



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    (415) 680 3362

So these are some of the best wearable app development companies that are known for delivering excellent wearable app development services to clients from all across the globe. With this, we would also like to mention the fact that the above list has been curated only after connecting with various clients who have worked with different wearable application development companies for their projects related to wearable apps and then gathering their feedback regarding the same.

We really hope that this report on 'Top Wearable App Development Companies in 2019' will be of extreme help to you in your search for a trusted wearable app development company that provides innovative application development services. And in case, you have some other queries or doubts regarding the process of developing an app or a wearable application, then feel free to 'Contact Us' our team at MobileAppDaily and we will make sure to resolve all your queries as soon as possible.

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