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sales deck examples Unlock the secrets to captivating sales decks and conquer your prospects with these game-changing examples. Your winning formula awaits!

A reliable set of resources is essential for any high-achieving salesman to convey value and close deals fast. These materials typically come in the form of a sales deck. A tried-and-true formula consists of those words, those pictures, and the charisma of the presenter. Additionally, it's simple to modify for various audiences and situations, allowing you to expand your sales efforts gradually. Your sales team has three options for delivering their sales pitch: live, via video conference, provided as a pre-read, or left behind. 

Developing and sustaining sales presentations that bring in new business might be difficult. We've even written a comprehensive book on sales presentations that covers the best ways to deliver a presentation, where to find ideas for your decks, and how to organize them. 

Occasionally, seeing how businesses like yours have produced effective and best sales deck examples is best. To assist you in creating your own effective sales materials, we've compiled ten motivational sales deck samples in this post, along with some advice and the best sales deck examples. 

What Is A Sales Deck?

A sales deck is a slide presentation (such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or similar) used to accompany a sales pitch. A salesperson's sales pitch to a prospect often contains an introduction of the product or service, a value proposition and solution for the prospect, and a sales pitch presentation examples of success stories from prior clients.

A sales pitch deck and presentation's primary objective is to propose a solution (ie, your pitch) that ultimately leads the prospect to purchase from your organization.

If you've done everything right during the research process — delving deep into your prospect's problems and determining their requirements — only to receive a mysterious reaction, your presentation must be tweaked.

Exploring The Best Sales Deck Examples:

Examine successful best sales deck examples for ideas on how to create a successful product launch plan. Look for sales deck designs that employ compelling images and incorporate client testimonials to communicate product benefits effectively. Analyze the structure and content to apply tried-and-true tactics to your sales pitch.

1. Zuora’s Sales Deck Example: Visuals Help Sell Your Story

sales deck

Zuora, an enterprise software business that delivers accounting software tailored to subscription-based services, has one of our favorite sales pitch decks. Zuora has three major features: commerce, billing, and finance.

The sales pitch deck comprises key graphics with minimum text, including thought-provoking statements, facts, statistics, etc. The image-rich backgrounds assist in personalizing and distinguishing the brand from competitors.

The current and dynamic graphics nicely complement Zuora's pitch deck theme of how crucial it is to adapt to changing times and how those who do not adapt fail. Zuora's presentation deck perfectly presents itself as the solution for prospective clients. Correct!

2. SalesForce Sales Deck Example: Simplify the Complex

sales pitch deck

Salesforce is the firm behind the world's most popular CRM product, Sales Cloud. Salesforce's cloud-based solutions have changed how businesses engage with their consumers. Salesforce's marketing cloud sales pitch deck, which has significant Fortune 500 firms as customers, focuses on the high-level benefits of a complex solution.

This sales pitch deck is ideal to simplify your sales and guide your prospects through the sales process. Complex processes are visualized using diagrams, flowcharts, photos, and text overlay slides to make them easier to understand. It's worth a look!

3. Uber for Business Sales Deck Example: 3 Point Rule

sales pitch deck examples

International taxi-hailing service Uber features a polished sales presentation with large, bold graphics and accompanying text. One of the leading ridesharing apps, Uber, begins with its features in its sales deck and then moves on to frequently asked safety, policy control, and management issues.

Most slides have been designed to highlight a primary image and the main text. Some more sophisticated slides will have no more than three bullet points or three information-filled boxes. It aids audience comprehension by compartmentalizing detailed content.

Customer quotes at the end of sales decks and presentations are an effective approach to making a lasting impression. You assist them in visualizing how your product/service can also benefit them!

4. Reddit Ad Sales Deck Example: Show Off Your Brand Identity

sales pitch presentation examples

Reddit, one of the most popular social networking sites, begins its sales pitch with a graphic of a cat riding a unicorn. You are likelier to leave an impression on your audience if you share something visually unusual.

Throughout the deck, Reddit emphasizes the importance of retaining its brand identity. This sales deck sample engages the audience and does not shy away from using memes and other pop-culture icons to convey their point. Of course, this fits into the community that Reddit has helped to build. Reddit attempts to differentiate itself from dull sales pitches by focusing on the "x" factor.

Another strategy Reddit uses is to entice its audience immediately with attractive data figures. Nice round figures are easy for your audience to consume and help clients measure how a product/service can potentially aid them.

5. Snapchat Ad Sales Deck Example: Get the Headers Right

best sales deck examples

Snapchat is the creator of the most recent form of communication--disappearing photographs, videos, and messages. It is unquestionably a crowd-pleaser among 13-30-year-olds. Snapchat is known for having a very sophisticated user interface, and they first struggled to get marketers and companies interested in promoting via Snapchat.

