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10 Best Fundraising Apps of 2021 for Nonprofits

These easy fundraising mobile applications are helping nonprofit organisations to turn any third-party application into a donation hub for the larger good.

Best Fundraising Apps

For nonprofits, raising sufficient funds can be a challenge. Conventional methods like organizing campaigns in specific areas may fetch some, but not enough funding. It is thus, important to understand the user mindset in this regard. It is a fact that this generation has an unwavering inclination towards technology and its usage in every aspect of their lives. Mobile markets too have been witnessing an unprecedented surge in viewership. 

Reports suggest that an average individual nowadays spends 2 to 3 hours of their time each day, browsing on their smartphones.

With the ease of accessibility and usage that it provides the viewer, its evolution and expansion is surely justified and is touted to grow further in the coming times.  Nonprofits should thus, also be leveraging this technology in order to reach a bigger audience and for raising money for charities. Plus, the costs of operation through apps is quite less in comparison to the regular methods of fund generation.

List of Apps that Help with Donations

Here are 10 best fundraising platforms and mobile apps for nonprofits in 2021, that have been helping charities to raise money online:

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a powerful name amongst the fundraising platforms whose goal is to help nonprofits attract more recurring donors. Nonprofits can set up and customize their donation pages with their logo. 

The setup is easy and has no migration costs. About 1.5% of the monthly fund goes to them as their platform fee. It isn’t much, and in fact, it is the lowest in the market. You can also learn more about creating a donation website from their blog.

fundraising platforms

Notable features of Donorbox include:

  • Seamlessly embeds into a website or uses popup widgets for reminders.
  • Provides options to accept monthly recurring donations.
  • Offers various payment options like cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH & SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal, etc.

Visit their website for more information on this charity profits app. 

2. Fundraiser Assist

Fundraiser Assist is a money collect app that allows the nonprofits to raise funds for various campaigns and causes. The app allows the non-profit organizations to create their fundraising pages, add and edit their appeals, get notified on payments and thank their donors instantly. 
Developed in order to advance the common good; the main goal of the Fundraiser Assist app is to bring people together - NGOs, companies, individuals and government agencies - to work towards improving community conditions.

Apps that Help with Donations

Notable features of Fundraiser Assist include:

  • Create and customize campaign pages.
  • Track the campaign growth as well as funds offered.
  • Connect with the donors directly with thank you emails.

Download this fundraiser app on your Android

3. Coin Up

Coin Up is amongst the leading fundraising apps that has hosted several causes on its platform.  The mobile donation app allows donors to choose the cause that ignites their hearts to support. As on date, Coin up has been helping more than 250 official nonprofits create monthly recurring revenue.

Coin Up enables its nonprofits to thank the donors every month through customized Thank You snapshots. The users can thus look to build long-term donor relationships. 

mobile fundraising app

Notable features of Coin Up include:

  • Donate easily using the ‘spare change’ option.
  • Recurring monthly revenue models for organizations.
  • Build awareness for nonprofits locally and nationally.
  • Allows Monthly Charity snapshots to create a better effect.
  • An accessible Marketing Toolkit is available onsite.

Download this mobile fundraising app on your Android or iOS

4. SimpleFund

SimpleFund is a fundraising platform designed to help raise money for any non-profit organization, large or small. Their services are completely free for nonprofits. 

SimpleFund is a charity donation app that allows a non-profit to raise money by enabling the users to do things like Reading Articles, Mobile and inStore Shopping, Installing Mobile Applications, Watching Videos and Taking Surveys, which helps to gain points for the non-profit cause and thus, raise funds.

charity donation app

Notable features of SimpleFund include:

  • Donations linked to points collected from various stores and activities.
  • Linked with more than 300 national chains across the US, including Walmart, Target, etc.
  • Completely Free Services.

Download this raise money app on your Android

5. Helpfreely

Helpfreely is amongst the top nonprofit apps that automatically detects any activity of online shopping on the device and dedicates some percent of it for the cause’s users to choose and support.

Once the nonprofits enter their basic details along with the Tax ID  on Helpfreely,  the fundraising app sets up their public profile and creates a special link. This link, when posted on different social media can help garner tremendous support and supporters for the cause. When enough funds are collected, Helpfreely sends it to the nonprofit after verification.

fundraising app

Notable features of Helpfreely include:

  • Free fundraising service for nonprofits and supporters
  • Choose from more than 4500 charitable shops
  • Enables easy integration of social media tools to raise money for charities.

