Bumble Empowers Female Users With “Opening Moves” Feature

 Bumble Empowers Female Users With “Opening Moves” Feature

Date: May 01, 2024

Bumble, the famous women-first dating app, has unveiled a refreshed visual identity, a new app interface and “Opening Moves” feature.

Bumble’s commitment to making dating better for women has brought a refreshed visual identity and a new global campaign on similar lines. The campaign coincides with the latest feature introduction on the app, the Opening Move. While the feature was already available on the app in a different format, formerly the Make The First Move, the new feature enhances the functionality much more.

Bumble’s Opening Move feature provides prompts to initiate conversations about topics of interest. It also lets users create custom prompts to be sent to all matches. Every dating app successfully finds some matches for people, but initiating conversations has remained an unsolved challenge. Earlier, the app provided pre-defined questions to ask, but the success remained bleak in strength.

With the Open Move feature, women can gain more control over how they want to initiate a conversation and eliminate confusion through personalized suggestions. The app’s features are rolled out only for women giving them more power and authority on how the connections are made.

The company has also renewed its logo, which looks more like a bee, used bolder fonts, revamped the app interface, and transformed the overall theme. About 46% of the women the app surveyed revealed that the app’s interface experience plays a major role in defining their preference. For instance, having more ways to initiate conversations may make breaking the ice easier.

“We have always taken our lead from the amazing women in our community. Today, they seek more choice and ease in their dating life. With the launch of Opening Moves, Bumble is continuing to put women’s experiences first,“ said Selby Drummond, Bumble’s chief marketing officer. “With this new global campaign, we wanted to take a fun, bold approach in celebrating the first chapter of our app’s evolution and remind women that our platform has been solving their needs from the start. As we roll out these exciting updates to our product, our core principle remains: empowering women in every connection and every relationship,” Drummond added.
The global renaissance-style campaign was teased slightly before introducing the new feature. The teaser campaign featured larger-than-life cloud-themed beds via augmented reality, showcasing short-form content, projection mapping of the ads onto landmark locations, and social media memes.  

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