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A Complete Buyer's Guide: The Best Gaming Console To Own in 2018

They really console you!

A Complete Buyer\'s Guide: The Best Gaming Console To Own in 2018

Expensive yet essential, fancy yet soothing, aggressive yet relieving, and composed yet enthralling, the description pretty much sums up the experience the users have while playing the game console.

Well, it is very much consoling to have your handheld or wall-mounted device in front of you. These devices are, of course, a step ahead of the cheap portable DVD players that take your game to another level.

The Best Gaming Console To Own in 2018

It is quite a tough call, and even a gaming expert would give a thousand thoughts to declare the winner (choices matter, mark that). Let me make the game simpler for you.

Would it help to know all about the most popular game consoles and then choose the one that fits not only the needs but the budget also? If yes, here are my picks:

1. Sony PS4 Pro

The latest from the brand name Sony is the Sony PS4 Pro. The offering is the must-have for all the loyal Sony fans. The device lives up to the expectations of the users on the very first encounter. In the same category, Sony has another exceptional offering for the users as PS4 Slim.

Sony PS4 Pro

The specifications for PS4 includes dynamic 4K as well as HDR video, the integration of both these elements has become possible through the upgraded GPU featured in this high-end console.

Another great news about the gaming console is that it is not only limited to video playback like the Xbox One S. While having the real encounter with the gadget, but it was also a bit strange to discover the lack of a 4K Blu-ray drive.

2. Nvidia Shield TV

The brand name says it all. Nvidia is the new rising star in the graphics processing unit, and the technology giant is all set to bring another reason for its prominence in the industry. While the shield offers a wide array of games, Android games will cost a bit to the users to provide that never-before-gaming-experience.

The edge with Nvidia Shield TV is, it offers many power-intensive games. And, for those who are quite interested, the game streaming service will cost £7.49 a month.

3. Nintendo Switch

It is a great release from Nintendo. The handheld device is a hybrid console that can either be connected to the television set to get that grand playing experience or can be taken outside to power up your game.

Nintendo Switch

The device has a slim figure, exceptional feature and a completely new interface to make the gaming experience much more prominent. And, the added perk, it is the one console where you can play the latest from the Mario titles to the legendary Zelda games. The experience is going to be a prominent one, which demands your kind attention at least once.

4. Corsair One

Small, quiet, yet powerful and probably the best three elements that every game console lover would love to see in a gaming PC. Even the most exceptional systems can manage the two at best, but with Corsair One you get a pile of extraordinary elements.

So, technically the built has been developed after keeping great planning and of course the impressive features alongside. The internal hardware is powerful that adds more to the robustness of the gaming device.

5. New Nintendo 2DS XL

All right, it may disappoint you a bit, but I have to share the truth. So, folks, Nintendo's best 3DS yet doesn't even support 3D. Although it is a great offering to the loyal fans who have left no stone unturned to give the game a try.

New Nintendo

The stereoscopic screens with the new devices have been taken down and the clamshell design is the latest addition. The removal of stereoscopic screens has taken the price of the gaming system a bit closer to the budget-friendly 2DS. Some refinements have also made their way in the new console system to offer additional tweaks in the system.

6. HTC Vive

HTC Vive not only fulfills your gaming experience but adds to the reality that the device provides to the users. The gaming console device takes your experience of walking into the virtual world to the next level and feels like you are touching the objects coming to you like the visuals.

Either you are looking to be a part of that popular zombie gameplay or wishing to get your gun to shoot the enemy, the series of such games is all there for the users. Being in the VR with this gadget will let you feel your presence inside a box where the offerings are as enticing as they could get.  

7. Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft Xbox One S is the latest offerings to those who have a knack for the looks. The innovative game console is the best when it comes to comparing the device depending upon the looks.

microsoft xbox

The sleek look, the impressive video streaming feature, the innovative built and the updated controller steals your attention at the very first look. Those having their Xbox One won’t find innovations, but the players giving it very first try sure to get impressed with the functionalities it offers. In case, you are looking for that state-of-art gaming experience, give it a try!

8. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift again takes your virtual reality game to a whole new level. The device sits comfortably around your eyes making it an excellent experience for the users. The device is light, and thus you can have the VR headset as long as you wish.

You could adjust the distance between the lens, set the device right, and choose the set of games to play as per the wish. The gaming console is an exceptional offering that deserves a try from every player.  

The Upshot

The world of gaming consoles is enthralling, fun-filled, and entertaining. These consoles take you to a world that is virtual but appears grander than the reality. It’s beautiful, exceptional, and impressive to make your leisure time the best of all.

Gaming mentioned above systems are being researched for their top offerings before reserving their place in the list, and thus you can have a try on any of them to share your gaming experience here in the comment section.

Check out more on the gaming console from our gadget section to get the sneak peek into every new offering in this field.

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