Download one of the best fundraising apps for nonprofit on your Android 

6. Give Lively

Give Lively is amongst the fundraising apps that allow the nonprofits to utilize the total fund for the cause without having to give up even a penny for the platform. That means, their costs of operation are not levied upon the charities but provided by the founders themselves. 

The products of Give Lively are shown to drastically improve the exposure of charities. Nonprofits can also empower their supporters to raise funds on behalf of them through this platform.

Give Lively

Notable features of Give Lively include:

  • They do not charge non profit organizations.
  • Allows nonprofits to customize the donation amounts.
  • Enables customization of fundraising pages.
  • Encourages recurring monthly giving

Visit their website for more information on  this app for donations

7. Prizeo

Celebrities have the power to make their fans contribute to important causes of the world. Prizeo was founded on this belief. This privately owned fundraising tracker app has already helped hundreds of charities raise more than $50M. If your nonprofit has a celebrity partner, Prizeo is the ideal mobile app for you to raise funds.

Prizeo allows Nonprofit organizations to create unique sweepstakes for supporters. Amongst the best online fundraisers, the app provides its users access to highly scalable technology, automated payment processing, and sweepstakes management. In short, it is the best way for celebrities to let the world know about their philanthropic works.

fundraising tracker app

Notable features of Prizeo include:

  • Option to run sweepstakes.
  • Option to create three-part stories including celebrity, their fans, and the non-profit attached.

Visit their website for more information on  this online charity donations platform

8. Omaze

This online fundraising platform offers campaigns and merchandise to its customers that support charitable causes. It has helped about 200 charities globally in raising funds Donors from 180  countries have participated in this.

This fundraiser money tracker platform offers chances for once-in-a-lifetime experiences to its users. They pay amounts as short as $10 to stand a chance to win it. Out of every $10, $1.50 goes to nonprofits. Omaze works with Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFA), which facilitates giving to the valid charities around the world. This ensures the donors that the funds are efficiently delivered to the right cause. 

best online fundraisers

Notable features of Omaze include:

  • Full suite of turnkey services focused on storytelling and removing the friction from fundraising. 
  • Dedicated marketing team, a tech team as well as a customer experience team.
  • Omaze amplifies reach of the campaign and the number of donors by investing money in marketing services. 

Visit their website for more information on  this raise funding online platform

9. GiveBox

GiveBox is everything you need to raise money for your nonprofit with zero cost. This online nonprofit fundraising platform helps users to create meaningful campaign pages, invoice sponsors, and manage memberships for their organization along with fundraising. There is no hidden fee or commission on top of the standard processing rates. Joshua Rowley, the founder of GiveBox created it with the only aim of merging payment processing and other fundraising tools into one problem, eliminating subscription fees for nonprofits.

 online charity donations

Notable features of GiveBox include:

  • They don’t ask to sign any contract
  • Allows cause supporters to further launch forms and raise donations
  • Allows users to create membership forms, inventory for nonprofits, fundraising apps for schools tuition money, etc.
  • All money flows directly to the user’s account.

Visit their website for more information on  this donation tracker platform

10. Benefit

The benefit is one of the top mobile fundraising apps that have been helping nonprofits raise funds with less effort. Over 170 top retailers like Walmart and Amazon are partners with Benefit and customers can buy everyday items using the Benefit app and help them raise money online. 

On every purchase, 2 to 20 percent of the payment is transferred to a nonprofit of customer’s choice. The app helps in easily raising money for charity through its secure and fast payment options and the customers don’t have to pay anything extra to support nonprofits.

fundraiser money tracker

Notable features of Benefit include:

  • Supporters get to buy and redeem digital gift cards.
  • Choose from 100s of America’s leading national brands like Starbucks, Target, Walmart and Amazon. 
  • Up to 20% of each transaction will go to support a school or non-profit.

Download one of the most featured money-raising apps on your Android.

In order to raise money online, it is necessary to create an impactful campaign with your cause or better still, a comprehensive program that even companies, corporates, and celebrities could also support or endorse. We hope that this insightful listing of mobile apps for charity will assist you in this journey of yours to make a positive impact on society. Keep up the good work!

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