Top 20 Fitness Apps For Women To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2023

If you’re planning to stay fit and achieve your fitness goals, we’ve come up with a list of best fitness apps for women that you can download in 2023. Check the list below!
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March 14, 2023
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There’s no denying the fact that we all dream of that perfect bikini body, but due to our busy schedules, it becomes next to impossible to commit to a regimen and stick to it. However, due to the advent of technological advancements, we have a great hack in the form of workout and exercise apps.

With the help of these best workout apps, we can do exercises from the comfort of our homes or on the go. Plus, considering that leaving the house is risky right now, these best healthy lifestyle apps are truly a saving grace. You can download any best fitness app for women for free and kickstart your fitness journey.

These fitness apps are designed to assist anyone that leads a busy lifestyle or has a lack of resources to attend a gym. To design these apps, experts have collaborated with leading developers to convert their ideas into apps that are providing practical solutions and the best possible guidance. So, keep reading and find your next fitness companion ahead in this blog.

Our Top Picks

In this list, we have picked the best workout apps for women that can lead you toward a healthier lifestyle providing you with the right information to achieve a healthier body and mind. Almost all female fitness apps include practical fitness tips shared by experts to ensure they are effective and helpful for everyone. So, you can simply pick any of these best exercise apps for women and start your fitness journey whenever you are ready.

Best fitness apps for women built by industry experts

In this article, we will discuss the best 20 fitness apps for women to stay fit and healthy in 2023. You can download any best workout app for women directly from the respective app store of your smartphone’s operating system. To land on the download page, simply click on the Android or iOS button and begin a safer download process of the best workout app for women.



From guided audio workouts and home skipping to weight training, this best workout app for women is a perfect gym buddy for women looking to stay fit and healthy. It is one of the best workout apps for women.

Since its launch in 2016, nearly 2,00,000 members have joined the fitness programs offered by Aaptiv. The best workout app for women also offers specialty workout regimens for those who need training for a marathon or want to stay active during pregnancy.

Notable features of Aaptiv, the best women fitness app

  • The app offers workout led by certified personal trainers
  • Enjoy 30+ new classes every week
  • Get High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn more calories, lose weight and build muscles
  • Track workout-related statistics like duration, miles run over the week, etc
  • Browse the app’s library of workouts
  • Regarded as one of the best fitness apps for women
Download Aaptiv



8Fit is one of the top workout apps for women who want to make a lifestyle change and get a toned body. This best fitness app for women is more like a personal trainer in your hand. The best exercise app for women chooses a workout plan for you based on your weight, goals, and other criteria. Plus, the app also provides customized recipes to fit your food preferences and health goals.

Notable features of 8Fit, one of the best free workout apps for women

  • Over 400+ customized healthy meals and diet plans
  • Receive a list of foods to eat and avoid
  • Get over 350+ exercises to choose from
  • It is one of the most popular workout apps for women
  • Receive daily motivation and fitness tips
  • Sweat with challenging exercises
  • Strength test and fitness tracker to measure your progress
Download 8Fit



Whether you want to lose weight, get healthy, or start a new diet plan, MyFitnessPal is here to help you in your drastic body transformation. With the help of this best exercise app for women, you can not only track what food you eat, but you can also decide when to eat it.

Plus, you also have the option to create your own workouts and exercises. The best exercise app for women allows you to connect with all your favorite devices, including MapMyFitness, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, etc.

Notable features of MyFitnessPal, one of the best free workout apps for women

  • Log cardio and strength exercises
  • Connect 50+ apps and devices
  • Set a daily step goal and check your progress
  • Share your accomplishments and see your friend’s progress
  • Track your calories, macros, and nutrient intake
  • It is one of the top workout apps for women
Download MyFitnessPal

All Out Studio


All Out Studio is another excellent free workout app for women that we need to mention on our top 20 list. The best fitness app for women has more than 100 on-demand workout videos by certified trainers that you can stream anytime and anywhere. From strength sessions, yoga and stretching workouts to cardio exercises, you can choose any workout ranging from 10 to 60 minutes on this female fitness app. All in all, this best fitness app for women is an option to target every muscle in your body.

Notable features of All Out Studio, one of the best workout apps for women

  • Complete programs for weight loss, muscle building, and stress relief
  • Get access to the world’s top trainers
  • Get sessions ranging from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Get access to more than 100 on-demand workout videos
Download All Out Studio

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Pure Barre


The workout routines offered by Pure Barre are focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements with different times, intensities, and equipment. You can easily book, manage and buy classes directly from your smartphone with this one of the best exercise apps for women. Moreover, the app also allows you to view your upcoming classes and see your weekly progress. It is one of the best fitness apps for women looking to start their weight loss journey.

Notable features of Pure Barre, one of the best fitness apps for women

  • Book your class directly from the app
  • Manage your membership in the app
  • View your upcoming classes in your schedule
  • Use the interactive app to find a nearby studio
  • Discover new workouts and instructors
Download Pure Barre

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer


Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, one of the best workout apps for women, offers 5 to 30 minutes of daily workout routines that you can do from the comfort of your home. You can choose from over 500 workouts to get in shape and strengthen your body in this one of the best exercise apps for women. The routine's simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. All you have to do is select your routine and follow along in this female fitness app!