Snapchat prepared a detailed sales presentation in 2014 that explained the basics of its product, its capabilities, and how people use Snapchat to communicate with one another.

Even though Snapchat built a thorough sales deck full of fine print and explanations, they divided their sales deck into important elements that their reader couldn't overlook. This strategy is extremely useful when a user is skimming through your sales content. The strong highlighted language that screams 'Our Story' or 'What Do I Snap' encourages customers to create their own experiences. 

It's critical to remember that every one of your prospects has a distinct level of understanding about your product/service and industry. It is critical to create sales decks that can assist prospects with varied levels of knowledge as you seek to clinch the transaction!

6. Tumblr Ad Sales Deck Example: Less Slides & More Content

sample sales deck

Among the best Twitter alternatives out there, Tumblr has launched a new "web-in-stream" ad offering that allows marketers to be a part of the internet's "greatest content stream." Tumblr gets right to the point of what in-stream advertisements are and why marketers should care with a six-slide pitch deck.

They added more substance to each slide by keeping their sales deck brief with only six slides. However, using the same strategy on a slide deck of 20 slides packed with content is challenging since you risk losing your client's attention.

This method may work for your sale if you get right to the point.

7. WeWork Sales Deck Example: Variety of Visual Charts & Graphs

b2b sales pitch deck

WeWork, the forefather of the co-working space craze, offers shared workspace, communities, and services to entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small and large organizations. WeWork is now worth $20 billion and operates in over 16 countries.

WeWork's sales deck example begins by discussing what they do and why their current industry requires their solution more than ever. They have learned significantly on charts and flows to convey their message.

It's worth noting that they took the time to include images, logos, highlighted colors, and various chart layouts to make each slide distinct and engaging.

8. ProPad Sales Deck Example: Focus on the Prospect

product pitch presentation example

ProPad is product management software that enables managers to share ideas, review, receive feedback, and construct product roadmaps to keep the team informed and aligned.

This sales presentation begins by discussing the problem they want to solve before progressing to their value offer. Pro Pad uses simple slides sprinkled throughout their pitch deck that contain one bold statement and bullet points on nearly all of their slides emphasizing the terms you & your.

Prospects must grasp and subtly visualize how your product/services might help them. They help answer the what, why, and how questions that audiences ask as features are introduced by speaking directly to them.

9. Office 365 Sales Deck Example: Use Color for Impact

product sales deck examples

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based productivity package that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

To preserve consistency, Office 365's sales deck uses the same color palette as its productivity products. They contain images of professionals working in the background to boost productivity and teamwork, and critical language is highlighted behind a bold, vivid block of color on each screen.

Color is an excellent technique to capture your audience's attention and direct their gaze around a page to focus on what's important.

10. LeadCrunch Sales Deck Example: Play with Text Hierarchy

sales deck template

LeadCrunch mines quality, top-of-the-sales-funnel leads for B2B companies using artificial intelligence.

On each page of the LeadCrunch sales deck, font styles, and sizes are used to construct hierarchies. They gently instruct their audience on which words to read first and which are the most significant.

They've done an excellent job of making each slide stand out with different colored backgrounds, charts, and typefaces. Although the deck is 20 slides deep, it moves quickly since they have done an excellent job with their visuals to help convey their point.

Aspect Sales Deck Pitch Deck
Purpose To persuade potential customers to purchase or take a specific action. To attract investors, partners, or stakeholders and secure funding or support.
Primary Audience Potential customers or clients. Investors, partners, stakeholders, or potential collaborators.
Focus Emphasizes the product or service, its features, benefits, and how it solves a specific problem. Highlights the business idea, market opportunity, team, and financial projections.
Content Detailed information about the product or service, customer testimonials, and a clear call to action. Business model, market analysis, competitive landscape, team qualifications, and financial projections.
Length Typically shorter, focusing on key information needed for a purchasing decision. It can be more extensive, covering a broader range of business aspects.
Design Emphasizes visual appeal to engage and persuade potential customers in sales deck designs. Balances visuals with comprehensive data, conveying a holistic view of the business.
Call To Action Directs the audience to take specific actions, such as making a purchase, signing up for a trial, or scheduling a demo. Seeks investment, partnership, or further discussions. It may not have an immediate transactional call to action.

Sales Deck vs. Pitch Deck: Understanding the Differences

Sales Deck:

A sales deck is intended to persuade new buyers or clients. It concerns presenting the product or service in the best possible light. The important aspects include an introduction to the company, a clear statement of the problem, a showcase of the product or service as the solution, and a persuasive discussion of its features and benefits. The sales deck aims to entice the audience to do a specific action, such as purchasing or signing up for a trial. Visual appeal is essential for engaging the audience and making the content consumable.

