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How to Choose the Right Internal Communication App for Your Team

An ideal internal communication app can increase the overall productivity of the team

How to Choose the Right Internal Communication App for Your Team

Internal team communication apps are not all created equal. The market is full of an ever-increasing variety of choice, with each program offering different features and functionality. It makes the process of picking the right internal communication mobile app for your team a challenge, but certainly not an insurmountable one.

Let’s learn about the in and out of the internal communication apps for a team. 

Why Do You Need An Internal Communication Mobile App? 

The answer to this deceivingly simple question is the first step in the process of making the right choice for your team. While the question itself seems straightforward enough, coming to the right answer will take you time and deep reflection.

Too often businesses first find the internal communication app, then try to fit it to their team’s needs. This approach often leads to confusion and frustration, as the app more often than not doesn’t answer the specific needs your team faces when it comes to internal communication. This can lead to time wasted in making your team compliant and following rules (use the app or else!), rather than tapping into their own needs and providing them with a solution that meets them.

To avoid this situation, you should take the time to speak with your team and assess their communication needs first hand. What are the things that they struggle with when communicating and collaborating? When do they feel they are doing so effectively? What are some thoughts that they have regarding the team communication environment you would like to create in your organization?

Armed with this information, you will be well prepared to dive into the world of internal communication apps to decide which one is the best fit for your organization. 

Do Your Research 

There are more and more internal team communication apps on the market, which is great for the range of choice they provide, but it also complicates on which app to settle. Before settling on any app, it’s important to research their features and functionality. Not every app will be a good fit for your team depending on the type of communication you are trying to develop.

It’s also important to look into the respective versions of the apps for your preferred operating system. Some instant messaging programs are stronger with certain OSs, for example, and it’s important to try to differentiate them. Depending on what your team’s preferred devices and operating systems are, there may be certain apps better suited for you.

Take time to read customer and expert reviews to gain as much background information as possible. Once you have this information, you’ll be ready to narrow down your choices to a few apps that you can try out. 

Test Out The App and Get Your Team On Board

As with any major purchase (think of buying a new car), investing precious resources in an internal team communication app without taking it for a test run is unwise. You should make sure to try out one or more of your top choices before making a final decision. This process has the added benefit of providing an opportunity to gain team buy-in for your final choice.

Once you’ve made an initial choice of app(s), it’s important to begin the process of getting your team to buy into it. Most internal team communication apps offer free trial periods, which is a great way to get your team to test it out. Soliciting your team’s input on the new app will both give you valuable feedback regarding the choice, and build buy-in for the app among your team. If your team knows that the decision regarding which app to use is a shared one, then they will be more likely to quickly begin using it with enthusiasm. 

In Conclusion 

Internal team communication apps are rightfully touted as tools that can help streamline your team’s communication, leading to increased engagement and productivity. However, these positive results are not a foregone conclusion, and investing money in a solution without doing the background research is a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, if you take the time to reflect on the reason you need the app, research the current internal team communication app market, and try out your top choices, you will be well on your way to finding the app that works best for your team’s specific needs and culture. While this process may take time, it’s the best way to make the right choice!

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