InsTake Downloader: Photo & Video Downloader

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Updated on April 05, 2024
InsTake Downloader:  Photo & Video Downloader

The whole world has stopped since the outburst of COVID-19 and as a result, people are spending more time on social media than ever. Performers, comedians, musicians, teachers, influencers and who’s who, everyone is using Instagram to reach out to their audiences. As a result, there is more content on Instagram than ever. Hence, users are looking for an easy downloader for Instagram which can help in reposting or saving the content they have liked. 

Instagram, one of the best social media apps in recent years, has continued its dominance in 2020 as well. Due to its simplistic design and Facebook’s vision of keeping Instagram away from its direct competition, you can’t repost or download Instagram content. Thanks to developers, this can be done with the help of third-party apps. There are many third-party Instagram downloader apps which can be used for this purpose but some are better than others. In this edition of MAD app reviews, we are going to talk about InsTake Downloader, a photo and video downloader for Instagram.

Introducing InsTake Downloader by “Video Downloader & Video Player & Photo Downloader”. Launched in January 2019, the  Instake downloader online is one of the most downloaded Instagram video downloaders and  Instagram photo downloaders available on play store. In this review, we will see all the details which makes it the most used Instagram downloader app in the market today.

Instagram downloader online

What is the InsTake Downloader? 

There is a lot of great content on Instagram. All of us have taken screenshots of our favourite posts, memes and even stories. But screenshots have their limitations. The quality of the content is compromised and you can not save something like a video, IG reels or IGTV. InsTake Downloader is the solution to all these problems. With this Instagram post downloader, you can download anything from Instagram to your phone. The Instake downloader online is a free app with smooth operation and fast response. Just log in once and forget about it. You won’t even need to open it again for downloading content. You can download anything, directly from Instagram. The functionality of the  Instake downloader online is so flawless that you won’t even realise that you are using a third-party app. It is not just an Instagram picture downloader, instead gives you complete freedom to download even lengthy IGTV or IG reels without compromising on quality. 

What are the objectives of this Instagram downloader app?

InsTake Downloader strives to be the best Instagram downloader app available today. It offers free HD photos download and also functions as an Instagram video downloader app. The objective here is to enable users to download private Instagram photos online and also become one of the best apps to save videos from Instagram. The app is not limited to photos and videos, instead, gives control over all kinds of content published on Instagram. It is also the best Instagram repost app and a capable video repost app for Instagram. 

Download your favourite Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the latest offering from Instagram which was launched just a week after the famous ban on Chinese Apps. Reels has gotten people excited and gaining a lot of attention from video content creators. InsTake Downloader’s latest updates have enabled you to download these videos and share them wherever you want. It functions the same way as it does for downloading pictures and other videos.

Salient features of InsTake Downloader-

  1. It is fast

    It is a fast and responsive Instagram downloader, constantly upgraded by its developers.

  2. It’s Easy

    It is very intuitive and comes naturally to almost all users. Content can be downloaded directly from Instagram without launching the app even once.

  3. Versatile in its job

    It is a versatile app which works as Instagram photo downloader, Instagram picture downloader as well as Instagram story downloader. It can be used to download IGTV content as well as the latest offering, Instagram reels.

  4. Quality and size of media

    It allows HD photos free download and video download without shrinking its size.

  5. Built-in offline player

    This app is packed with a built-in player which can be used to preview the downloaded content, even when you are offline.

  6. Offers “dark mode

    This app features dark mode to reduce the strain on your eyes.

How to use InsTake Downloader?

What makes InsTake Downloader the best Instagram repost app is its ease of usage. Developers have worked hard to keep the steps simple. There are two methods you can follow:

1: The “share link”

Step 1: Open the media on Instagram you want to download.
Step 2: Click on “share link”.
Step 3: Click on InsTake Downloader app icon.

2: The “copy link”

Step 1: Visit the media you want to download on Instagram
Step 2: From options, select copy link.
Step 3: Open InsTake Downloader app and paste URL
Step 4: Click download.


  • Easy to use and fast in response
  • Supports IG reel, story, highlights and IGTV
  • Includes a built-in offline player
  • Free to use
  • Incorporates dark mode


  • No downloading pause option for big downloads
  • Ads (No paid version)
  • No iOS version

best Instagram repost app

The Verdict

Design- 4.0 stars
Usability- 4.3 stars
Features- 4.3 stars
Reliability- 4.0 stars

MAD rates: 4.2 stars

InsTake Downloader is a fast and versatile Instagram downloader which can be used as Instagram image downloader, Instagram story downloader as well as an Instagram video downloader app. It is backed by constant upgrades which have earned a 4.8-star rating for it in Google Play Store. It allows you to share the downloaded content and serves as the best Instagram repost app for free. We say that you should give it a try, chances are you will like it as we do.

You can check out other app reviews or compare InsTake Downloader with other Instagram downloader online apps which are available for download. Also, check out the top social media apps of 2020 and interesting articles on MobileAppDaily. 

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