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Mobile App published date 28th May, 2018 James Lawson

Parking Fairy: Years ago, the famous American Singer Bob Dylan, caught the imagination of the people around the world by his eclectic number “The Times They’re Changing” which went on to become a worldwide super hit.

Little did he know that many years later, his namesake, in another corner of the world which he will call the “old world” is actually contributing to the changing times by designing a super app that helps people find the elusive parking space in the city of NewCastle in the North East of England .

Dylan McKee, a 20 year student at the Newcastle University, who counts the love of tea as one of his passions, the other, of course is to sometimes “develop apps and other cool things”.Parking fairy

The Parking Fairy app that Dylan has developed identifies the nearest car parks available which are open by the time one arrives into Newcastle. This app also provides directions, and even gives priority to indoor car parking in one of the most climatically unpredictable cities of England.

The Parking Fairy app has won Dylan the prestigious NETV Catapult’s competition to have come up with this great idea to use open data to ease travel problems. This app is supported by data from the Sunderland Software City. The winners of the NETV Catapult’s competition, two others along with Dylan were given funding to turn their app design ideas into reality.

The app uses open date provided by the North East Combined Authority and uses the geofence technology.

The app is available for free downloads as of now and Dylan says he is thankful for the support of the people and hopes to expand it to other cities within the Northern Powerhouse.

Dylan runs his own business known as DJM Development and has many years of experience and expertise in developing apps for his own company and for the organisations that commission him.

His app “My Altitude” is his most successful app till now and has been downloaded 1 million times already.

The Main Features of the “My Fairy” App.

Let us have a look at the salient points of the app and see what has made it the talk of the town in such a short time:

Availability: The My Fairy app is available for free downloads only for phone users at the moment. It is compatible with the iWatch too.

Use: Basically, as you drive into the city of Newcastle, the Parking Fairy checks for the nearest available free car park and then alerts you on your phone or watch. It then can give turn by turn directions in one tap to help you reach the place with the shortest route.

Automatic Alerts: Automatic Alerts are triggered as you approach the city and the app then goes on to advice you on the nearest parking lot with free space.

Live Data: The app is authorised to use live UTMC open data which is provided by the NECA’s Open Data Service which means that the app has official live car park occupancy data for supported car parks.

Apple Watch Compatability: The app is completely compatible with the Apple watch, the latest wearable technology apparatus from Apple. This means you can have a complete hands free experience of using the app which is more convenient and safe.

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