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Top 9 Tools For Expert Mobile App Designers

Finding the right tool with functionality is what mobile app designers look in a designing tool 9 Tools For Expert Mobile App Designers

When it comes to mobile app designing, the overall design should be dynamic in nature. Even though every application designing project is different from another, under no circumstance your design should be static. To make this possible there are several tools for mobile app designers that can be used to create an innovative and efficient mobile app design.  

An app designing project can vary in different aspects such as the preferences of the product, the experience level of the app designers, the team size for the project and many other changing variables. In the case of mobile app designing tools, only a few are passed as the best of the best by the app designers.

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In today's article, we will be discussing some of the best mobile UI design tools for app designers along with their pros as well as cons. The list below features top 9 tools for mobile app designers along with some best app design software:

Best Tools for Mobile App Developers in 2019

Here are some of the mobile app UI design tools that are used by mobile app designing experts to design an app:

1. MockPlus

The MockPlus is no doubt one of the most powerful and best prototyping tools for mobile apps that are currently available in the market. This app design tool does not require any coding knowledge from the users' end and allows them to build interactive components with the easy option of drag and drop.

With more than 200 components and 3000 UI icons that can be easily utilized on different platforms including web-based programs, iOS, and Android. While using MockPlus, the user also has the option to preview different types of design prototypes for your apps on various mobile devices.


Know more about MockPlus - HERE

2. Sketch

Another professional-level application designing tool is Sketch that is quite similar to Photoshop but it is mainly inclined towards the User Interface designing i.e. UI/UX design of an app. One can easily say that with Sketch, you can get results that are very professional looking as it offers an array of designing tools to the user.

Some of the features that are supported by this app design tool are styled vector shapes, infinite zooming, multiple resolution support, 2x export etc. Apart from this, there is also an option of 'Export All' to export all files in different formats like PNG, JPG and even PDF data.


Know more about Sketch - HERE

3. Axure

As a wireframing tool, Axure makes sure that users don't need to type in even a single line of code when it comes to designing mobile apps and websites. Along with this, it also contains a variety of documentation tools which can come in handy while documenting the layouts and choices of app designs.

Here, the mobile app designers have the choice of selecting the Pro edition or the Standard Model of the tool. The pro model of Axure offers some additional documentation elements along with extra advanced prototyping solutions for app designing.


Know more about Axure - HERE

4. JustInMind

JustInMind can be referred to as a standalone app design tool for the purpose of designing prototypes and wireframes for a mobile application. The app designers can directly download this tool to their server so that it can be easily used for team collaboration.

With JustInMind, users can add online widgets, document files, HTML codes and even maps on the application in an online or offline method directly from the widget library.


Know more about JustInMind - HERE

5. Marvel

Marvel is a great option for you if you are looking to combine designing and prototyping of an application together. All of this can be done while collaborating with your team of mobile app designers. Marvel is somewhat similar to Photoshop and Sketch, especially when it comes to synchronizing your designs with cloud storage.

With the help of this tool, the app designers can perform advanced-level animations with ease for your static prototype. Marvel brings you a combination of three different elements, which are prototype, design and team collaboration.


Know more about Marvel - HERE


The users can directly try out the tool by opting for the 15 days free trial period. As it is a browser-based prototyping tool, there is no need for the user to install any heavy software in order to access all the functions of this tool. This tool is based on a no coding approach which makes it even easier to use by a non-coder.

Here, the app designers also have the option to import all of their UI components from other tools like Sketch or Photoshop seamlessly without any interruption. So go ahead and try out this tool to make a creative app flow across various screens.

Know more about - HERE

7. UXPin

UXPIn can turn out to be a great option for you, in case you are looking for a tool with a simple mechanism and functionality that features a drag-and-drop approach. This mobile app UI designing tool can be used for building wireframes and prototypes with high-end fidelity.

One of the main advantages of UXPin is that it can effortlessly import the app designer's data from other tools like Sketch, Photoshop etc. This will allow users to continue their work from where they left in the previously used tools.


Know more about UXPin - HERE

8. Zeplin

This is an effective collaboration tool for mobile application developers as well as designers. With Zeplin, the user has the freedom to go beyond the basic principles of designing and work together creating a piece of art. This tool lets the user directly upload their visual designs as well as wireframes from other app designing tools as well.

But when it comes to creating a product specification document and then reiterating again and again as per project requirement can be a tiresome process to execute with every project.


Know more about Zeplin - HERE

9. HotGloo

For mobile app designers that are searching for a robust wireframe designing tool, HotGloo can turn out to be an excellent option. As a UX prototype tool, it provides the users the facility to control their different prototypes according to their project UI requirements. 

With HotGloo, the entire team of app designers can collaborate to work on a single project which further makes the entire process much simpler. Other than that, the user has the access to work on the user interface design without any additional barriers.


Know more about HotGloo - HERE

Final Thoughts

The app design tools and mobile app designing software can be referred to as the essentials that are required by both Android as well as iOS mobile app designers. These mobile app design tools also play a crucial role when it comes to gap the distance between the planning and execution state of the app designing project.

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The mobile app designs are created in the iteration cycle where the app designers evaluate several extensions, app designing tools, plug-ins, app design programs and much more. These mobile app prototype tools also contribute to solving app design issues while creating effective animations.

Prototyping and wireframing are two of the key segments in the process of designing apps, it doesn't matter if you are an Android app designer or a designer who uses iOS user interface design tools, they are still equally important.

The main aim of the entire designing team is to craft out end-products that are visually appealing, efficient and provide high performance using appropriate mobile app design software for the respective project. In case, you are interested in reading more such informative articles on mobile app designing and UI design tools. Then, all you need to do is click on that ‘Subscribe’ button and be a part of MobileAppDaily.


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