Notable features of Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, the women fitness app

  • It is one of the best free fitness apps for women
  • Enjoy 10 different 5 to 10 minutes targeted workouts
  • On-screen instructions and timer
  • No internet required to do most of the workouts
  • Watch video showing how to do each exercise
  • You get 10 to 30 minutes of randomized full-body workouts
Download Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Couch to 5K


Couch to 5K is one of the best free female workout apps designed to target beginner runners who want to get trained for their first race. Want to know the best part of this female fitness app? You only need to sweat for 30 minutes per day for three days a week. This running routine is designed for nine weeks. Also, you have the option to log your workouts and share your progress with friends and family.

Notable features of Couch to 5K, the women fitness app

  • Listen to your favorite music with an in-app music player
  • The app is available in light and dark modes
  • Treadmill support allows manual entry of workouts
  • Track your progress with total distance and average pace
  • Listen to human audio cues to get guidance while training
  • Share your progress with friends and family
Download Couch to 5K

Daily Butt Workout


Your butt is the largest muscle in your body and a major source of power for many of your movements. With Daily Butt Workout, one of the best workout apps for women, you can strengthen this muscle by spending just five minutes of your day on a daily basis. What’s more? You can do most of the workouts without the internet. This is one of the best fitness apps for women that you can download right NOW!

Notable features of Daily Butt Workout, the best free female workout apps

  • Get two different 5 to 10 minutes butt toning workouts
  • The app is developed by a certified personal trainer
  • Integrates with best healthcare apps
  • One of the most demanded fitness apps for women
  • On-screen instructions and timer
  • You can watch videos to learn the exercises
Download Daily Butt Workout



Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re a regular runner, this one of the best workout apps for women is an excellent choice for you. It features all the tools and workouts needed to stay on track and hit your health goals. This workout app for women also offers customizable training plans and personalized coaching tips to make running easy for you. All in all, this is one of the great fitness apps for women.

Notable features of MapMyRun, the female fitness women workout app

  • Get real-time audio coaching on GPS-tracked runs
  • The app offers the best free workout programs for women
  • Connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data in one place
  • Sync with latest apps and wearables such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and more
  • Track your shoes' mileage with Gear Tracker using this female fitness women workout app
  • Use Routes to find nearby places to run, save your favorite paths, and add new ones
Download MapMyRun

7 Minute Workout App


As the name suggests, this one of the best workout apps comes with some scientifically proven methods that can keep you healthier, help you lose weight, and make you more active within a month. All you need to do is install the app, pick your goals, and invest 7-minutes of your everyday. Some varieties of workouts that you will find in this app are 7 Minute ABS workouts, 7 Minute Sweat workouts, and more. Also, you can use the app for free without any hidden charges.

Notable features of 7 Minute Workout App, one of the best free women’s fitness apps

  • Includes 7-minute workouts for different goals like losing weight, abs, or more
  • Includes personal trainers and their voice and video instructions
  • No hidden or surprise charges are included
  • Includes ads 
  • Workouts are easy even for beginners
Download 7 Minute Workout App



Fitbod is here to help you get that dream body you always wanted. Its primary focus is in strength based workouts. With the help of its training algorithm technology of past exercises, the app plans your workout for the day. It’s a perfect app if you want to get stronger or gain muscle mass.

Notable features of Fitbod, the best women fitness app

  • Get a personalized plan to reach your fitness goals
  • View your workout impact on a body heat map
  • Check calories burnt using Fitbod, one of the popular fitness apps for women
  • See your training plan at a glance, easily track your progress and stay focused using Apple Watch
  • Grasp and master new strength exercises using this female fitness women workout app
Download Fitbod



Love working out outdoors? Here’s an excellent app that will help you in achieving your fitness goals while enjoying nature. You can choose from 100,000+ hand-curated trail maps from bikers and hikers. You can also find dog-friendly and kid-friendly settings. Sounds amazing, right?

Notable features of AllTrails, the girls fitness app

  • Browse photos and reviews from the community of bikers and hikers
  • Share your outside adventures with friends and family
  • Follow the hikers, runners or cyclists that inspire you using this female fitness workout app
  • Download offline maps using this top workout women app
  • Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so that you don’t get lost
  • View your hiking, running and cycling stats at a glance
Download AllTrails

Yoga Down Dog


With this girls fitness app, you can enjoy a new yoga practice every time you come to your mat. If you don’t want a new yoga, feel free to choose from over 60,000 other options offered by the app's six teachers. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s one of the most demanded fitness apps for women.

