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How To Convert PDF To JPG Format: Step By Step Guide

Learn about converting PDF to JPG files with just a few clicks To Convert PDF To JPG Format: Step By Step Guide

When it comes to converting a PDF file into a JPG image format, the process may look a bit tricky for some people. And to eliminate that confusion, we have curated this article on how to convert PDF to JPG online for free by following a few simple and easy steps. Keep on reading to know more about the process of PDF to JPG conversion.

This is one of those 'How To' articles that people tend to look for on a regular basis. In addition to this, the PDF files can be described as an efficient way to combine an array of text along with media in a documentation format. Generally, users require an additional tool, plug-in or software for the PDF to JPG conversion.

Also, in case the user already has a PDF file then they also have the option to directly use the PDF to JPG converter. Previously, our team at MobileAppDaily has also posted an article on converting a PDF file into a Kindle format which is very beneficial for e-book lovers.

Steps To Convert PDF To JPG

In order to convert PDF to JPG online, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps for different platforms:

1. For MacOS Platform

In comparison to all other available platforms, the MacOS platform provides one of the most direct and simplest methods for the option to convert PDF to JPG online for free in a native manner. In simple words, it means that there is no need for the users to download any additional tools or PDF to JPG converter software for the process.

Step 1: Let's take the example of 'PDF Preview'. First, open a PDF in the Preview. Usually, all the PDFs are automatically opened in the Preview unless the user has chosen another program for this particular task. Apart from this, users may also have to find their PDF file and then right click to open in the Preview as shown in the image below.

PDF Preview

Step 2: The next step is to open the File tab and then choose the Open selection option.

Step 3: After that change the name and add tags to the file then choose the export location. And once that is done set the Format to JPEG and select the Save option to finish the conversion process.

Format to JPEG

Note: In case you want to save a particular part of the PDF file then go to the View and then turn on the Thumbnails option. Once this feature is enabled then you will be allowed to select their preferred pages with the help of the Thumbnail sidebar.

2. By Using PDF To JPG Conversion Site

Step 1: Let's consider an example of the Zamzar PDF to JPG converter site. At present, there are a number of different conversion websites available on the internet and Zamzar is one of the best PDF to JPG image in the lot. By using this, PDF to JPG free converter the user gets effective and user-friendly UI (User Interface) by sparing the users from unnecessary ads.

Step 2: Because this is an online tool you can use it for any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world. So, to proceed to select your respective PDF file.

PDF To JPG Conversion Site

To successfully navigate the tool's PDF to JPG conversion procedure in your desired web browser for Windows then follow the above-shown instructions. Start by clicking on the Choose Files button and then use the pop-up window to select the PDF that you want to convert from the device. Just select the file and after that click on the Open button.

Note: As an alternative, users can also opt for the drag and drop option for their file from their local system into the browser window.

Step 3: After that select your preferred output format i.e. JPG image format. Directly click the Convert files button to select the output format you want from the drop-down.

JPG image format

Step 4: Now pick the location where you want to send the output i.e. the converted JPG file. In Zamzar online tool, the user has the option to receive the email once the conversion process is complete. But make sure to double check every step, as there is no confirmation email option for the users.

Step 5: The last step is to initiate the conversion process by clicking on the Convert button. The process will require only a couple of seconds to upload the PDF file and few more minutes to completely convert files from PDF to JPG format. After this step is completed, a newly generated link will be provided to the user via email from where the converted file can be downloaded.

This online tool also has a negative point i.e. the amount of data that can be converted at a single time is limited which can create an issue for the large sized PDF files.

3. For Windows Platform

In the case of the Windows platform, there's a free application known as PDF to JPEG which can be used for conducting the same conversion process. A majority of users opt for this Windows app as it is based on a minimalist theme that also allows a great deal of control over the conversion process.

For Windows Platform

This is also a great tool for those users who have access to the Windows 10 operating system but do not have guaranteed internet access for smooth and secure PDF to JPG conversion.

Note: This application may not be the best choice for converting single PDF pages into the JPG image format as it’s meant to convert entire PDF documents instead of specific parts.

Final Thoughts

So this was our take on how you can convert your PDF files into the JPG format with the help of simple and easy steps. We hope this short guide will come in handy for you while converting files from PDF to high-quality JPG for free.

Apart from this, there are also many PDF reader software for Windows can be quite beneficial for you. In case you are interested in reading more about such informative articles then make sure to join the family of MobileAppDaily by clicking on 'Subscribe' button to stay notified of all updates.

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