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How To Start Playing Old-School Games On A Computer

Catch-up with the old school games and unleash the retrogaming

How To Start Playing Old-School Games On A Computer

Are you one of those guys thinking that giving up super cool modern games for the sake of ancient, “dinosaur-like” retro titles is beyond stupid? We seriously doubt that, since you’re here, reading our tutorial.

As the popularity of retrogaming grows, more players decide to turn their PCs and smartphones into vintage consoles. Presently, with special programs emulating the work of old video games consoles, such as Nintendo, Sega, or PlayStation, retrogaming becomes easier than ever. Here are the old-school game guidelines that you need to follow. 

Getting Old Games from Abandonware

Have you ever wondered where discontinued or unsupported games go? There is a special place for such abandoned software on the Internet, which, by the way, you can access any time.

Abandonware is a term denoting outdated, currently unsupported software. If you want to find some excellent retro games, but don’t know where to start, you can look for them exactly on abandonware websites.

The first thing you need to do to find a reliable website is to Google for it. Familiarize yourself with the yielded results and look through the available options prior to downloading any software onto your PC or some other device.

games on computer

Once you find the abandonware website worth your attention, you may proceed to search for your favorite retro games. Though different online resources are organized differently, there should be no difficulty finding what you need on a particular abandonware site. Just navigate through some sections and categories when looking for a specific retro title. When you choose something interesting, make sure to select it by clicking.

Upon selecting the game, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with such information as game synopsis, release date, rating, and some other detail you may find useful. Other players’ reviews also can be available.

Next, try to locate a “Download” button, which is necessary for launching the downloading process. 

Locate download Button

Click on the “Download” option.

You choose either playing the selected game online or downloading it immediately onto your computer. It’s up to you to decide; still, we’d recommend that you try playing online first. After trying the gaming out, you can download old-school computer games onto your PC and play it whenever you feel like doing it.

old-school computer games

Once you download the new retro game, you may proceed to play it. Go to your default Downloads folder and select it. The game should start unpacking (most retro games come in archives). If the system doesn’t do it automatically, feel free to extract the file’s content manually. 

Computer Games

Playing Old Games with Emulators

As we have noted above, there are special applications that can turn your personal computer and even an Android or Mac device into a retro machine. Such applications are emulators. The very name of these tools is suggestive of their mission, which is to mimic a vintage console’s hardware and enable you to play that console’s titles on a modern device.  

When you choose appropriate emulation software, click on the “Download” button and get it installed onto your comp. You’ll need to decompress your emulator and extract its content to the proper folder, as was the case with abandonware games.

Once you avail yourself of a reliable emulator, you’ll need some cool games to play on it. As you know, you can get them from abandonware sites. Still, there is an excellent alternative for you!

Instead of scouring abandonware resources for your favorite game, download the best games, also known as ROMs, from RomsMode. This website offers you carefully selected, high-quality retro software for downloading. Feel free to navigate through the available ROM files on the website until you find the retro game you’re dreaming about.

Download the selected title, fire up the emulator, and choose the game. It should start loading after that.

Ready to experience the coolest gaming emotions that can be evoked by old-school classics only? Don’t lose an opportunity to quickly get the greatest games of all time and be an old school gamer.

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