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How To Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App in 2021 Using A WordPress Plugin With Ease

A hassle-free way to directly convert your website into a mobile app.

Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App

Why make an application when you already have a website for your online business? This question pops up in the minds of many business owners on a regular basis. But you will be surprised to find out that the majority of users are accessing the websites from their mobile phones. You can also check the same through your website’s traffic on the Google analytics dashboard.

After knowing this, shouldn’t we spend a lot more time perfecting every little nook and cranny so that we can make our website a mobile responsive one?

While having a business website is undoubtedly a benefit in the public eye, there are still many people who get more surprised in finding out if that their online business website is not as mobile friendly as they think it is.

So what’s the solution to this problem?

As per our expert advice, business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their online presence should strongly consider getting their mobile apps built. Or else, they can directly convert their website into an Android or iOS mobile application with a service like MobiLoud.

Top Benefits Of Converting Your Website Into A Mobile App

To add more validation to our point of converting your mobile website into a mobile application, here’s a list of some of the main advantages of going through with this conversion.

Let’s have an insight into mobile app benefits if yet you are not convinced enough to have one:

Main Benefits To Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App

  • Mobile applications gather more audiences: It is expanding the industry with a new market for potential customers in various sectors like transportation, retail, healthcare, finance etc.  
  • Provides personalized experience to the users: Mobile applications analyze the users’ preferences, location etc and can create a convenient application. After all, we all like to eliminate redundant information. Don’t we?
  • Faster performance and quick accessibility: A quicker JavaScript framework for mobile applications perform most of the operations.
  • Great Offline Performance: Due to the data storage facility available for mobile applications, it can be performed offline.
  • Users can connect regularly: All your users need to connect and access the website from anywhere and at any time. This one-tap access is quintessential for business growth.
  • Business gets more visibility: The mobile application designs attract more customers in comparison to a website.
  • Better In-depth understanding of the users’ requirements: As the mobile application analyses customers’ preferences and needs it can help you build the most suitable product for the audience.

So stop considering a mobile application as an optional perk or a staple, instead consider it more like a prerequisite.

Some Additional Advantages Of Owning A WordPress Website

If you already have a WordPress website full of content the solution to convert it into an app is much easier with additional advantages like:

  • You don’t have to design the content again, you can repurpose the old content.
  • The application helps you in driving more traffic back to its website.
  • You can launch the application sooner than the normally required time for building an application.

Fortunately, there are many solutions available to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app. Here, we will be talking about the WordApp mobile app plugin in detail. This plugin converts your website into a mobile app and mobile website.

This is the first plugin available for the conversion and you can hire an Android app developer or hire an iPhone developer to make the flow easier.

You can simply install this plugin and choose from the pool of templates. This plugin instantly converts your website into an application. The plugin templates are customizable and even the plugin facilitates using your own template.

This plugin allows you to turn your website into a full-featured mobile application. The power of WordPress customizer can help you build your application and also allow you to see the changes live.  

And don’t worry if you don’t have app developer programming skills, because you don't need one to start with. This ‘no programming requirement’ is also one of the top reasons why people are opting for this method.

Installation Steps For WordPress Plugin

In order to install the WordPress plugin, these are the three easy installation steps that you need to follow:

Installation Steps For WordPress Plugins

  1. Install and activate the WordApp plugin.
  2. Choose the template, font, and color in the application. View the changes in live mode.
  3. Click publish and your application is ready to go into the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store within a couple of hours only.

In case you are worried that your mobile application won’t look visually appealing then make sure to check out the wide range of WordPress themes that are offered on the platform. And the best part about these WordPress themes is that the majority of them are free of cost.

This integrates smoothly with WordPress. It has a suite of other useful features to offer like:

  • Automatic content synchronization: The website content will automatically sync with the mobile application. Whatever changes you do at the website front will directly get synchronized with the application. You don’t have to do double jobs.
  • Application customization: This plugin allows you to upload an image or a logo, change fonts and their colors and many others. This facility of customization gives altogether a new look to the store.

This plugin creates an application that works for both iOS and Android. It will soon be facilitated on Windows Phone. An Android app development company can definitely help you to give it a newer look.

Other Native Pre-Installed Plugins

Some other native pre-installed plugins to provide more functionality to the mobile application are as follows:

Pre-Installed Plugins For Additional Functionalities

  • QR code reader
  • Push notification facility
  • GEOlocation
  • iBeacons
  • Mobile App Ratings to get more ratings.

An iPhone app development company will be able to make an application using this plugin in just a few minutes.

The developed mobile apps can be further uploaded to popular app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, whereas the mobile website is supported on platforms including Android, iPhones, Firefox OS, and Windows.

Summing It All Up

Mobile applications are built in order to engage the target audience. Using the plugins you can build and publish a mobile app under half an hour. In addition to this, you also have the option to customize its content and look in a way that caters to the customers’ needs and preferences.

With the steady hand of app developer skills and available plugins, you will discover a whole new world with endless possibilities. We hope with the help of this article, you have gained some valuable insights regarding the conversion process of a website into a mobile application using a WordPress plugin.

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Also, if you are still facing some issues regarding the above-mentioned points and still can't decide which one to choose between a mobile app and mobile website then you can always 'Comment' down below and our team of experts will assist you at the earliest.

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