How AR & VR Mobile App Development is Affecting Real Estate
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How AR And VR Mobile App Development Is Changing The Real Estate Industry

Statista states, in 2019, the advertising spending in the real estate industry will hit $74.19 M.

How AR And VR Mobile App Development Is Changing The Real Estate Industry

As humans have progressed towards the 21st century, science and technology have also gone through the same evolution. We have invented and discovered impeccable scientific techniques which help us in different ways. Undoubtedly, technology will assist in the coming years as well. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, various businesses have gained a lot of help from it, especially the real estate market and trends.

The advent of the internet has been a boon for the real estate market and real estate website design companies. It disclosed the gateways to more exposure to brilliant real estate businesses and deals which are available. People can now advertise online and also purchase various real estate properties as well. Fast and smooth real estate business has prospered with the spread of the internet. In recent years, augmented reality app development and virtual reality app development have become an essential talk of the town.

Both these technologies bring the advancements of the virtual world into the grasp of the people via software advancements. Real estate dealers and agencies use these apps popularly to market their properties in a much better manner. Real estate mobile app development has further brought the technology into the grasp of the people.

So, why is technology important to the real estate market? How can it play a crucial role in the coming years? We will discuss all of it in this article.

Role of AR and VR in Real Estate App Development

Undoubtedly, AR and VR have some vital role to play, and that is why developers around the world are working on them so much. Even real estate website design companies are trying to integrate these two real estate app features into their site. So let us have a look at why these two techniques are the upcoming boon of the real estate sector.

Impact Of AR and VR in Real Estate App Development

Let’s have a look at why these two techniques are the upcoming boon of the real estate sector.

  • Better Engagement - Whenever you purchase something, you tend to touch and feel it, isn't it? Similarly, AR and VR will allow the buyers to interact with the property in a better manner before purchase. The customers will get a more engaging and seamless experience while observing any property they want to buy. AR allows developers to render 2D images into 3D reality. It helps the clients to get a better quality experience. The customers can check the room plan, size, furniture placements, etc. and decide which layout or property is the best for them.
  • Saves time and effort - With the development of AR integrated real estate applications, real estate mobile app development companies are trying to save their customers’ time and effort. With the help of such an app, the customers can get a ‘first hand' experience of their property from miles away. The software integrated into the app will also provide them with further information. It can be related to the size, amenities, wirings, the number of rooms, etc. in real time. Thus, customers will not have to step out of their house and travel to a location. They have only to wear a VR lens and start experiencing the property. Also, the customers will be able to check a property remotely without being physically present on the location. How cool is that?
  • More exposure – Since inception, Augmented Reality breaks the barriers of distance between the property and buyers. That is the reason why real estate dealers get more exposure. They can now approach potential customers regardless of how far they are and show them the property in a better manner. Real Estate website design also helps the customers to get hold of better dealers who are technically advanced than others. Those dealers can now expand their business and broadly attract more clients. As a result, their revenue and sales will rise by a significant margin.
  • First-hand information - When using such an app, customers will be able to get every detail they want. They can check every measurement and dimension of the floors or walls. They can even get to know the nearby available amenities with the Geo-Tag feature. The Geo-Tag feature shows all the critical locations and businesses that run in the vicinity. So, with the same application, they are getting all the information about everything they need to know prior to their purchase.
  • Experience the property beforehand - VR and AR integrated real estate apps will help the customers to check a property even before it is completed. Developers will upload the 3D VR model and other amenities into the application beforehand. This experience is really a game changer in the market of real estate.Therefore, the customers get a lot of time to think and decide whether they want to invest in the property or not. Even, the real estate dealers get a brilliant opportunity to start promoting their property and give the customers an idea about what is being constructed. Customer retention increases by a significant margin as well by this way.
  • Revamps the printed plans - Before purchasing a property you are surely going to check the blueprint, right? But every reputed real estate mobile app development company is working on a much-advanced solution. They have successfully integrated AR and VR camera on the app. It quickly turns flat printed blueprints into live 3-D interactive models. This newly created 3D model is much more like a holographic image which can be rotated for a better view. This gives the buyer a better idea about the dimensions and design of the property which is difficult to portray on a piece of paper.
  • Customers are more convinced - when a person is going to invest in a real estate property, they spend a huge sum. Therefore, it is expected that they will not take the risk of putting that much money without being 100% convinced. There have been numerous cases where the customers created a wrong impression in their mind about the property by watching the 2D blueprints. With the help of VR and AR integrated apps, customers get to see the property in a much better manner. This impacts their decision by a significant margin. More people will be convinced and take the right decision by experiencing the property.

These were the essential roles of AR and VR in the development of real estate applications. Real estate website design agencies are also looking forward to integrating this technology into their websites, as it will provide quick and efficient online AR abilities to the customers. However, such an application will be a welcome breakthrough in the real estate sector.

Final Words

Science and technology have undoubtedly helped us to expand a business to a great extent. As the global economy is on the rise, people are more interested in purchasing personal properties. Therefore AR and VR integrated applications designed by real estate mobile app development company will help the dealers to take their business to new heights.

It will also be very much convenient and easy for potential customers to check their property before buying. All in all, VR and AR integrated applications have undoubtedly been a boon to the real estate sector.

For a better understanding of the AR and VR or the current real estate market, comment below, and we will answer every possible query.

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