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Why Your App Need Reviews

A majority of businesses read the app reviews and implement the users’ feedback

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If you start looking for app reviews on the internet, you will find them in abundant quality. In other words, you will not be able to find an app without any review in app stores easily. And why not? Reviews are extremely important for any business and there is a crucial need for businesses to get app reviews. 

It doesn't matter if your business is still in its initial stages of developing or if your business is a well-organization brand with a global brand, the app reviews are still crucial. The feedback collected from your app users can either 'Make or Break' your web or mobile application. 

According to a report released by Apptentive, it was seen that more than 70 percent of people read at least one app review before making the decision to download it. Another factor that customers tend to notice before installing an Android or iOS application is its app rating in the respective app store. That's why in this article, we will be covering different aspects of mobile app reviews and the reasons why businesses need to collect reviews. 

Statistics Report

The above image shows some more statistics from the mentioned report and this includes segments like mobile app updates, app installations and the overall revenue of an app. 

Importance of Collecting App Reviews For Businesses

There's no denying the fact that a customer's feedback plays a vital role in the growth of a business. This is because with the help of feedback the business owners are able to know if the products and services that they are offering are being accepted by their target audience or not. And if they are not being accepted by the customers then what is the reason behind their rejection. 

The answers to such questions can be found with the help of these app reviews, customer feedback and app ratings. Apart from stimulating the growth of the business, the app reviews, as well as the ratings of applications, are essential for conversion rates. 

Feedback Statistics

This is because when a user clicks on to make a purchase, it is linked with SEO practices that are performed locally. In other words, if your app search shows 4 stars with 10 reviews and your main competitor's app search comes up with 7 reviews and 3.5 stars then one can easily conclude that your mobile app is more successful. 

The mobile app reviews for businesses act as a strong base for building the trust and the authority of a brand with its target audience. Things like the pain points of the organization and customer requirements/needs can also be known with the help of business app reviews and their insights. 

How To Handle Negative Mobile App Reviews

Negative mobile app reviews are common and are also known as part of the process of launching a mobile application. But not everyone can bounce right back from negative reviews.

Negative to Positive Review

So, we will be helping you by showing you how you can turn your negative app reviews into positive ones. Here are the three ways to achieve this goal:

1. Find A Way Around

The negative reviews and low-star app ratings act as an easy way for app users to vent out their frustration and sometimes confusion over the application. This is the part where identifying user behavior comes into play that means as a mobile app developer you need to find out what reasons are leading the bad app reviews. 

To find a way around negative mobile app ratings, the app owners can use different channels to collect reviews from users and then ask for their feedback on how the mobile app can be improved. This way you will be able to initiate a two-way customer engagement and then after some time, you can ask for their valuable reviews again via surveys. 

2. Respect The App Critics

Another way of handling low mobile app ratings is by respecting the negative critics of your app and learning from them. Being a mobile app developer, you can proceed with various software and tools to efficiently manage the application reviews and respond to each customer feedback. 

The main aim here is to convert the users' negative app experiences into positive brand experiences. So whenever a customer leaves a bad review on your mobile app, don't start the response by being defensive about your app or brand. The process of problem-solving involves communication between the company and its customers, otherwise, the issue will remain unsolved. 

3. Create Key App Moments

What an app user looks in a web or mobile application are some key app moments which are also known as highlights of using the application. That's why mobile app developers and designers should add a number of these key moments throughout the mobile app navigation of the app. 

Different types of key moments

The above image shows the different types of key moments showcasing the need of the consumers from the app and why the app users are drawn to the mobile apps that offer their requirements. 

Best Places To Collect Business Reviews

Below are some of the best places where you can easily collect a ton of mobile app reviews for your business:

Best Places To Collect Business Reviews

1. Google Reviews / Third Party 

Everyone knows what Google is and how it is one of the top global tech organizations in the world with an array of successful digital products and services. A great example is Google Reviews which is considered a trusted source by millions of people from all around the world. If you own a mobile app business, it is recommended to get as many reviews on Google as possible. 

2. App Push Notifications

As we have already discussed in one of our previous articles, ‘Why Are Push Notifications Effective In Driving Retention’? The in-app notifications are an effective as well as efficient way to ask the app users for their feedback. These push notifications can also be used to remind users if they have not reviewed the app yet.  

3. Facebook Recommendations

Facebook is an active social media platform where hundreds and thousands of people post content each day. Although it is considered outdated by some, it still is a great site to collect business reviews on the recommendation section of your mobile app development business. These reviews can be further used as 'Highlights' that you can display over your Facebook timeline as well. 

Facebook Recommendations

4. Your Own Website

In one of our previous articles, we made the point that every mobile and web application needs some sort of promotional landing page, a technical blog or a website. And now, you can add a new feature to your app website where your app users can leave reviews regarding your ap and give it an app rating as well. 

5. App Stores

The app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store are among the top five channels that are used by businesses and companies to collect mobile app reviews on their mobile applications. The app store reviews are vital as before installing an app the users tend to scroll through the latest app review. 

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile app reviews are an integral part of mobile app success.
  • More than 70 percent of people read at least one app review before installing it.
  • The app reviews directly impact the growth of online businesses. 
  • App reviews, as well as ratings of applications, are essential for conversion rates.
  • Mobile app reviews for businesses act as a strong base for building trust.
  • The authority of a brand with its target audience is created with app reviews.
  • Social media channels are used by businesses to collect reviews.
  • Adding the app review and rating section on your website is highly efficient.
  • By creating key app moments turn your negative reviews into positive ones.

As an app publisher, you should not take bad reviews and app ratings negatively because the reality of these mobile app reviews is making you aware of your app's shortcomings. Now, all you need to do is to work on those functionalities which your app is lagging behind it and then collect feedback once the application is updated.

So, this was our take on why collecting of mobile app reviews is so important for your business. We hope that this article provided you with some great valuable insights regarding the importance of mobile application reviews for every online app business

But in case, you think we missed to mention some points just ‘Comment’ in the section down below, we will revert back to you as soon as possible. And while you are at it, don’t forget to tap on that ‘Subscribe’ button for more updates straight from the mobile app industry. 

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