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Augmented Reality

Apple And Google Are Using The Augmented Reality To Transform The Way You Use Your Smartphones

Apple shared the glimpse of Augmented Reality featured apps And Google Are Using The Augmented Reality To Transform The Way You Use Your Smartphones

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Apple launched its ARkit for the app developers in this year’s WWDC couple of months back. The launch opens a debate among the tech geeks asking why Apple is focusing more on Augmented reality(AR) instead of VIrtual Reality (VR) and what its plans are?. Now, the answer is given by its nemesis Google with the introduction of ARcore.

On Wednesday, Google provided Augmented Reality toolkit called ARcore for the Android developers to build application integrated with AR technology. AR is a new generation technology that helps the developers to overlay the digital object onto the real surroundings using the device screen. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Pixel phones will be first to experience the AR amongst the Android devices. Google said that they are expecting to distribute the feature to almost 100 million Android devices without mentioning any date.


Pokemon Go, which is currently ranked 10th among the Top Grossing Games and 54th position in the list of Top Free Games as per the reports from Think Gaming. The game went so viral that it took the people to the streets, and hunt their house in search of Pokemons.The gaming experience went so uncontrolled that  traffic authorities had put warnings on the roads regarding safety while playing the game.

Both, Google and Apple is going toe to toe in the race to provide best AR experience to the users. Apple has a benefit of providing the toolkit prior to Google, companies like Ikea, Food Network, AMC and Giphy are already working to deliver new apps integrated with the AR features. In answer to Google's ARcore Apple show offs its new apps built using the ARkit which will hit the devices in the fall.


The apps shared by the Apple that you can't wait to get hands on are-

  • Ikea’s upcoming app will let you drag and drop a digital version of bed, coffee table, or any Ikea product around your house space. You can see the object via your Apple device and the object becomes larger as you move forward and it will get smaller in size when you step backward.

Apple AR

  • Food network is coming up with the most innovative app for food lovers which let you create custom desserts using AR on your phone afterwards the app will provide you the recipe to convert it into reality

AR Apple

  • The popular GIF- application Giphy will unshackle your GIFs creating skill from the 2D space to the real world.

AR Apple

Apart from these, AMC and Next Games are teaming up to launch a Zombie killing game which will allow you to kill zombies using your phone's camera.


Both the tech giants are vying to explore and dominate the trending gen next technology and reinventing the potential of a smartphone. However, Apple has an upper hand in the competition due to its ownership of both the software as well as on hardware service for the technology. Apple manufactures its own devices so it well acquainted with the compatibility and synchronization of AR with the devices. On the other hand Google still need to figure out an effective way to distribute the AR feature at a wider scale for Android devices

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