Huawei Founder Says "US Underestimated The Huawei," Huawei Ban Delays By 90 Days

Huawei is already prepared for this with its contingency plan and the recent extension won’t affect much.

Android Support For Huawei
Important points you need to know:
  • Google revoking Android support for Huawei is part of the Trump administration's order.
  • The 90-day exemption will enable the Huawei to use the Android OS by August 19.
  • Huawei market share will be affected minimally as the company does not drive major revenues from the U.S. alone. 
  • Popular apps like Youtube and Gmail won’t be available in future Huawei’s smartphones.
  • Android’s open source project will enable the Huawei to use some services in its smartphones.


Updates on U.S. blacklisting Huawei

After 24 hours of going through a terrible time or should we say free advertising by the Donald Trump administration, Google announced that it has received a 90-days extension to work with Huawei smartphones following the trade restrictions imposed by the U.S.

The U.S. Commerce Department’s announcement of taking a U-turn on the decision of U.S. blacklisting Huawei is a little unexpected. The latest decision regarding  Huawei’s smartphones will allow internet broadband providers and mobile phone companies to work with Huawei in order to safeguard the user from the potential security risks.

Wilbur Ross, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, said, 

The exemption came after Google blocks Huawei's access to its Android support. The exemption will enable the Huawei to use the Android operating system until August 19.

 A Google spokesperson in an email conversation with CNBC stated,

The U.S. Commerce Department indicated that it might consider extending the temporary extension granted to the Huawei after the U.S. blacklisted the China-based smartphone manufacturer.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei usually does not like to make an appearance at public events but due to the recent blacklisting of Huawei brand by the U.S. put him in the spotlight.

A statement was released in an interview with CCTV,

However, Huawei is still restricted from purchasing American made software and hardware to build new products in the absence of the licenses.

Huawei Smartphones Banned by US Government: Everything You Need to Know About 

Huawei’s smartphone empire and the adoption of 5G technology in the U.S. have received a major bump.

According to the recent reports, Huawei is losing access to Android support. Google has pressed the kill button for Huawei mobile phones. The tech giant has suspended all exchanges of software, hardware and technical support with China's leading smartphone maker, Huawei.

Only those services that are publicly available through the Android Open Source Project will carry on Huawei smartphones. It is a big blow to the China-based company that has been a major driving force in the innovation of 5G technology in the U.S.

However, the current holders of Huawei smartphones did not need to worry. They will still get updates on Google apps. New smartphones from Huawei will lose access to Google's Android support.

US-China Trade War: Reason Behind Huawei Losing Android Support

At the start of May, the U.S. government increased the tariffs on Chinese goods valuing $200B. To which China responded by increasing the tariffs on U.S. products.

Recently, the Trump administration declared a national emergency and released an executive order to prevent U.S. based companies from supplying the products to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei.

Following the order, Google pulled out Android support for Huawei’s smartphones. The Trump administration's trade blacklist includes Huawei and sixty-eight of its subsidiaries. Huawei has alleged two dozen criminal charges by the U.S. authorities.

A Google spokesperson said in a conversation with Reuters,

How Will It Affect The Huawei Brand and Its Users?

Huawei’s Chinese market will not be affected much by the action of Google revoking Android support for its smartphones because Google mobile apps are already banned in China.

Alternative apps created by domestic companies like Baidu and Tencent are used in the region.However, Huawei’s second-biggest market, Europe might get a big hit as Google apps are very significant and preferred in this market.

Huawei’s revenue sources

Huawei smartphone’s users can still download app updates that are made available by the Google Play Store. Another option is to download the Google Play store updates with APK.

But popular apps such as Youtube, Gmail, and the Chrome browser will be removed in the future from the Huawei’s smartphones as those apps are not included in the Android Open Source Project. Android Open Source License aka Android Open Source Project is available for everyone to use for free.

What Will Happen With Honor Users Now?

Honor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei, although it works independently from its parent company, it is likely to expect that it will fall under the same blacklisted entity list, but there are still some chances that Google will treat it as a separate OEM regarding licensing purposes.

Huawei has already anticipated this move from a long time ago and it was working on creating the Android-alternative technology in case it gets banned from using Google’s Android platform.

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