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Latest iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2020

Till last year, Apple app developers earned $100 billion in total.

iOS Mobile App Development Trends

Much like mobile technology trends that pop up now and then, iOS mobile development trends also have the same significance. Now, with the total number of iOS apps almost hitting the 2 million mark, it has become a norm in the developer community to stay up to date with the latest iOS application development trends.

As per the latest data, there are about 4 million apps for users. The numbers are indeed massive to consider and for users, it means a list of apps is there for them to consider for almost every purpose they would possibly come across and, that’s an absolute offering for users.

From the developer’s point of view, the more the number of apps in the app store, the more they require to keep the tab on the latest happenings.

Our blog is dedicated to every developer and all the Apple enthusiasts who wish to get the hang of the new and latest mobile app development trends.

iOS Mobile App Development Trends 2020

With the following mobile technology trends of iOS app development, the developers will find it easy to comprehend the future of iOS apps and the technology that is going to hit the deck in the coming years.

Check out the best iOS application development trends of 2020.

1. Enhanced Security Protocols

The security protocols remain the primary trend of the mobile application. We all know about the security algorithms of Apple. It’s known for its hardcore security layers and uncompromising policies that don’t let anyone breach into the Apple devices. But with the unprecedented jump in the number of hacking attacks, a single mistake can wreak havoc.

In a recent statement by Phil Schiller, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc. stated in an email response,

It clearly highlights the need to fortify the Apple loopholes as well and to achieve it; Apple has initiated an enterprise-wide culture that caters to the users need to create a safe environment. It inches forward in improving the overall security and prevents cyber attacks and data breaches.

If we talk about the password Autofill, Apple has deployed ASWebAuthentication Session that coordinate the cookies and the website data for the signing in and with this, the device is able to use the authentication services frameworks to incorporate password manager apps.

2. Swift Programming

The next in the list of iOSmobile app trends are around Swift. It is the official language of Apple and the programming language for building iOS applications. It has helped many iOS developers to weave their dreams in the form of reality.

According to the latest data, there are more than three hundred thousand apps written in Swift which are available on the Apple App Store. The reason behind such a craze behind this programming language is its attributes like scalability, flexibility, security, and efficiency.

In the latest update to Swift, Apple has released the stable version 5.0.1 on April 19, 2019. Swift 5 has added more punch for the developers and will aid the app development to a greater extent.

Swift 5 Add Ons

In the coming days, we can expect more powerful iOS apps, which will promise seamless performance.

3. The Apple HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit is an exceptional offering for the users because of the range of benefits it provides. The HomeKit helps users to communicate as well as to control the connected devices and the accessories in the home with the help of an app.

Apple HomeKit creates an action to help users control connected devices, as the users have an option to create a group to trigger a Siri voice command. To compliment it, the companies are working to create smart home products that could be integrated into such devices.

This innovative offering is going to help developers in creating products as well as apps that can be connected to Apple Homekit for ease of use. This will bring a revolutionary change in the home automation and the element of IoT will grow similarly with these innovations.

Apple HomeKit remains significant iOS trends in mobile apps.

4. IoT Focused Apps Will Become Prominent

Internet of things needs no mention today. The technique is becoming more and more prominent for app developers worldwide. Internet of things facilitates connection and this is one of the reasons that is creating the buzz.

Moreover, the iOS developers are already working on building apps that could connect to the internet-enabled devices. The buzz around IoT is nothing new. It has helped developers create exceptional offerings for the users by embedding better connection facilities in the apps.

Spending on Internet Of Things Worldwide

The future of the internet of things is going to be a lot prominent. For iOS developers, it is an element that can be value-added with assistance to make things easier for the end users.

For example, IoT in pharmaceuticals helps professionals in developing temperature monitoring apps to detect if the temperature for certain processes (as desired for the same) is not exceeding beyond the allowed limits.

5. Apple Pay To Become More User-Friendly

The word “user-friendly” is not only the keyword for the iOS app developers but also for the Android professionals too. It basically is a concern that is inspiring the developers across the globe to create innovation while creating utilities for users.

In the iOS ecosystem, this user-friendliness will hit Apple Pay this year. So, what does this user-friendliness actually mean for the users? Let’s get into the details with me. Apple Pay is there to make the financial transaction easier for the users.

Making the payments easier means allowing a more secure, easier and more trustworthy source of payment for the users. And, as per the stats, Apple Pay has grown impressively with a considerable 500% hike in the transactions by the users worldwide.

The fact that users don’t need to store their credit and debit card details on the device is the icing on the cake. NFC or near-field communication embedded in the iPhones does the work for the users.

6. Core Machine Learning

For iOS app developers, core machine learning is a great tool for professionals. The machine learning framework is by Apple and is proving to be exceptional for the tasks related to QuickType, Camera or Siri.

With the robust library, the Core ML integration offers communication capabilities to the iOS devices. The technology has also proved to be very impressive for face detection purposes.

Core ML acts as the foundation for domain-specific functionalities. It supports the vision for image analysis in addition to appearing as the foundation for natural language processing, when implemented on devices, the functionality of Core ML is optimized for the performance. The privacy of user-data is additionally added to offer more security.

7. Augment Reality And The ARKIt

Augment reality is important for all the developers alike. However, for iOS developers, the focus has shifted to ARKit with the release of iOS 11. The ARKit helps developers to create 3D and virtual-based mobile applications for the users. Worth mentioning, Amazon has joined hands with Apple in order to take ARKIt innovation to another level just to offer the never-felt-before experience to the users.

With help from Amazon, the Apple ARKit is going to be more prominent for the users now. This is an invitation for businesses to add the goodness of AR and VR Into their client servicing requirements to offer impressive services to the clients.

Viewing the things in a virtual ecosystem is the new way for the clients to perceive the business, which Apple is already doing by integrating the ARKIt in its app development technique.

8. Advancement In AI and Siri

AI and Siri are the last in our list of iOS mobile app trends. Ever since Siri was integrated into Apple device, the technology giant gained much recognition worldwide. The personal assistant was impressive due to the features and the functionality it offered to the users. With Siri, the quotient of AI or artificial intelligence added a major boost to the personal assistant’s working.

AI is bringing a revolutionary change in personal assistants

A report of Loop Ventures claims Siri’s percentage of giving a correct answer is 70 percent and due to the same reason, many industry experts hails Siri to be more advanced as compared to Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

The AI-based assistant gets better and advanced with every new iOS version. And to aid the developers, Apple has introduced Sirikit which help in integrating the Siri advancements.

How iOS Will Shape the Future?

These are the latest app trends that are dominating the app development field. With so much of going on in the iOS mobile app trends, we can expect more and more iOS apps pouring in with much advanced technological elements.

The other thing that is impacted by the iOS headway is the increase in the demand in the developers’ job market. iOS stands second only after Cloud (back end) in the job prospects, closely followed by Android and DBA (Database Administrator).

 iOS Will Shape the Future

Interestingly, the total number of iOS apps is less than that of Android apps; still, the demand for iOS developers stands to be more than that of Android developers.

Going forward, the iOS domain is set to expand more, and with that, we can expect to see some groundbreaking technological advancements.

For more updates on the iOS app development and mobile technology trends, please comment below and our experts will take up the query at the earliest.

All the top mobile app development companies do follow the latest trends to stay in the fray and it also helps them to churn out apps with new features and functionalities. If we talk about the iOS trends, iOS apps are fast-changing up with the number of Android apps on the App Store. Therefore, it is inevitable to miss iOS app development trends.
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