Notable features of Yoga Down Dog, the abs workout women fitness

  • You can download a practice offline and do it whenever and wherever you want
  • Automatically sync across all your devices
  • Choose from six different yoga teachers and the best yoga apps
  • All the practices focus on strengthening your back
Download Yoga Down Dog



Not everyone has the privilege of time and other resources to join a full-fledged gym workout, so home workouts can be an amazing solution for them. But for the best effectiveness of these workouts, tools like Fitify are super important. This one of the best exercise apps for women offers recipes for healthy meals, 10-30-minute workouts, personalized training plans, targeted fitness plans, etc. You can adopt a fitness routine recommended by experts through this best exercise app for women.

Notable features of Fitify, the best fitness app for women

  • Personalized fitness plans
  • 10-30-minute workouts
  • Effective workout builders
  • Syncable with fitness devices as well
Download Fitify

The Sculpt Society: Megan Roup


The Sculpt Society app has been created by celebrity trainer Megan Roup. The app offers a number of workouts ranging from 5 to 50 minutes. It is regarded as one of the best apps to try fun dance cardio and sculpting workouts. Within the app, you’ll also find Megan’s 10- week program that will challenge you, help build coordination and confidence, and accelerate results.

Notable features of The Sculpt Society, this women fitness app

  • Choose a program that targets every body part 
  • Huge library of workouts ranging from 5 to 50 minutes 
  • Watch videos targeting specific body parts
  • New videos are added on a weekly basis
  • Enjoy LIVE workouts multiple times a week along with coffee chats with Meghan post workouts
  • Download any video for offline viewing
Download The Sculpt Society: Megan Roup



Myzone is a great app for fitness enthusiasts. It creates personalized workouts using the data they track from your workout. The app also features a heart rate accuracy of over 99 percent. Myzone also offers the most precise calorie-crunch data on the market along with the ability to effectively calculate cardio and weight training.

Notable features of Myzone, women fitness app

  • The app encourages competition with other users through cloud-based challenges
  • Users can analyze, like, and comment on each other’s workouts
  • The app integrates with many other platforms, including Apple Health
  • Save your BMI, height, weight and body fat data to Apple Health
  • Earn rewards for your effort
Download Myzone



Sworkit is here to make sure that you are consistent with your workouts. The app offers over 400 different exercises that you can do in the time you have. Whether you’re a new mom getting back in shape or a busy professional who wants to stay fit, Sworkit has got you covered up. Just download the app and begin your fitness journey right NOW!

Notable features of Sworkit, one of the most trendy workout apps for women

  • The app offers a unique library of kids' workouts
  • Enjoy over 800 body weight and small equipment exercises and 400+ workouts
  • Sync your workouts to MyFitnessPal and Strava for enhanced connectivity and utility
  • 6-week programs designed for beginner through advanced levels
Download Sworkit



We bring you another fitness app that will help you in your full body transformation. With this free home workout app, you’ll have access to an ever-growing library of sculpting, cardio and recovery workouts, and structured programs. All the workouts can be performed from the comfort of your home or while on the go. In addition, you can pick your own workout videos or add a curated series to your calendar to stay consistent.

Notable features of P.volve, women fitness app

  • Get a 15-minute or less signature workout if you don’t have the full hour to spare
  • Curate your own workout routine with easy-to-find favorites
  • Choose your favorite song while working out
  • Use your workout stats and daily check marks to keep consistent
  • It is one of the best free workout apps for women looking for full body transformation
Download P.volve

Women Workout at Home


Whether you want to burn belly fat, slim down your legs or get in shape, this fitness app designed for women is the perfect option for you. Just spend 7 minutes daily to get that perfect bikini body you always dreamt of. What’s more? This app is absolutely free to use. In addition, you can also track your weight loss progress and calories burned.

Notable features of Women Workout at Home, one of the best free women’s fitness apps

  • The app offers best free workout programs for women
  • This app is suitable for both beginners and pro
  • You can sync data with Google Fit
  • No equipment is needed to perform the workouts
  • It’s 100% free to use
  • Coach tips in every exercise help you use the right form 
  • Enjoy warm-up and stretching routines
Download Women Workout at Home

adidas Running


It is one of the best free workout apps for women who love running to stay fit. Map you run, track calories burned and miles travelled for over 120 activities. You also have the opportunity to take part in challenges and virtual races to stay consistent and motivated. Moreover, you can also create your own fitness community to keep your competitive spirit alive.

Notable features of adidas Running, one of the popular workout apps for women

  • This app is free to use
  • Monitor heart rate data for over 120 activities like yoga, walking and cycling
  • You can connect with other fitness apps
  • Participate in virtual races to compete globally
  • The app features built-in GPS tracking
  • Get motivated through regular fitness content/blog posts
Download adidas Running

Well, that is all for this list of best fitness apps for women. All of the above-mentioned options are loved by users across the globe. Whether you want some quick guidance, or have a busy lifestyle and lack of time for gyms, you can install any of these fitness apps and achieve your fitness goals.

Now, if you’re looking forward to staying fitter and losing weight, download your favorite workout apps for women from the above best fitness apps mentioned. Pick any best fitness app for women from the list and stay consistent to achieve your fitness goals in no time. If you want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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