Pitch Deck:

A pitch deck, on the other hand, is aimed at possible investors, partners, stakeholders, or collaborators. It provides a thorough company overview, encompassing the business concept, market opportunity, team qualifications, competitive landscape, and financial predictions. While it may incorporate product or service features, its primary objective is to gain finance or support for the firm. The pitch deck is typically longer than the sample sales deck and may not include an instant transactional call to action. A balance of visuals and precise data is required to present a comprehensive business image.

The sales deck is a targeted tool for customer acquisition, whereas the pitch deck is a general presentation for gaining support or funding. Each has a specific function in the business communication landscape.

How Do You Make A Sales Deck That Wins?

Creating a compelling sample sales deck is critical for effectively showing your product or service. Here's a step-by-step strategy for creating an effective B2B sales pitch deck:

  • Understand Your Audience: Before you go into design and content, establish your target audience in the sales deck structure. What are their problems, obstacles, and objectives? Customize your B2B sales pitch deck to meet these specific requirements.
  • Start with a Strong Opening: Capture your audience's interest immediately. Use a fascinating title, a thought-provoking query, or a strong fact to spark curiosity. Your introduction of the business pitch example sets the tone for the rest of your presentation.
  • Define the Problem Clearly: Articulate the problem your product or service solves. Demonstrate that you understand your audience's problems and challenges. This establishes a link and stresses the importance of your answer.
  • Present Your Solution: Present your goods or services clearly and simply. Highlight its primary characteristics and how they directly address the challenges identified. Make difficult material easier to understand by using visuals such as infographics or charts in the business pitch example.
  • Showcase Benefits, not Just Features: Concentrate on the advantages your clients will obtain from using your goods. What difference will it make in their lives or businesses? Connect features to real-world outcomes with the sales deck templates to increase the appeal of your product.
  • Use Engaging Visuals: People are visual animals; therefore, use engaging visuals. Make the best sales decks visually appealing by including high-quality photographs, graphics, and videos. Visuals can help to convey information and leave a lasting impact quickly. Thankfully, modern business owners no longer have to rely on experts to generate graphics. Instead, several graphic designing tools can be leveraged. Look at several sales deck templates to know better.
  • Include Customer Testimonials or Case Studies: Include case studies in your B2B sales pitch deck of how your product or service has benefited past consumers. This increases credibility and gives evidence of the effectiveness of your approach.
  • Address Objections Proactively: Anticipate your audience's potential worries or objections and address them in the best sales decks. This demonstrates that you have considered their viewpoint and fosters trust.
  • Present a Clear Call to Action (CTA): Determine what actions you want your audience to take next. Guide them to the required action, whether scheduling a demo, signing up for a trial, or completing a purchase.
  • Keep it Short: Be considerate of your audience's time. While presenting extensive information is essential, your sales deck should be brief and targeted. Aim for clarity while avoiding overloading your audience with information.
  • Use Consistent Branding: Make sure your sales deck matches your company's visual identity. Consistent branding aids in the development of brand recognition and trust.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Rehearse your pitch several times before presenting. Knowing the material will enhance your confidence and allow you to produce a more professional presentation.

The Gist Of The Article

Finally, in the realm of sales, the skill of winning over prospects primarily relies on the success of your sales deck. The ten sales pitch deck examples we've looked at here provide useful insights into what constitutes a good presentation.

These product pitch presentation examples show the effectiveness of storytelling, personalizing, and addressing prospect pain areas. They emphasize the importance of clear and appealing images, a brief message, and a compelling value proposition. Each uses statistics, testimonials, and case studies to establish trust and confidence.

However, it's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales. Adaptation to your target audience, industry, and product is key. While these sales pitch deck examples provide inspiration and best practices, crafting a winning sales deck requires a deep understanding of your prospects' needs and a commitment to continuous improvement. Explore how the best point of sale software seamlessly integrates into these 10 sales deck examples, enhancing the prospect's journey and boosting conversion rates with a winning combination of technology and persuasive presentation.

As you embark on your own sales journey, consider these product pitch presentation examples as a source of guidance and inspiration, but remember that the true magic of a sales deck lies in its ability to connect with your specific prospects, address their unique challenges, and ultimately, guide them toward a mutually beneficial partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    A good sales deck should include a compelling introduction, a clear definition of the problem it solves, a concise presentation of the product or service with an emphasis on benefits, engaging visuals to enhance understanding, customer testimonials or case studies for credibility, and a strong call to action directing the audience to a specific next step. It should be brief, visually appealing, and personalized to the audience, addressing objections and demonstrating a unique value proposition to persuade potential buyers effectively. Check out several product sales deck examples to know more.

  • How do you write a sales deck?

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