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New Mobile Inspection App Launched by Avandel

Next generation app based on cloud technology

Mobile App published date 25th May, 2018 James Lawson

Avandel: A mobile inspection app is the one which allows you to perform inspections into the application and also allows you to create home reports which can be uploaded online or can be printed out to any other job site. You can also create different kinds of templates and monitor about every inspection that you perform. Complete tracking and reporting can be done on the client’s portal. Field data on the devices can be collected.

The data can be collected and side by side the reports can be generated in no time with the help of cloud technology. Basically, a mobile inspection app replaces your paper inspection forms and successfully processes the digital forms on your mobile devices. Many business organizations are reaping the benefits of mobile inspection applications.

With a mobile inspection app, safety can be fully ensured. This is because rather than performing slow paper-based inspection work, this app can ensure easier and quicker inspections.

By this process, the workers can be kept safe without wasting any valuable time. By developing a mobile inspection app, business organizations can also ensure consistency in the steps and process which are useful for organizations with technicians at various levels in it. Moreover, quality can be fully ensured with the help of this application because workers can capture a complete analysis of the report and can get precise and accurate information.

The mobile inspection app can fully break the shackles of paper-based inspections which consume a lot of time, effort, and energy to be performed.


Avandel has launched a new mobile application which is the new next generation app based on cloud technology which facilitates the workforce to perform inspections related to audits and services. The application is mainly designed to simplify the development of cloud-based applications.

Avandel Inspect This

Business units today face a number of problems related to day to day operations, doing manual data entry and other deeper problems, the solution to which is the mobile inspection app which simplifies the processes and removes inefficiencies related to business inspections, services, and audits. The inspection management process allows the business units to work totally on the paperless business environment while the inspections are carried out technically.

The application supports all the devices such as android, iOS to render maximum performance and flexibility. The interface is totally user-friendly and optimized and the results which come from the inspection come out automatically offline and when the internet connection becomes available. Overall this type of mobile inspection app is highly efficient and profitable for the business units.

The Avandel technologies have totally revolutionized the way they sell market and innovate the customer based companies. Asset management and task management are one of the key aspects of the mobile inspection app. Avandel mainly builds PAAS based business applications. Process tracking is another feature of this application which ensures that whatever inspection is taking place is continuously monitored and regulated so as to get a proper outcome.

Access to data can be achieved anytime and anywhere by the users which can be done through their iPads, android tablets or their smartphone devices. The data can further be entered by the inspectors quickly and easily. Job schedule and work order tracking are other main features of the mobile inspection application.

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